CBD Runtz By Orchid CBD

from Cannara Biotech
4.4 out of 5 stars4.4
Frost, compact, well trimmed bud except for one large sugar leaf


While I appreciate all kinds of cannabis experiences, I’ve found myself thinking what Orchid is offering with CBD Runtz as my favourite type of cannabis buzz. One that doesn’t substantially get in the way of you living a functional active life. Maybe I’ve just had too many strains with some degree of a heavy body effect recently that it was just real nice to feel light and free again. Reminds me most of Ace Valleys Durga Matta II offering, or even TGODs Skunk Haze.

While it lacks body heaviness, I found CBD Runtz also lacked any amount of electric, heart-racing excited-ness I sometimes associate with flower designated as a sativa. This is really a chill vibe that leaves my head feeling like a balloon floating on an easy breeze.

I like that they list the terps percentage for the batch. Mine was marked as 1.8% (considerably below the 4%-6% range promised on ocs.ca). I also like the tin can packaging as it seems to result in impeccably fresh feeling bud. The freshness likely contributing to what I a smooth, lovely vaping experience. While there could be a larger average bud size, the trim is reasonable. Definitely feels like they’re aiming for above average quality.



Dense bud structure with the perfect level of squishiness. I received two decent sized nugs along with a few popcorn sized buds and bud bits. Aside from one or two stray leaves the trim was very good.

Frosty, sticky with trichomes all over. On the outside of the buds trichome heads were often missing, on the inside they looked great..

Two larger buds and eight small buds and bud bits. Nice trim.
3.5g order of Orchid’s CBD Runtz


A pleasure to open the can. Pungent lemon spiciness with a touch of tropical fruit.


I noted an earthiness most often, and citrus notes after that. At times some fruity notes come through which contributed to a flavour profile that reminded me a little of ground cherries.

Overall smooth and pleasant to vape.


Felt this was truly a happy little stone. Even compared to other balanced strains with a lower THC ratio, this buzz seems to be on the subtler, gentler side.

I found it didn’t have a noticeable body high a doses I took. Very little, very brief amount of a mental daze.

CBD Runtz struck me as particularly clear headed. I often find myself in a peaceful positive state of mind.

CBD Runtz marco close-up showing the trichome rich insides of a bud. Predominantly translucent to cloudy trichomes heads.

Smiley’s Log

Dose: 0.039g vaped in a Dynavap
smooth. A little earthy.

I’m scanning old family photos that I recently found that I took decades ago.

Feel a nice cerebral glow. Contented lightness.

Put the photos online to share with some of my cousins.
Had an unsatisfying shower. Not enough hot water left.
I feel it’s been a while since I’ve had a sativa with this little body heaviness. I like this functional, clear-headed buzz. I’m in a great mood.

Felt more like playing with the little one than cooking dinner so I ordered Thai food.
Was turned into a mermaid and taught to swim. This involved a lot of jumping forward while lifting both feet up behind me. Then we spent some time drawing, playing learning games on my phone, and balloon baseball before the food arrived. Fun and Yum.

I’d say the effects had completly ended by 6:30, but my wife noted my eyes were still red at that time.

Session 2
Dose: 0.058g vaped in an Arizer Go.

155°C: Earthy
165°C – 175°C: Sour berry notes
185°C – Less flavour. More earthy again.

Have been vaping while strolling along the river. I’m now sitting at a bench noticing hose still the river makes everything else feel.

I’ve been contemplating the fairness of my own mortality. I’ve had a bit of a health scare recently. Feeling some numbness on one side of my face. While waiting for test results I’d like to believe it’s not super serious. Of course it’s difficult not to imagine the worst at times. I don’t think I’m particularly afraid of death. What I do feel is that I owe my kid more.

To a break to get some fresh and a break from my wandering mind. Feels better out here. Don’t feel that high, but peaceful.

Shook the bud out of the stem. Found it was still a fairly light, and greenish colour.

Jogged a bit. Wanted to breath the fresh air in deeper. To feel more alive. Took a part of the trail I haven’t been on before.

Dirt path heavily lined by trees

There’s a bit from Iain McGilchrist’s book ‘the Master and His Emissary’ that was on my mind. A suggestion that Japanese are being more likely to depict the scene capturing the whole of a landscape versus western art that more often focuses on a particular subject. Contemplating to what extent I’m able to see the whole of the forest versus particular bits of it. I certainly can’t see it all at once.

Stopped to look at a particularly fungus-ie tree. Marvelled at how much more beautiful the mushrooms were close up.

Tree trunk completly covered by mushrooms with multi-coloured stripes

Still feeling a bit better and peaceful.

session 3 (Same day)
Played music with the family, ate lunch.
Still feel nice. The walk did me good, but no longer high.

Dose: 0.083g vaped in an Arizer Go
Feel I’ve had a fair number of puffs working my way up to 192C. Flower still looks greenish though. Feel a buoyant happy cerebral high. Was planning to take a few more puffs, but while the vape was writting warming up, I’ve been writing this and now I feel I might be high enough. Slightly dazed, but a comfortable buzz.

Looked at fixing a derailleur problem on my bike. I thought it might be an easy fix, but it the end I had to swap it out with a spare. Was nice to be out in the yard. Feel like spring is a little more earnest about staying today. After spending a lot of time going in and out of the house looking for tools and parts I only got things half set up. Was pretty focused on what I was doing, and clear headed enough to not think much about the high.

Then I joined the kid who was scooting with another family in the neighbourhood. Followed by a playdate at their house. So nice to have a bit of adult social time squeezed in between keep the kids entertained.

Brushed the kid’s hair, then ate.

Not much of a high left, I could still feel a hint of positive vibes in me. Going to finish off the stem from earlier now.

Session 4 (Same day)

Feeling ready to digest and relax I started watching ‘The Electrical Life of Louis Wain’ which someone had recommended to me. Snacked on.

Then paused to clean up in the kitchen.

Just feeling like chillin after a long day/week.

Continued with the movie, despite some intriguing and emotionally stirring moments I’m starting to find it a tough watch. There’s so much misery in it, and it I’m skeptical there’s much more the last 20 minutes has to the audience as it wraps up Lous’ life.

The end of the movie won me back a bit. Finally gettinng a good look at his art at the end was possibly the best part. I’m intrigued by how varied his art style was.

Feeling pretty content, tired, and ready to start bed time


I noticed a handful of different terps are associated with this product depending on where on the web you’re looking. I asked what the rough proportions are. This is what I was told:

Myrcene is like 1.2% Limonene 1% Caryophylyne .7%

Nicholas Sosiak (Niko Dank)

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