Salted Caramel Chocolate Square By Foray

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Carmel coloured chocolate square embossed with the Foray logo


Very nice taste wise. High is relaxing with a moderate physical heaviness.

For me, a little went a long way. While I reached the peak of the high within the first couple hours, I could still be somewhat altered almost a half day later (keep in mind results may vary from person to person). For practical reasons I can’t see myself consuming edibles too often, but it can be a nice treat on a rare day where I’ve nothing important to do.

10mg is also a bit much for me. Ideally I’d choose the ‘bar’ format referenced on Foray’s website, but not currently available on OCS, as it’s already divided into four portions. Nevertheless, the square was fairly easy for me to divide into four.


Very delightful with no hint of weediness to it. Creamy-soft and smooth chocolate texture that begins to melt in your mouth.

The caramel flavouring stands out more for me than the chocolate. Maybe because I’m more accustomed to eating stronger dark chocolate? I could be wrong, but this milk chocolate feels to be on the milkier side. It also lists white chocolate as the main ingredient, well before milk chocolate in the ingredient list..

Didn’t find it as salty as salted caramel chocolates sometimes are, but I’m not disappointed by that.


Relaxing, can feel a little heavy headed. Some cerebral tingles. Conducive to a decent mood. Found my inhibitions were lowered.

1.25mg (an eighth of a square) was enough that I felt something, but it was a very mild something.

2.5mg (a quarter square) provided a fairly significant experience for me at times. In many circumstances, I think I’d be content with just 2.5mg at a time or even just slightly less.

5mg taken over a half hour resulted in a pretty significant high. Not so intense as to be uncomfortable, but I was notably spaced out. I can see myself being okay with going even a little higher than this, but I don’t have any plans to do so.


Most often I took Foray’s Salted Caramel chocolate by starting with 2.5mg, or 1/4 of the chocolate on an empty stomach, then followed up with another 2.5mg after eating.

One time I felt effects of the first 2.5mg dose within 35 minutes. Peeking between the 1 and 2 hour mark before taking the second dose.

Another time I ate both quarter pieces of chocolate within a half hour. Starting to feel effects around the 1 hour mark. Peeking between the 1.5 and 2.5 hour mark. Effects were still very mildly noticeable 11 hours later.

Smiley’s Log

Date: August 26th 2020
Dose #1: 2.5mg on empty stomach.

Soft in the mouth. Tastes nice.

Starting to gradually feel it.
Eating lobster. I don’t have a lot of experience with lobster. It tends to be a bit of a challenge to dig all the good stuff out. I think I faired fairly well.

Waiting for dessert to finish baking. Feels nice. Reading books to the kid and periodically checking the lava cake. Having fun, but still fairly grounded.

Had to bake a fair bit little longer than expected as I accidently turned off the oven when trying to turn off the oven timer. In my defence, It’s pretty rare for me to use the timer feature and it’s not intuitive how the timer should be turned off on this particular oven.

Dose #2: Another 2.5mg

Sat down and listened to wife learning to play Bowie’s space oddity. I should now I was already really tired today. So I was just sitting and relaxing, but by the end of the song I really did feel like I was floating away.

Watching the live John Legend version of Jesus Christ Superstar. First time experiencing this musical. Entranced by all the visual and auditory stimulus.

Feel effects mellowing a bit. Found a lot of the lyrics were a bit hard to follow. Maybe in part to the high pitched vocals, maybe in part to it being a live recording, maybe in part to the high. I am familiar enough with the Jesus story that I was able to follow what was going on. While I familiar with specific events in the story, I found it surprising to realize that I hadn’t really thought that much about the broader context surrounding those events. I know this take on it is 50 years old, but it was new to me. Engaging concept to liken Jesus to a modern day pop star.

Definitely more tired than high, but difficult to discern how much of each I’m feeling.

Wife said she felt it was happy for half hour starting around 8:40. Then felt some of the physical symptoms of anxiety, like a faster heart rate, but despite that was able to find it enjoyable. Mellowed out for her and never picked up again after the second dose.

Lost myself in a make out session. Then had some trouble falling asleep. Definitely noticed a body high as I waited to drift off.

Not sure if I’m still slightly high or just a little dazed from being tired. Maybe a bit of both. In a decent enough mood either way.

Ingredient Tracebility

The Foray website currently states:

each of our infused chocolates is evenly dosed—containing natural, traceable ingredients

I didn’t really understanding what that meant, but I had noticed the description on the OCS website stated the cocoa is sourced from Ghana via Barry Callebaut. The Callebaut website does offer more info on how their products can be traced back to particular communities. Still not clear how, or if, this emphasis on traceability might apply to other ingredients, I asked. Foray told me:

When we say that our chocolates are traceable, we’re generally referring to the main ingredient, the chocolate. The chocolate used in the Salted Caramel Chocolate Square is sourced from Ghana and the Ivory Coast via Barry Callebaut. With respect to additional non-cannabis ingredients, we do ensure that our ingredient suppliers have traceability from a safety perspective – i.e. that they have recall management procedures in place. As for the cannabis material, regulations require it to be traceable. We’d like to emphasize that everything that goes into a Foray chocolate has been carefully vetted by our team of scientists and researchers to ensure that all ingredients come from highly reliable and safe suppliers, who also ensure that they purchase their inputs from highly reliable sources.

Auxuly Communications Director

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  1. I’ve never had edibles before and want to start with a 2.5mg thc/5mg cbd date bite (from SQDC in Quebec). Did your wife experience anxiety after the first 2.5mg dose or the second?