Harmonic By AltaVie

from MedReleaf under Aurora
3.6 out of 5 stars3.6
Harmonic bud macrp


Nice mellow cerebral high, allowing for great mental clarity, while promoting a positive mood and sense of active excitement, without any perceived heart rate increase. The strains afterglow seems to linger a fair bit longer than you might expect. My main concern with Harmonic is I felt the dosage I required to hit a desired level was a slight bit more variable than I’ve experienced with other products.

Flavour is somewhat interesting. At times I detected some tartness, at times some sweetness. The aftertaste felt slightly stale, but overall I’m positive on Harmonics taste.

1g package contents
1g package contents

The buds I received were on the dry and crumbly side. Definitely not the prettiest. A fair bit of shake and a large stem.

I believe Harmonic is based on MedReleaf’s Equiposa strain which contains a fairly high ratio of the myrcene terpene. While myrcene is normally associated with a sedating effect, this is definitely an energizing strain. The strong amounts of pinene likely contribute to the sense of mental alertness I feel.

It’s a great strain for a day on which you want to be active. Unless I’m already pretty tired, Harmonic can leave me feeling uncomfortably restless and restricted if I don’t get up and get moving. What I’m not too crazy about is that it also seems to promote what I’d describe as a more hasty mood.

Captain’s Log

Dosage: 0.041g vaped

Very dry buds. Decent classic weed flavour with a bit of a hint of tartness, but perhaps the aftertaste feels a little stale. Not so harsh, though you can taste a robustness that almost makes you anticipate harshness.

Put some laundry in the wash, been getting going on taxes, listening to tunes. Feeling cerebral component of high took a bit longer to arrive. Feeling good, raring to go at things.

Feel all is well with the world. Was able to get farther with my taxes. Well focused on the tedium of adding up and organizing different types of expenses.

Took the time to hang up the laundry to dry rather than just throwing it in the dryer. Light cerebral tingly-ness is nice.

First Spring day that’s leaning toward the nice side. Meandering near the river was exhilarating. The excitement had me moving briskly along the paths at first before calming my pace, both to to be a little more careful on some of the more icy trails, as well as to make sure I was seeing some of the trees and not just the forest. Birds singing up there excitement. The imposing majesty of an old yellow birch. The promise red buds on the silver maples. The gentle beauty of wind moving through needles of the white pine, reflecting the golden sunbeams of the reclining sun, while appearing to sweep the sky. The visual stimulus overload of the heavily flowing Speed river.

Feel some tightness in my shoulders upper back. Holding on to a tree and leaning forward, or slightly dangling makes for a nice stretch.

Still feeling some cerebral joy.


I put on The Luvmenauts and stared tidy up, but wife and little one came home, so we got into the groove and had a lot of fun dancing instead. Read a few books together. Then went out to eat.

Our initial choices were all closed, so we ended up at Boon Burger, a vegan burger joint. Ordered the Jerk Chicken burger and poutine. Was hard to stop sipping on the Lemonade. Fries were fantastic, but the poutine sauce added absolutely nothing to the experience. Not the greatest texture on the burger, and taste bore absolutely zero resemblance to jerk, but the sauce was good. Most disappointing was little one’s meal had a lengthy bit of thread material that had been mistakenly cooked into it. I could overlook this as something that was likely a one time mistake, but overall felt food was mediocre and of terrible value for the price. I can only recommend them for their regular fries.

High is all but faded. Just feeling alert and up while back listening to the rest of that Luvemenauts album.

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