Transdermal 1:1 Cream By LivRelief

from United Greeneries Ltd
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LivRelief 1:1 Cream plastic container


Used in generous amounts, LivRelief’s 1:1 cream can be useful in reducing some kinds of pain and inflammation. Results may vary depending on the condition you’re trying to treat.

Unfortunately I can’t recommend it. While it’s a decent offering, I feel Apothecanna’s cream offers a more useful cannabis topical at a significantly better price point.


Ease of Use

The good:

  • Jar has a wide lid for easy to access every last bit of cream in there.
  • Is absorbed by the skin quick. Within a minute.

The okay:

  • Leaves a slightly sticky, non-visible oily film on the skin. I don’t mind it, but I do feel like washing my hands after applying.

The bad:

  • Container is less portable than it should be. Looking underneath the container, I’d estimate that maybe 65% of the jar is designed to hold the cream, and the rest is just empty dead space.
  • You’ll smell like fennel. It’s not super strong, but my wife notices it if I’m sitting beside her. A matter of preference, but since the wife hates licorice it’s bad choice for me. On my own I could deal with it.
Bottom view of container showing dead space.


Hit and miss. At times I feel it made a noticeable difference, other times I didn’t. Despite containing 4x more cannabinoids than 48 North’s Apothecanna cream, I feel the need to use more of LivRelief cream over a wider area to achieve a reduction in pain.

It seemed to have more of an impact on my leg condition (something my doctor believes is sciatica). Best results were obtained after covering the entire surface of my leg with cream twice. Within 30 minutes I could feel a slight tingly pulsing-like sensation around my leg. I was noticeably more comfortable. I think it can gradually improve even more after a couple hours.

I didn’t have as much luck with a lower back strain. On multiple occasions it was difficult for me to discern much difference.

What does Transdermal mean?

Route of administration wherein active ingredients are delivered across the skin for systemic distribution…. delivers the drug into the circulation for systemic effect.

Definition of transdermal from Merriam-Webster

In the context of cannabis, one can find numerous references to transdermal patches in the US. Those work by delivering cannabinoids through your skin in one spot, which then move throughout your body, slowly providing relief over a long period of time. Since they enter into your blood, those products can potentially get you high.

So what about this cream? The above info seems to clash slightly with the following description taken from the United Greeneries website:

 these transdermal creams penetrate deeply, enabling effective skin absorption and controlled release of active ingredients directly to the target area.

If it’s marketed as directly targeting the area of application, why is it called a transdermal? Something you would expect to have a systemic effect by moving throughout your body in the bloodstream. So I asked United Greeneries if this product can enter the bloodstream. I was told:

We cannot confirm if this is the case with our transdermal cream.

Regional Manager Medical Cannabis Sales – United Greeneries Operations Ltd.
Livrelief 1:1 Cream texture

1:1 Cream vs CBD Cream

Their website does not offer any reason why you would pick one over the other. So I asked United Greeneries if their CBD and 1:1 formulations are intended to serve different purposes. Does one product work better for certain things than the other? This is what I was told:

The feedback from customers is they are seeing relief with both the 1:1 and the CBD.

Regional Manager Medical Cannabis Sales – United Greeneries Operations Ltd.

I ended up choosing the 1:1 cream, mostly for the sake of being able to make a comparison (the only other topical I had tried was also a 1:1 ratio of THC and CBD).

After making the purchase I watched a lecture by Dr. Natasha Ryz on cannabis topicals. She suggests THC as important for pain relief, whereas CBD will mostly work as an anti-inflammatory.


It’s pretty much all natural stuff or compounds that could have been derived from natural stuff. Besides the THC and CBD some of the ingredients listed, such as blackcurrant seed oil, rutin, clove oil, fennel, and Benzoic acid, have properties that are known to be helpful for pain and inflammation.

Smiley’s Log

July 3rd 2020
Dose: 5 finger dips spread across as much of my back as I could reach.

Experiencing a light back strain. Creates slippery surface when rubbing on skin.

Absorbs fairly quickly, but seems to leave a greasy and an ever so slightly sticky residue.

July 4th
It may have made a mild improvement. Any change was subtle as I was going to sleep. Still feel some strain this morning but not enough to re-apply. Difficult to say if that was due to the cream or due to another night of healing.

After being on my feet making pizza, was feeling a bit of a flare up in my leg that is suspected to be suffering from sciatica. Easy to rub in initially, but you need to finish before it gets sticky. Faint licorice like smell. Applied a fair bit more all over my leg

Feel it slowly did make a difference on my leg. Discomfort I was feeling is noticeably faded.

July 9th
Applied to lower back this morning but it’s giving me trouble now.

Leg isn’t too bad, but enough that am going to see if I can reduce the pain.

Mild improvement in lower back at most.

Leg feels somewhat better.

July 15th
Work on my feet a lot today. Experiencing some leg pain behind the knee. Applied enough cream to cover my entire leg twice.

Feel it started to make some improvement within the first half hour or so. Could feel something I almost want to call a tingle, but it wasn’t a tingle, more like a subtle pulsating sensation around different parts of my leg.

Still feels like my leg isn’t quite right, but I’m more comfortable. As if the pain has been numbed down.

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