No. 301 Napali CBD By Haven St.

from TerrAscend
3.2 out of 5 stars3.2


Haven St. defines the 300 series as their ‘focus’ strains. Napali CBD really does fit nicely under that umbrella. The effect that stands out the most is raised mental alertness. I could focus on ideas. However, the type of focus provided here might lend itself less to tasks demanding rigorous attention to detail, because your imagination may be stimulated and take you down unexpected paths of thought. The other thing that will be stimulated is your appetite.

It’s a very low key high. CBD in this strain really rounds off all the sharp edged intensity typical of a thc high. There is little to no real sense of euphoria. While energizing, it’s the mind that’s energized. You might be more inclined to lie down and think rather than get up and be active. So it might help you get into bed, but your thoughts could keep you awake if consuming late at night.

Smell is fairly light. Earthy with a touch of pine.

Contents of 1g package of Napali CBD from Haven St.

On the downside, the product does not look pretty. Poor trim job, lots of shake in the package, and buds seemed drier than average.

Captain’s Log

Dosage: 0.06g vaped

0.06g dosage

Decent taste. Slightly harsh. Smell is a tame and subdued dank.

Been a long couple days. Do feel tension dissipating in my face and body.

I had thought I had enough after a couple hits, but decided to go back to finish what was left in the bowl.

Listened to some trip hop mix. Like the polyrhythms. It’s like a synthesis of plurality in beat. Diversity of expression united in groove.

Danced a bit, stretched, then laid down and listened for some time.

Was inspired to read the history of Guelph book I had recently started. I took it at a slow pace. With hundreds of years condensed into a couple of pages, my mind took some time to process and imagine all the great struggles, alliances, deals, dreams, desires, and disappointments that passed.

Feeling has somewhat subsided but still feel like I’m being lovingly caressed with the gentlest of delicate wings around my face. I may also be feeling a bit of the munchies.

Satisfying to eat a slice of Fourfold farm Kamut bread with a bit of Peanut butter and honey.

Back to reading: The French, the English, the huron, the Iroquois, the loyalists, the Algonkian speaking, the clergy reserve land, the politicians, the capitalists, the legislative assembly, the Governor, the British mercenaries, John galt, greed, investors, value added product.

My reading was able to move a bit quicker through the story of Galt’s deals, and plans.

Had an idea to improve a line in the cover letter I had been writing earlier in the day.

Pretty tired and thinking of bed.

Cleaned up a few things in the kitchen. Then found myself reflecting on things in bed for a little while before drifting off.

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