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Bag appeal and sensory characteristics aren’t amazing, but they’re fairly decent. The effects of Cali-O contain a contrast between a physically relaxing body high against a mentally light, bright and engaged cerebral high.

It feels energetic in the sense that it seemed like it was easier than usual to catch a wave of productive inspiration and feel compelled to realize ideas or find answers to answer questions.

I also feel this could be a good social strain in situations where a phlegmatic laid back cheerfulness is called for.



Smaller, dense bud structure. Decent moisture with some squish and stickiness to the flower. Trimmed a tad on the leafy side. Frosty and trichome laden.

3.5g order of Kiwi Cali-O


Pungent and citrus. sweet. Really got a lemon pledge vibe when I first opened it.


Herbal and citrus notes that give way to a smooth earthy-ness.

I found it interesting that I seemed to pick up more on the citrus notes when vaped in my Dynavap. Using an Argo, the herbal pine seemed to stand out more.


Feel there’s a decent relaxing body high that can be achieved with this strain. At higher doses, a physically melting sensation. However, the physical aspects of the effects seems to pass fairly quick. As does any sense of intensity to the high.

In contrast to the heavier, albeit transient, physical sensations, is a cheerful cerebral lightness. A peaceful, easy-going, friendliness might come slightly more naturally. It feels like a Jean-Michel Blais concert.

Above all, I think of a sense of focused engagement as the chief characteristic of the overall experience. /u/kingkosnik, who’s been gushing over this strain for ages, calls Cali-O a productivity strain. This strain seems to offer a nice combination of effects that are reasonably clear-headed with with cerebral stimulation. Conducive to absorbing yourself in any given activity with gusto, giving attention to small details, along with a desire to solve problems. Maybe this should not be surprising considering the dominance of Pinene and Limonene in this strain.

Macro of Cali-O showing predominantly cloudy trichome heads.

Smiley’s Log

Dose: 0.05g vaped in a Dynavap

Feeling relaxed. Positive.

Working on an icon design. Put on ambient music to help set my mood. Spent a little time browsing photos of the style for the object I was hoping to emulate. With nothing I was looking at feeling quite right I decided to just get into it and start moulding the shape. I got really into refining the details. Really felt like I wanted to keep going and going on it.

Felt it was at a very functional level. A bit of body relaxation, and a focused, positive, peaceful frame of mind. Right now effect I’m most aware of is a brightness around my temples.

Went back to fuss over a couple more details in my work. Took a spontaneous call from a client. Felt confident, relaxed and friendly while chatting.

Feel the effects have faded a a fair bit. In a laid back buoyant mood.

Started cooking up a curry for dinner. Rest of the family is running late so I am able to go at it with a refreshingly lesieruly attitude. I felt like learning while I cooked so I quickly tried to find a web development related video. As the first few videos that popped up weren’t of interest I ended up with a ‘how to interview’ video. Even though I have no immediate plans to interview for anything. Had me thinking about my strengths and weaknesses.

Still feel a light pleasant glow.

Session 2

Dose 0.098g vaped in an Argo

165°C – taste was piney. Almost bitter
175°-185° taste was more earthy

Strolled through a path of woods. Noticed a butterfly of the flox.

It awkwardly fluttered into a sweat bee. I then got focused on trying to get a decent shot of the tiny fast moving iridescent green bee.

Feeling upbeat. Relaxed. Clear headed.

Had a few puffs between 185-195.

In a forest patch the smooth bumpy texture of a dead tree caught my attention.

Then I met a flock of geese and decided to sit a spell and read. I’m about a third of the way into The Gardener and the Carpenter by Alison Gopnik. Up to now I feel the book has been more focused on philosophy along side a broader scientific explanation of how human childhood development evolved. I was excited to see her start getting into more concrete experiments she’s performed getting into how kids learn. While engaged with the writing, I may have had to re-read a few paragraphs after catching my mind wandering.

Realized I hadn’t said anything about how I feel in the last update. My body has a relaxed melting quality, but I’m still feel mentally light. Listening to the river flow all my tension away.
Have a few more puffs at 195. Taste is slightly acrid now, but i feel it been smooth all the way.
Hit the limit of how high I would want to be. My coarse torn bud bits were fairly dark on the outside but still a light brown inside. Walking is definitely a bit or of a chore now with my body more relaxed

Just 5-10 minutes after my last update the intensity of the high had waned a fair bit. Felt friendly and completly coherent chatting with my neighbour, who was in the community garden, about what she had growing.

Inside mother and child were experiencing some tension. So I ended up being pulled away from laundry to help resolve the frustrating situation. I used some of the ideas from the books I’ve talked about in other recent posts. Acknowledging the child’s feelings. Making sure they knew how others felt. Asking them for ideas on we can get to a place where everyone is happy. Being patient. It was a success. Little one rushed to help clean up their mess.

I was planning on tidying up the office, but just as I got the laundry in the little one recruited me for a toy hunt. We didn’t find the missing toy, but we did end up with a neater bedroom before it was time for lunch.

There was the option of leftovers, the newly invented cascatelli pasta, or a croissant. While the cascatelli had an excessively doughy mouth feel for me when we first cooked it, the leftovers had softened up nicely. When deciding what to eat, the notion of combining them to make a croissantatelli struck me as interesting. Though I decided that would be too much food, I ultimately I gave in and ate the croissant too after finishing the pasta.

I was pretty happy to roll with the distractions of the day even if it put me behind on my own plans. Just a modest glow remaining now.

Was about to start on tidying the office when the wife asked me for 30 minute of child care to put dinner in the slow cooker. We went for our first swim of the year. Little one was nervous but quickly got much comfortable with the water. We had fun. Then I quickly showered and vacuumed my way down to the office.

Just the faintest lingering glow remains.

Terpene profile

This is what Maricann’s website had to offer:

This strain’s terpene profile is comprised of mostly limonene and pinene… There are also traces of linalool, … and myrcene…

Maricann website

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