CBD Shark Shock By Redecan

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Redecan Shark Shock Bud Macro


Found the CBD:THC ratio on the batch I received to work nicely for me in that I can get a light but pleasant THC buzz while enjoying a more substantial CBD effect. This particular ratio in a strain is fairly unique in that it contains a greater proportion of CBD then most balanced strains.

Light doses of this strain, which I personally pegged to be around 0.045g in a dynavap, I felt relaxed, motivated, and able to focus on complicated ideas in a project I was working on. While 0.08g was deeply relaxing, leaving my body feeling heavy, and my mind somewhat dazed.

1g order of Redecan CBD Shark Shock

Redecan seems to be a great value brand. While they may not be the best quality flower available, their offerings have been pretty good and in the lowest price range. Important for the occasional consumer, they offer 1g formats. Though others haven’t set the bar very high here, this was definitely leaps and bounds above the competition in terms of the bag appeal in a 1g order. No shake, acceptable trim, and some reasonable sized sticky buds in an appropriately sized container.

Captain’s log

Dosage: 0.083g vaped

Heavy, relaxed. sparkly, cuddly.

Little taste, but tasted okay.

Showered. Dazed. Into my body, slow motion calmness in my head.

Hoping to clean the cat litter, adjust my bike saddle, do some house organizing / cleaning. Let’s see how that goes because right now I’m ready to hit the couch and relax while organizing some work documents.

Got into re-editing a video a client wanted me to use. It’s not in their budget, but it had a few obvious things that needed to be fixed. Thought it’d be nice to have one example that suggests some of the potential they are missing out on.

Blueberry, banana,, swiss chard smoothie is a delight.

Serene, generous, and light hearted.

Looked up some recipes and got to work on putting dinner together. The baked chicken legs are almost ready and the last of the swiss chard patties (kinda like a latka) are frying in the pan. Tasted one of the patties already. 50/50 chance the kid will eat them. 100% chance wife will like them.

Distinct but very light cerebral peacefulness remains.

P.S. kid did eat some of the swiss chard patties, but was far too distracted by the meat.

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