Campfire By AltaVie

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3.8 out of 5 stars3.8
AltaVie Campfire macro bud


Campfire is AltaVie’s offering of the Buddhas Sister (AKA Nollia) strain. I was quite impressed with the high produced by these loose fluffy buds. The high is very nice, comforting and fun. The THC level is fairly low, but a little seems to go a long way. Small dosages are still enough to make me happy.

1g order of campfire
1g package contents

While one or two negative thoughts may have crossed my mind, overall this flower put me in the zone of positive thinking and accentuated my appreciation for the beauty of the world. It’s an energizing high. Ideal for use during the day or when you want to stay awake at night. Would be perfect for a night out dancing.

I can definitely see myself forming a long term relationship with this strain.

Captain’s Log

Dosage was < 0.1g smoked in a pipe.

Post combustion shot:

Combusted bowl of cannabis

Can feel my body telling me where I need to relax.

Able to enjoy the 3° breeze, tickle of rain, and trees swaying in the night. Allowing myself to be warmed by the fire within while dressed in wool.

Energy to do chores, dance, and some light personal accounting.

My desire to dance here was rally a means of stretching. I could really feel points in my body that were tight and wanted to loosen and relax those points of tension.

Embers still glowing

Content. Ready to eat and  sleep. 

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