I use this page to keep notes on my experiences with legal Canadian Cannabis products. I write from the perspective of an occasional user with a very low THC tolerance.

While I dabbled with cannabis in my early twenties, I hadn’t used cannabis at all in the years leading up to legalization. As an occasional user it was always difficult to find connections, and not-so-desirable to engage in behaviour technically outside of the law. Then, as cannabis became more potent, my ability to find a strain I would enjoy became less predictable.

With the advent of legalization I thought it would be interesting to investigate different strains to see if I can find products that consistently provide a good experience for me. For the most part, I sample products with higher CBD levels and lower THC potency.

I’m also interested in discovering if there is a product that would be useful for people in my life diagnosed with anxiety, or who have dealt with bouts of depression. 

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  1. I am also searching for cannabis to help with anxiety. I have been trying the CBD oils but have recently started vaping dry flower. I have no clue what to buy so I am finding your reviews very interesting. I am looking for something that doesn’t make me high.

    1. I actually just started trying some oils for the first time. Did you find an oil that worked for you?

      It’s interesting, so far oil seems very similar to what I experience with flower, yet, it’s a little different.

      1. I tried the Solie Free Oil because of the price. However, I found that something in this oil caused a reaction in my throat. I have recently started to try my hand at making my own oil. I am still looking for good strains that will help with daily anxiety and pain relief on occassion. Love your reveiws. I hope you keep doing them.