B.E.C By Redecan

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Redecan’s offering of BEC (aka Bubba Erkle Cookies) stands out for the happy and calming cerebral component of the high. A delightful Sweet and gentle lift of the spirits is typical. During some sessions there is a slight sensation of the world moving in slow motion.

redecan B.E.C buds
1g package contents

My 1g order arrived as dense popcorn buds with a pleasant moderately strong dank smell. It should be noted the buds actually looked better than is pictured above. I had broken them apart for close inspection prior to taking the photo as a couple of people had reported mold and irradiated bugs on their orders from the same batch I received. While my buds were perfectly clean, and many others have reported continued enjoyment of their products, Redecan has, at least for now, lost the trust of many.

The high comes on slowly. Building up to full strength over fifteen minutes or so. The body effects in particular can take their time before showing themselves. While you might find appetite suppressed initially, a case of the munchies can develop.

While I did feel reasonably functional and coherent on this strain, I did find I could be a little absent minded at times. I would make silly mistakes while performing simple tasks (such as incorrectly sorting compost scraps).

B.E.C is a beautiful high. It keeps me wanting to come back to it again and again. I consider it a balanced CBD:THC product that is verging on being THC dominant. As a low tolerance user, a single hit is enough for a light buzz mood boost. Anything more than that from this strain will be for days set aside for relaxation and/or indulgence rather than when I want to be efficient in getting anything done. I will be pairing it with nature walks, hanging out with friends, and eating delicious food.

Captain’s Log

Dosage: I ground 0.06g for a vape. I had 3-4 hits starting from lower temps and worked up to higher temps.

Vaps smoothly. Robust earthy taste.
Walking through a cedar forest was glorious on mild winter day. Really focus in on the details. Admiring up close sections of bark. Can imagine my head as a light hot air balloon wanting to gently sail away, but anchored down though my spine. I felt radiant.

I may not have hit high enough temps for all the CDB to have been activated. Came inside and had one last hit at a higher temperature. As I was doing so, my focus on the flame seemed to bring me to reflect more inwardly on my body.

I was planning to eat. I had put some chicken curry in the microwave to warm up prior to vaping. But I wasn’t too interested.

The Cameroonian chicken curry I bought looked like it was heavy on the rice and short on the sauce. Actually had really explosive flavour. A delight to eat.

Beautifully clear headed stone. Though my head felt high and buoyant my thoughts remained perfectly coherent. Initial intensity of experience mellowed down to present mellow glow.

Sexy time was fun. Then took a long shower. Used the shower head setting I would normally feel is too light of a spray. Today it was enjoyable and relaxing. Felt like standing in a heavy warm mist.

Finished the chicken curry. Browsed the web. Did some light stretching. Still felt hungry so i ate some peanut butter and crystalized raw linden honey on bread. Bread was brilliantly textured. I had a loaf of sourdough from the farmers market. Truth is this loaf is a masterpiece. It miraculously exists with this perfect balance of dense substance and fluffiness. Together with the sweetness of the honey it’s a joyful experience. Better than cake.

Listened to music, did some quality assurance on a web project I’m getting ready to launch. Was moderately distractible, but still able to solve some programming bugs.

Effects more or less finished. Just feel content and jovial.

Still in a nice mood. My kid came home and we played with blocks, did a diaper change, and read some books before having dinner. Got some laughs during the post dinner face wipe (normally a frustrating part of the day).

Partner put kid to bed, while I finished what was left in the vap with one last hit. Just enough for a light little buzz while I tackle cleaning up the kitchen.

Dark roasted grounds remaining after vaping 0.06g of redecan bec

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