CBD Tonic By Royal High

from United Greeneries under Harvest One
3.6 out of 5 stars3.6
Royal High - CBD Tonic bud macro


The theme with this strain was focus and curiosity. Across multiple sessions I seemed to develop a thirst for finding answers to questions, and solving problems. Usually with enough inspiration and determination to dig deep for solid, high quality solutions. The fact CBD Tonic seems to deliver an extremely clear headed experience allowed a focused exploration of ideas.

Royal High - CBD Tonic Macro
CBD Tonic Macro

A good mix of body and cerebral effects, but felt it leaned more towards the cerebral side. I found it to be an uplifting high, but not approaching anything euphoric or energetic. While I did find I could use it to get in touch with my body through stretching or meditation it didn’t make me feel overly heavy.

Royal High - CBD Tonic 1g order
1g order of Royal High’s CBD Tonic

Sweet floral aroma. Not particularly flavourful.

The packaging is poor. There is a flimsy plastic zipper-like mechanism that seals the bag. Somewhat frustrating to use as it’s prone to break. The soft bag packaging also resulted in squished flattened buds. Not a particularly pretty trim, but not as full of shake as many of the 1 gram orders I’ve seen to date.

Overall, there’s definitely some nice aspects to the high, and it’s a smooth pleasant vape, but I feel it falls somewhat short of deserving a $16 per gram price tag.

Captain’s log

Dosage: 0.05g vaped

Pleasant floral/fruity smell?

upbeat. slightly smiley. lightened. Feel like a puppy dog on a sunny day with a cool breeze. Some resonance with my aura. Feel my body energy pulsing, orbiting my atmosphere.

Felt lucid, and curious. Searched out inspiration from cheese sauce recipes for tonight’s dinner. Did some stretching while I watched recipe videos. Tested out an idea I had for a feature to put on this website. Researched a solution to problem I was having with the code.  Had a refreshing shower.

Still in a pleasant mood. Don’t really want to spend more time looking at my computer right now.

Did the laundry and did a little work processing our fall harvest. The high is still present, mostly as a cuddly cerebral warmth, but it’s really in the background. That is to say, I felt very clear and focused on what I’m doing, and the high was really secondary to what I was doing.

Hung up the laundry to dry then got to work on dinner. Strozzapreti in mornay sauce with swiss chard (basically I just made mac and cheese). I Didn’t have the perfect mixture of cheeses specified in the recipe linked above, but it worked out nicely enough. Will seek out some different stronger flavoured cheeses next time.

Only a subtle afterglow remains. Generally content, but also feeling a little tired. Fell behind on sleep this week. So I’m assuming that is the cause for the bit of mental dullness I’m feeling. Time to put the little one to bed and go to sleep myself.

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