Balance By Solei

from Aphria
3.2 out of 5 stars3.2


I found this strain to be neutral in terms of impact of energy and mood. No couch lock, but it may have taken me slightly longer than usual to fall asleep when vaping a small amount before bed. Smell is pleasantly sweet and pungent, not overly strong, but certainly more noticeable than some OCS brands.

Solei Balance 3.5 contents
3.5g of Solei Balance

Despite having a greater level of THC than Campfire, I feel Balance was a much more subtle high. There is a slightly greater ratio of CBD in Balance. That CBD tempered the thc impact more than I was expecting. With low dosages, you may for brief moments even forget you’re stoned. It’s great how clear headed and functional it leaves you, but I do wish it elevated my mood a bit more. It does let you get in tune with your body. I think this could be a great strain to use before yoga, a romantic evening. As it’s only a light head buzz, it’s also great for a social situation where you want to be able chat people up. If using this strain at a party, I’m confident I can avoid finding myself standing in the corner while my mind is lost in outer space.

On the down side, the buds looked mutilated.

mangled buds

The producer may be sacrificing visual appeal in favour of automation. This is really a value brand. Don’t expect pretty nugs.

Not too harsh, but the taste isn’t great. However, if vaping, the taste is innocuous.

Overall, for my first experience with a CBD dominant strain, I’m mildly impressed. But it does leave me eager to try CBD dominant strains from other brands. On a couple instances the high left me feeling a slight touch on the sketchier sides. A sensation vaguely reminiscent of an alcohol buzz may occur. Given I’m a low frequency user, saving a few pennies a week isn’t a strong incentive to come back to a value brand like Solei Balance if I can find a similar higher quality product.

Captain’s Log

Dose: < 0.1g smoked in a pipe.

dosage in pipe

Taste is terrible. It burns fast due to fluffiness. Did some light cleaning around house.

Really can get into your heart beat. Resonate with the pulse through every extremity. Feel my mind is extremely clear, but there is the slightest visual wonkiness to the room. I wouldn’t say the room is spinning, but it’s verging on it.

Closing your eyes can be nice. Feels like I’m in a conducive space to connect mind, body and soul.

I can also feel dinner in my stomach. Not in a significant way. But I feel a little like two different things I ate may not be mixing together as cordially as they could be and the weed has helped to bring this to my attention.

Effective as a serious get down to business strain. I had no real problems focusing on a computer programming project. Light mist of a daze remains.

Possible cottonmouth. Or maybe I just need to brush my teeth? I practice good oral hygiene. I think it’s cottonmouth.


Solei is owned by Aphria. On the Medical side they sell this strain under the name Churchill.

Terpene profile for Solei Balance / Aphria Churchill showing heavy a large proportion of myrcene and caryophyllene.

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3 thoughts on “Balance

  1. As a fellow Ontarion, I like what you are doing here. But it is crazy that you are smoking out of a metal pipe, with a metal grate. Everything is going to taste bad out of that. My suggestion would be a small glass water bubbler, slightly larger than a glass pipe. Not as intense as a bong, not as harsh as a glass pipe, and miles better than a metal pipe.

    1. That’s a fair point. At the time I made this review I had just purchased a dynavap. While the log was based on a session with the pipe, the overall review is based on my experience with both the pipe and the vape.

      I liked the vape so much that I never use the pipe anymore.

      1. I’m surprised it affected your heartbeat as CBD is known to reduce your heart rate where as thc increases it so balance should balance the heart lol