Ebb & Flow By Reef

from Aqualitas
4.7 out of 5 stars4.7
Large, tightly trimmed, bud of Reef Ebb & Flow


Super serene, yet uplifting effects. Feel this is more of a cerebral experience than a body high.

A suitable for any time of day strain. While not energetic, effects didn’t weigh me down when trying to get household tasks done during the day on the weekend, nor did it keep me awake in bed when consumed before sleep (like many other strains seem to do).

All sensory characteristics, smell, smoothness, taste, and appearance are on point. Plus it’s organically grown.



Nice and squishy. Pretty sticky. One of the freshest feeling products I’ve seen. Largest nug weighed in a 1g. Bud structure is somewhat in between fluffy and dense. Tightly trimmed for the most part.

Contents of 3.5g order ofReef Ebb & Flow


Has a musky, earthy, floral-sweetness with some pine notes. Beautiful complexity in my opinion. I’m not normally a cologne dude, but I’d be willing to spray myself with this smell. Even if my wife thinks it, like all cannabis, just smells like dill pickle chips.


An absolute pleasure to vape. Exceptionally smooth all the way up to the highest temperatures. Very floral at lower temps. Has a bit of sweetness, then predominantly earthy with sour notes.


Seems to creep up on you a bit. No real sense of physical heaviness about it. Primarily a super relaxed, laid back cerebral vibe. Often found myself in an cheerful mood. Particularly uplifting when chatting with others.

At the start of a session I was more prone to a peaceful state. Zoned out, but not really sedated. That tendency seems to dissipate gently into the feeling of mental focus I usually get out of CBD dominant strains.

In some ways it feels similar to the THC CBD Indica strain, in other ways I’m reminded of Tantalus Harlequin.

Macro of Reef Ebb & Flow bud with an abundance of amber trichomes.

Smiley’s Log

Dose: 0.052g

Smell Pine notes. Maybe a touch of something between cloves and allspice?

Possibly some pepperyness to the taste. Very smooth and pleasant all the way through the end of the bowl.

Nice and relaxed. Feeling from temples down into jaw shedding tension. Kind of zoning out with the sweet and gentle whimsy of forgottenland. Calmness down to my toes.

Started kitchen cleanup. Felt my head was buoyant. Wife came down and I sat to packed a bowl for her. Happy talking to her. Both ended up pretty distractible and dazed. Weaving in and out of topics peppered with comfortable silences.

Talked about how the act of analyzing my experience for my logs likely has an impact on the experience itself. I mentioned how I’d grown to really enjoy these self-check moments. She thought it was similar to a particular type of meditation

The initial ring of dissapaiting tension around my face seems to have slowly washed down my body. More heavy headed and sedated now

Back to kitchen cleanup. Wife was trying to get fancy for dinner so there’s a storm of stuff to clean. Took out the compost, and dealt with the litter box on the way. Was definitely feeling like it was all a chore, but may have gained a little more buoyancy by the time I dropped the litter in the bin. Wife’s rockin’ the uke. Some of the best playing I’ve heard her do.

Fed the corn husks and watermelon rinds to the worms, then washed out the honey harvesting equipment. Didn’t really feel like a chore, but I am happy to finally sit down now.

Effects have definitely waned.

Got distracted by online conversations. Didn’t really finish getting my thoughts down in the last update. Feeling nice and chill. A little more focused. That CBD floating on a cloud glow.

Organic and other good stuff

It seems there’s almost as many organic certification labels as there are organic cannabis growers in Canada right now. So I asked Reef what was the main reason they chose to go with Clean Green over the Canadian FVOPA or pro-cert certifications:

We chose Clean Green Certification as it is the most recognized cannabis certification in North America — in addition to following international organic standards and the non use of pesticides, it also requires broader commitments that align with our values such as a commitment to sustainable farming, clean water, fair trade and employment practices and a commitment to seek an annual reduction in our carbon footprint.


Beyond using living soil, they have come up with an intriguing innovation around incorporating aquaponics into their growing of cannabis:

All of our flower is grown using a form of aquaponics or aquaponic farming which incorporates fish water on living soil, or using a soilless medium.


They also found a creative approach to the plastic problem in the cannabis industry. The glass jars for Reef products use an ocean reclaimed plastic lid.

Beyond these commitments to organic and sustainable approaches to cannabis production it was nice to hear Myrna Gillis, CEO behind Reef, was first inspired to get into the cannabis world through her work as a disabilities advocate. She talks in detail about the story and ethics of her company in the following interview from SheCann.


In the above video Gillis talks about getting higher terpene levels when growing organically. So I asked Reef if they could provide numbers on what to expect from this cultivar:

Our terpenes in the Ebb and Flow vary between 1.4% and 2.25% (average 1.66%).


The terpene ratio for Ebb & Flow, AQ-Balance on Aqualitas’s site, shows trans-ocimene dominantating. Interesting to me as I don’t think I’ve run into ocimene too often in the past.

Terpene profile for Ebb & Flow

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