I use this page to keep notes on my experiences with legal Canadian Cannabis products. I write from the perspective of an occasional user with a very low THC tolerance.

While I dabbled with cannabis in my early twenties, I hadn’t used cannabis at all in the years leading up to legalization. As an occasional user it was always difficult to find connections, and not-so-desirable to engage in behaviour technically outside of the law. Then, as cannabis became more potent, my ability to find a strain I would enjoy became less predictable.

With the advent of legalization I thought it would be interesting to investigate different strains to see if I can find products that consistently provide a good experience for me. For the most part, I sample products with higher CBD levels and lower THC potency.

I’m also interested in discovering if there is a product that would be useful for people in my life diagnosed with anxiety, or who have dealt with bouts of depression. 

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  1. I am also searching for cannabis to help with anxiety. I have been trying the CBD oils but have recently started vaping dry flower. I have no clue what to buy so I am finding your reviews very interesting. I am looking for something that doesn’t make me high.

    1. I actually just started trying some oils for the first time. Did you find an oil that worked for you?

      It’s interesting, so far oil seems very similar to what I experience with flower, yet, it’s a little different.

      1. I tried the Solie Free Oil because of the price. However, I found that something in this oil caused a reaction in my throat. I have recently started to try my hand at making my own oil. I am still looking for good strains that will help with daily anxiety and pain relief on occassion. Love your reveiws. I hope you keep doing them.

        1. I’d recommend a full spectrum/whole plant oil product as opposed to an isolate to take advantage of the wider therapeutic window since cannabinoids are biphasic. Isolates can potentially interfere with liver enzymes that metabolize some pharmaceuticals – so it’d be prudent to research prior to using isolates if you’re using pharma.
          I’d also recommend using the oil sublingually for better bioavailability.
          For anxiety sufferers I’d recommend high CBD dominant chemovars with very low THC as a great starting point for cannabis naive consumers.
          I make my own CBD cannabis organic coconut oil using my Instant Pot pressure cooker to decarboxylate & infuse in a semi-sealed mason jar to contain the odor. Works beautifully!

    2. highly recommend the Kolab CBD disposable vape (mint/eucalyptus), not too harsh. have been using for the last year or so for driving anxiety and it keeps me calm without impairment. a little pricey ($60-ish) for a disposable, but using it several times a week it lasts for a few months at least. hope this helps!

  2. Hello! I’m quite liking your site. I’m new to dry herb vaping and I was wondering if you had some thoughts or advice on vaping temperatures. Thanks

    1. I think it’s a matter of preference. I have a dynavap at the moment which isn’t very precise. I tend to start a session on lower temps and finish at high temps. If nothing else because I feel I get more flavour at low temps(130C-160C), and further extraction of active ingredients at higher temps(160C-190C).

      Beyond that it’s fun to experiment with different temps on different strains. In theory you might be able to target or avoid specific terpenes. People have attempted to make charts for this. Generally speaking, lower temps might be more likely to emphasize a more clear-headed experience, and higher temps a more sedating experience.

      1. I bought Orchid CBD dried cannabis, containing 3% THC & 8% CBD, and have smoked it in a bong & small hand pipe but when I vaped it in my Air2 at 190ºC the THC effect was definitely more pronounced than via the other smoking methods. Hmmm…

  3. Hi Smiley,

    Still loving your site. I’ve been following along with your reviews and trying some of the strains mentioned on your site. I wanted to suggest you try Thumbs Up Brand Garlic Z. It’s potent but, by taking it slow, it has been a wonderful experience for me. The aroma and taste are great and the high is not overwhelming. I still feel social and engaged after enjoying some low temp dry herb vape sessions (around 184 C).

    I wanted to pass this on as I have gotten so much from your reviews.

    Stay well

  4. Thanks so much for this great website Smiley!
    Super appreciate the work involved creating, organizing & maintaining this website – especially including these very helpful well written reviews!

    1. Thanks for the kind words and all the comments you shared. It’s nice to hear about your experiences too.

  5. Great site. Super helpful to know you are reviewing from a low tolerance point of view, since many other reviewers often require (or prefer) higher levels of THC. I’m about to order a topical for the first time after reading about your experience with LivRelief 1:1. Hopefully it becomes another tool in the toolkit for me!