Dancehall By Spinach

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4.4 out of 5 stars4.4
Small dense bud with some purple colouration and loads of trichomes


Fun, long lasting strain, with excellent aroma and flavour. Packs a bit more of a punch than you might expect from a strain with a CBD heavy ratio.

Nice in situations where you’re keeping active and/or social, where a touch of joyful excitement is desired and not much attention to detail is required. Could be chatting with friends, could be dancing, could be yoga, kissing might be fantastic.

Also lends itself well to moments of metaphysical contemplation and positive self-reflection where one seeks a new perspective on things. Particularly on the tail end of the experience.



Nicely trimmed for the most part, little shake, but some unnecessary stem. Slight crispness, but still some stickiness and squishable. Dense structure though buds were definitely on the smaller side. Frosty with trichomes, with a pretty sprinkle of purple colouration .

3.5g order of Spinach Dancehall


Pleasant and strong. Musky citrus.

While I’m not sure how common it is for grower to irradiate, Spinach specifically states they never irradiate their product. Maybe one of the contributing factors to the strong scent and flavour profile?


Strong citrus, with touch of clove. Excellent after hydrating the buds, slightly harsh at higher temps without hydration.


Positive, upbeat, sense of chilled non-urgent excitement to it. At times even a swirling sense of joyfulness.

The high has some weight to it. While mostly cerebral, it seems a little heavier than some cerebral highs. Feel it more above the ears and the back of the head. Can put you in a slightly mentally hazy state.

Less noticeable at lower temps/doses, but dancehall can produce a also produce a bit of a body buzz. Initially I thought it’d be better classified as a hybrid than a sativa in my first few sessions where I happened to use higher doses.

A slight sense of dissociation, like you’re gaining access to a more objective view of reality, or like you’re a spiritual being inhabiting a physical body.

Effects seem to linger for a relatively long time. I’m particularly found of Dancehall’s radiant afterglow. After the initial mental spaciness subsides, a slightly electric fun social cheerfulness carries on.

Spinach Dancehall macro

Smiley’s Log

Dose: 0.06g vaped (used a little more than I normally would as I’ve trying the exhale drops all week and I suspect that has raised my tolerance.)

taste of citrus notes come through. Slightly rough at high temps.

Relaxed. Slight heaviness to the head. Tingly around the face.

Bit of energetic excitement to it.

Had a shower and made a pizza that’s now in the oven.
Mostly cerebral. Slight daze, but not much. If I sit quiet I can meditate on my pulse.

Listening to Tom King’s Massey Lectures. Really engrossed in stories and the bigger stories he wraps around them. The idea around the importance of stories in our lives is resonating with me. Left me reflecting on what stories I tell myself about my life, and what stories my kid is growing into.

Family came home and we had dinner. Garlic scapes + olives on the pizza was amazing.

Had to step outside for a moment over dinner looking for a package delivery. Beautiful to see the trees in the evening sun.

Read a few books with the kid and did bedtime.

Still feeling a pleasant light cerebral glow.

Terpene Profile

Dancehall terpene profile showing large amounts of Mycerene. From the Spinach website.

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