Mango Haze By Color Cannabis

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A gentler high, but the energizing effects, both mentally and physically are legit. Taste is great too. Sensation of a higher heart rate may also be noted early on. Particularly if engaging in physically active activities. However, that sensation settles down to a distinctly serene yet active feeling.

Mood may gradually improve over course of the high and reach the point of a subtle, yet electric euphoria. As I felt this was a particular happy strain, I offered some to my wife at a moment where she was describing herself as a little depressed. She went from tears to giggles within a half hour.

Eating is enjoyable, but didn’t find my appetite to be increased.

Cool thing about WeedMD is the level of detailed info they provide about their strain. This page shows large amounts of the pinene terpene. This might explain the acute sense of mental alertness this strain seems to promote.

WeedMD mango haze 3.5g order
WeedMD mango haze 3.5g order

This is definitely a solid choice for those looking for a happy, energetic, higher CBD experience. It’s great for maintaining a highly functional head space, motivation to get things done, and promoting sociability. I will definitely be turning to this strain on chore days, and for party time.

Mango Haze trichome close up.
Mango Haze trichome macro by Bud Shots

January 2020 Update: Felt it was worth returning to this review to note that this has been my go-to strain over the past year. I could take or leave most other strains, but I love Color Mango Haze. I have dreams about marrying it and us having a dozen babies together.

Captain’s Log

Dosage: 0.06g vaped

0.06g dose of Mango Haze

On the smoother side with a touch of harshness at higher temps. At low vape temperature there might really be some subtle mango notes.

Sensation of increased heart rate after going up and down the stairs. Sitting for a moment in a chair feels distinctly calm.

Was time I should be eating but felt no urgency about it. Decided to try out some new music to listen to. Got into the groove, but don’t think I picked the best music for myself, but it was fun to give some new tunes a shot.

With the music playing, I zenned out into a bread with Peanut butter and honey experience. Pleasant.

No problem putting away the clean dishes at a decent pace.

Distinct cerebral lightness. a gentle glow to my spirit.

Once, years ago, I climbed a mango tree. An old sturdy tree that had been planted at the center of a village. Branches extending out impossible horizontal lengths. It had been there for generations. Pigs ran freely here. They would delight in the fallen drops of colorful joy. It was humbling to be in the presence of that kind of that casually deep rooted majesty.

Closed all the blinds around the house + checked the humidifier. Heart rate feels normal.

Want to give a deeper wash to a wooden floor, so I came back to the computer to ideas on the best method (I’m new to the particular style of hardwood in my house).

Above, I may have been stretching to relate the experience of the high back to the image of that mango tree. But I do feel free, easy, and solid.

Settled on good ol’ soap and water as better than vinegar and water for a polyurethane coated floor. Picked out some better music. Love the master hand drum work on Unbound by Naghmeh Farahmand.

Gave the kitchen a good sweep. Then I had to clean out a bucket. Which prompted me to clean out the laundry room sink.

Wife and child came home. Felt I was unusually talkative. Finishing their leftover pear was delightful.

Finally washed the floor. I also had the inspiration to vacuum out the vent and heat duct near the kitchen.

Full of energy today. In terms of high just feeling a little electric around my temple. Feeling love.

Daughter loves to read. Got into reading ‘Poppy Louise is Not Afraid of Anything’ as if it was narrated by the erudite host of a nature documentary. I always have fun with ‘The Wonderful Pigs of Jillian Jiggs’. The rhymes scan so pleasantly across the lips. Can get enthusiastic about reading this one.

Leftover seafood chowder was potently flavorful. Avocado salad was a delight.

No longer really high, but I’m on good terms with the world.

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5 thoughts on “Mango Haze

    1. In my quest for a happy little stone Mango Haze hits a lot of the right buttons for me. I still think it’s uplifting in a way that is quite unique. If I could only pick one, I’d rather have this than any other strain I’ve tried.

      I chose the Dynavap because a) It was on sale and quite a bit cheaper than any other vape. At the time I wasn’t sure if I’d still be using cannabis a year later so I didn’t want to spend much. b) I liked that it didn’t have electronic parts/batteries that can wear down or break. I still like it, but I do wonder from time to time if I should also have an electronic vape on hand that would allow more precise temperature control and be more discreet for use in public.

        1. The cartridge version of mango haze just came out didn’t it?

          I don’t currently have plans to try any carts… Who knows what I might do in the future.

          What about the cartridges has got you interested?

  1. Not very happy with Color Cannabis. We bought the Mango Haze and we were surprised when we open the bag to 10 toothpick size joints in all different sizes. What a disappointment. Then I tried one of them and I get more of a reaction from cigarettes. Very weak. Would not recommend.