Harlequin By Tantalus Labs

from Tantalus Labs
3.8 out of 5 stars3.8
Tantalus Harlequin bud


Sensory characteristics of the product are acceptable, but nothing great.

It wins a lot of points for how light, coherent, and mellow the effects are. I see that as useful in certain circumstance, but this definitely not the strain to look to if you want to feel something significant from a balanced strain.


A herbal cloveyness predominates. You might uncover subtle floral and pine notes if you reach for it. It’s a smooth smell.


Sticky and squishy. To the point that if I squeeze a bud it sticks to my finger upside down.

A little extra stem than was necessary on one half bud. Tantalus seems to like to leave a few tightly trimmed leaves on. This is probably where the small amounts of shake in the package comes from. Some might say this practice could help protect trichomes. From my view a small but noticeable number of trichomes on the outside of the bud were still missing the heads.

3.5g order of Tantalus Labs Harlequin. Reasonable sized buds. Nice trim for the most part. Around a tenth of a gram of shake.


Mild flavour profile. You may uncover notes of pine or citrus, but the taste is really led by a soft earthiness. It could be a little smoother, but nothing much to complain about.


Primarily cerebral, but highly functional and mellow. A pleasant, light brain tickle. Physically, there’s a touch of the floaty balloon head sensation I experienced with Redecan BEC. Mentally, I’m reminded on the clarity of Solei Balance or Royal High’s CBD Tonic.

Nothing intense or heavy about it. An distinct absence of any extreme change in sensation. A versatile, chill, positive vibe. Even among balanced strain lovers, this will appeal most to those looking for a low key experience.

Harlequin macro showing predominantly cloudy trichome heads inside a broken open bud.

Smiley’s Log

Dose: 0.073g vaped

Not getting a lot of flavour, but I vaped at higher temps faster than I was planning. Smooth. Somewhat harsh at higher temps.

A little bemused. A little eye squinty. A mild pulse of intensity to it.

Was transfering honey from a larger bucket in the basement to a smaller bucket for kitchen consumption.

Sometimes when I end up with wet honey, I will let it ferment and keep it for myself to it. This bucket worked out nicely. In some way better than it was before. Just a very slight tang to it and a liquidy-semi-crystalized texture. I had more patience than I probably should to fill the bucket with a scoop rather than pouring.

Cleaned up in the honey room a little more. Mostly a cerebral effect. Nice to get the body moving and the heart pumping with this. Feel very clear headed.

Accidentally toggled ‘insert’ on my keyboard external keyboard, before taking laptop away from keyboard. Couldn’t figure out how to toggle back without plugging back into the keyboard. It’s now 9:37pm.

Watched mother and child read a story together. They’re beautiful. Then the kid wanted to watch Passe-Partout with me. Part of our attempts to learn French. Then I had to get the kettle out of the basement for the wife who of course needed it to cook dinner. Then we transitioned into more active play. It’s amazing how much fun a kid can have with a balloon hanging on a string. It’s hard not to join in either.

Taco night was pretty good. Tasty, but didn’t feel any real munchies effect.

Light cerebral tingles over the top of the head and temple. Feel it’s a slightly bubbly kind of high. Feel light.

Loaded another 0.06g bowl. Light earthy taste.

Chatted with the wife about how the heck the kid became afraid of bugs over the winter. We wondered if it came from a book. She likes to read a lot. With the radio show ‘Think books make you smart? Think again‘ in that back of my mind, we got into a bit of a discussion about how each of us experience reading stories, and what we get out of the experience.

Got the dishwasher loaded, and kitchen clean while listening to ‘The Rise and Fall of Bread: a simple staple with a complex legacy‘. It ended by questioning whether or not inventing agriculture was a good idea. I’m not oppose to the question, but felt the answers didn’t spark my interest that much.

Watched a video I recorded of the entrance of one of my hives earlier today. With insecticide coated soy seeds being planted earlier in the week I had seen a small amount of bees that weren’t able to make it back into the hive. Today things looked a little more normal. At least on the surface. I feel video like might work as slow television. I enjoy it and others have told me it’s mesmerizing to watch in person.

Eating a banana with various types of nuts stuffed into it. So good.

Feel this is a highly functional, clear headed high. Body is light.

No difficulty falling asleep.

High thought of the day: Finding the most efficient method of doing something isn’t as useful as finding the most enjoyable method.

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