Organic Skunk Haze By The Green Organic Dutchman

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loose bud structure of TGOD's Organic Skunk Haze


Decent scent, but ugly trim on the dried out buds. Once hydrated, there’s some interesting complexity to the flavour in a vape, but can still feel little too harsh to be truly enjoyable.

The most important, and most redeeming quality is to be found in the effects. A graceful cerebral high. Not particularly inebriating, but seems capable of adding a healthy dose of glowing lightness that may contributes to a more affable perspective.

I was excited about this product as I always want to choose organic products, and there has been a severe lack of organic balanced strains to choose from. While I did enjoy the effects of this strain, I can’t help but feel a little less than impressed with the overall quality of product I received.



On the drier, crunchier side. Somewhat squishable, somewhat crumbly. A bit of stickiness to it.

3.5g order of TGOD’s Organic Skunk Haze

Airy, fluffy bud structure. Aside from a 1g bud, it felt like I most of what I got was smaller, terribly trimmed bud bits.


Smell was nice. Sweet fruity citrus notes with skunky overtones.


Vaping the flower as I received it, initially it wasn’t so bad, earthy and slightly fruity. Unfortunately, by the end of a session it felt harsh on the throat and leaves an unpleasant aftertaste with cotton mouth.

After hydrating the buds it was better. Really enjoyable on the first puffs. Somehow reminding me of a fruity baked good. At times I picked up floral ocimene notes. Only slightly harsh by the end of session.


Can be like a nice warm cuddle for my mood. Stands out for me as being almost exclusively a cerebral high. Nothing really heavy or overbearing about it.

Overall it’s a pretty chill vibe, any amount of haziness or hints of intensity are kept at a gentle, graceful simmer. Ultimately seems to result in a relatively clear-headed kind of high.

The kind of high where you sometimes feel like the high is ending, but eventually realize it actual is lingering, in a mellow way, a little longer than the average strain.

Felt equally good in light social situations, as I did getting into a solitary groove learning a new guitar riff, as I did running errands and doing house work.

Mostly clear to cloudy trichomes on a bud of TGOD’s Skunk Haze that has been broken open.

Smiley’s Log

Dose: 0.057g

A little of the fruity smell comes through in the taste. Earthy. Harsher at higher temps and leaving a bit of an unpleasant after taste.

Mild heart racing sensation. bit of hazy sedation. Optimistic mood.

An acrid-metallic aftertaste bothered me enough that I ate bread with honey to clean the palate.

I have an order to pick up from Canadian Tire. I like to combine errands with exercise so I’m going to see what curbside pickup on a bike is like. I will only be riding on trails. So I feel like it will be a safe and pleasant trip.

A rule I made a long time ago is that I need to prep for activities before getting high. I don’t always follow this rule. This is one of those times and I regret it. Took a bit of running up and down stairs to feel confident I had everything I needed organized for this mission.

Pandemic aside, I feel it’s been awhile since November felt this bleak. Warmish but dreary, kids kicking away at the last bit of the snow remaining in a pile that had been cleared off a parking lot, the desolate barren look of expansive soggy sports fields.

I felt detached from the bleakness. I thought about Leonard Cohen’s comments on being in a state of grace as I floated through it. Still, it served as a reminder of how much more joy I get out of traveling along the river path. Was nice to get the body moving. The cannabis and cycling highs melded into one another. Hard to distinguish one from the other.

Curbside wasn’t really curbside. Had to talk to multiple people inside to sort things out. Felt like I should have been frustrated, but I felt pretty chill about the situation. Employees seemed stressed.

Sitting on a rock beside a school baseball diamond watching people walk their dogs. Now that I’m sitting still I can give more attention to appreciating the few trees that do line these fields.

Feeling pretty mellow. Been no noticeable intensity to the high, but I feel like I’m in a fairly positive mood.

Going home was almost all down hill, so much more fun. Also beheld the stark beauty of the one massive tree contrasted against the cloudy sky as I moved through the next field over.

It was a new Rumidifier RD20 and a new filter for my old honeywell humidifier that I picked up. I learned about the Rumidifier when searching for replacement filters and noticed this humidifier used a compostable one. I was as excited as one can be about humidification to get the Rumidifier installed.

By pure coincidence, the last time I did a review of a skunk haze strain was last fall I was also setting up humidifiers. Despite vaping close to double what I did of Penelope, my experience of the Green Organic Dutchman’s version of the strain is that it’s much more mellow. Similar in a lot of ways in terms of an upbeat feeling, with a milder sense of serene exhilaration. But notably a more grounded and focused experience. I guess that’s to be expected given the much higher CBD ratio in TGOD’s offering.

Rumidifier was super simple simple to set up. Even though it’s mostly a plastic product, I really appreciate the silent, eco-friendly aspects of the product and that it’s completly silent. I think it’s simplicity is brilliant. I don’t think if will quite have the power of my honeywell humidifier, but I really dislike how expensive and wasteful the replacement wicks for it are. While my ultrasonic humidifier doesn’t require disposable wicks, it seems designed to break within a few years as dirt easily builds up inside the motor vents which are impossible to open up to clean with ordinary tools. (1 week update: the rumidifier seems capable of outputting 1-2 gallons of water into the air per day. Considerably more than stated on the box. I’m impressed with this thing.)

Medicine Man’s adding an Ethereal vibe to my afternoon as I type. When focusing on what I’m doing there isn’t really a strong sense of being high. I’m not high enough to be distracted by it, but every so often I do think to myself that ya, I am feeling a little extra positivity.

Kept the music going, baked a pizza and put together a coleslaw. Danced a bit for the family when they came in. Waiting for the pizza to cool now. Still a nice sense of cerebral levity and lightness. Positive lingering glow.

Dinner was great. Persimmon for dessert was a delight. Had a tremendous amount of fun laughing over the evolution of some inside jokes with the family. Feel the social element really heightened my appreciation of this strain even though we’re at the tail end.

That Caryophyllene Glow

I thought it felt like a strain with caryophyllene. Specifically, I was reminded of strains like Ace Valley CBD and Pedro Sweet Sativa as I feel they all share a certain happy, clear headed, mellow glowing quality. A look at TGOD’s site confirms it is one the leading terpenes in their version of Skunk Haze (aka Harmony Organic):

TGOD website screenshot of dominant terpenes for Harmony Organic includes Trans-Caryophyllene, Terpinolene, Beta-Ocimene, and Guaiol.

Organic and Social Good Marketing

Similar to other organic cannabis growers such as Reef, TGOD is positioning their brand not only as a choice for organic, but also as a sustainable choice, and as a company that positively impacts local communities. They boast a range of activities from growing and donating organic food, LEED certification, planting an acre of flowers for pollinators, to participating in community cleanup events.

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One thought on “Organic Skunk Haze

  1. The last two batches made me sick as IAM smoking it I would get a taste of chemical s then power puke says organic but it hasn’t tasted organic also dry even tho there was a moist pack inside . Bought at Portland Street nslc.