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Ease of Use

The viscosity is such that you can cover a fairly large area of your body with a small amount of cream. However, I felt a got a better result if I was a little more liberal with my application.

It makes your skin quite slippery at first, which is great for using it in conjunction with a short massage. Skin absorbs it pretty quick. Within a few minutes the only trace left is the mint smell and a feeling of moisturized skin.

My only complaint is it can be a little difficult to get the last of the cream out of the bottle. The more I used the more important it became to store it upside down. This was easy enough, but when down to the last say 5g it was hard to get more than 1 squirt out at a time. On the bright side it’s not too difficult to pry off the squirt cap to gain better access to the bottle.

I feel I can’t hold the last drops difficulty against them too much as the squirt top seem appropriate for the texture of the cream, and Apothecanna achieved something ideal with the creams consistancy.


Nope, this stuff doesn’t get you high, but it might help your body feel better. The Apothecanna website has a ‘how to use’ section which states :

Massage into areas of pain and discomfort. Use standalone or combine with Extra Strength Body Oil during massage or body work for targeted pain relief and muscle relaxation. Try refrigerating for an extra refreshing sensation after sun or physical activity.

The first thing you notice is the smell of peppermint and it’s cooling sensation around the area it’s applied.

I tried this on parts of my body where I was experiencing muscle strain on my back after a day of lifting heavy boxes, as wells as on one leg where I suspect I suffer from sciatica and have experienced ongoing pain over a long period of time. I feel it was helpful in both situations. I can typically feel some level of relief within 30 minutes or less.

On my back. I noticed a difference very quickly after the first application. After the pain returned I applied again and the problem went away for good.

On my leg, it hasn’t solved the underlying problem, but it does make things noticeably more tolerable for me when I have a flare up.

48North / Apothecanna Extra Strength Body Cream squirt cap on 60g bottle

What the science says about cannabis topicals?

At the time of writing this, the science on using cannabis as a topical for pain is thin, but there is enough evidence out there to suggest it’s plausible thc/cbd creams could provide a benefit. A study on rats found topical CBD reduced arthritic pain, other studies on mice and one on humans suggesting it could help with inflammation and pain, and another finding benefits with some skin disorders.


After a couple months of testing this out is that the product really did work for me. To the point where I started using in proactively before strenuous physical activity and am eager to replace it now that I’m finishing my bottle.

Apothecanna seems to have earned itself a good reputation in the US and I believe it’s warranted. It’s a nicely formatted product made mostly with natural and organic ingredients. There’s reports online from people claiming it helps with a wide variety of conditions. From those using it on body aches, to treating skin conditions such as psoriasis, and others using it to treat migraines or menstrual cramps.

At less than 1mg of cannabinoids per gram of cream it doesn’t sound very potent. Aside from the cannabinoids the ingredient list reads like a who’s who of herbal healing agents. It contains borage, arnica, juniper, peppermint, lavender, calendula, aloe vera, chamomile, tea plant, jojoba, wintergreen, and clove.

I asked 48North if I should view this primarily as a cannabis product or a cream that happens to contain cannabis?

To best describe it, it’s a combination of natural ingredients that work together to give you overall relief. Cannabis is one of the major factors, and what provides the deep muscular relief.

48North Sales Representative

Smiley’s Log

Date: April 26th 2020
Dose: My wife used a couple squirts to cover all of my lower back. Have been feeling some strain there the last few weeks as I had a couple days where I was doing lots more lifting and bending work than normal.

Strong minty smell. Feels cool on the skin.

I think it has made a difference. Not necessarily a perfect cure, but a significant reduction of achy muscles.

I feel the effects may have worn off.

Was definitely feeling achy again, and tight around my shoulders as the evening went on. Decided to apply more liberally. I used four squirts, and really try to massage it in from my neck down to my butt.

It has a really oily feel at first, creating a slippery surface suited to a massage. However, the skin absorbs the cream within 5-10 minutes. I do feel an improvement again.

Feeling a marked improvement.

Sunday May 3rd 2020 12:05pm
Dose: 1.5 squirts massaged in.

Sore on the back of my right leg. This has been a chronic issue the last few years the flares up from time to time. Probably a sciatica thing.

Feeding the red wiggler worms food scraps. Noticeable improvement over the discomfort I was feeling earlier.

Was on my feet repairing and prepping equipment to work with the live stock today. Leg still feeling pretty good.

Drove to work with the animals at the farm. Standing on my feet and bending a lot. Still felt pretty good by the the time I finished.

Got home and was standing around talking with the neighbours for some time. Pain has started to return

Going to rub some more in. 1.5 squirts massaged in.

Some improvement, but less than earlier today. Going to try a little more.

Noticeably better.

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7 thoughts on “Extra Strength Body Cream

  1. I also tried this cream but I don’t notice any pain relief. I shoulder and upper back and neck pain and I didn’t notice that it helped with this at all. Perhaps I didn’t use enough. I will try again and use more. Thanks for your review!

    1. Hi Jane,
      I hope you’ve had better luck on your next try. As you can see in my log it took me a bit of experimenting with how much to apply for best results.

    1. Hi Jessie, I’m strictly a website reviewing products. I don’t sell anything. If you’re in Ontario, check out ocs.ca.

      This isn’t something I’ve tested, but according to the link about menstrual cramps above it appears some people have tried using this cream for that purpose.

      48NRTH / Latitude also have an ‘intimacy’ oil intended for lady parts. Might be worth reaching out to them to see if they have any suggestions on how their products might suit your needs.

    1. Sorry to hear it wasn’t helpful for your condition. Do you mind letting others know what type of arthritis you experience?

  2. Hey thanks for this in-depth review on the product. I just bought this product and wanted to recommend it to my family but wanted to get more information first. I appreciate you!