THC CBD Indica By THC BioMed

from THC BioMed
4.1 out of 5 stars4.1
Close up of THC CBD Indica Bud showing loose structure and many trichomes



Interesting. Pungent clove and spice smell.


Loose, fluffy bud structure. Despite the 6 month old packaged date, product was fresh and squishy with a noticeable sticky tack to the buds. Predominantly smaller nugs. The larger ones were left with a fair number of leaves in tact. Trichomes appeared healthy, and as you might expect from something labelled an indica, on the amber side.

3.5g order of THC CBD Indica


Slightly hint of sweetness, but overall something reminiscent of a clovey visit to your spice rack is what comes through most in the flavour. Not overpowering, just very smooth, subtle, and enjoyable.


Extremely chill. Certainly more of a body high than anything else. Not particularly heavy, but lying down can feel fantastic.

Initially sedating qualities are more pronounced. Underlying that is a contented and lighthearted headspace. While you may have a difficult time making decisions, you may find it easier to be at one with everything.

Possibly a hint of something in the strain promoting a sense of mystic depth. Can feel a bit more appreciative of the magic underlying the universe.

Really all around positive about this strains effects.

THC CBD Indica macro

Is It Organic?

I can’t find any mention anywhere of THC BioMed being certified organic. Other producers, like Whistler and The Green Organic Dutchman, identify themselves as having one form of certification or another. On their website they state:

THC BioMed is passionate about using sustainable, organic growing methods and using only the purest of nutrients, without pesticides or other exogenous chemicals, to grow our medical marihuana.

Beyond that, on they mention plants are grown in soil. I sent them an email asking whether or not they irradiate their flower, and why they haven’t certified their products. Will update here when / if I hear back from them.


Smiley’s Log

Dose: 0.058g vaped

Subtle taste, not enough to be able to recognize it (may have started at too high of a temperature). Pleasant. Exceptionally smooth.

Thoroughly relaxed. Floating. Had trouble finding my way upstairs in the dark. Normally I feel comfortable moving around my house in without the light on, but I knew I was a little off my mark and proceeded slowly. Feeling mental sedation.

Had trouble figuring out what music to play. Decided on ATCQ Electric relaxation while I did some final kitchen tidy up. Then I felt like something new. I found Stay by Memoir. Got into a light dancing-stretchy vibe with it. Ended up on the floor a lot. Been doing more physical work than I’ve been used to lately getting the live stock ready for spring. Thought I’d see if dancing would loosen up some of the sore muscles.

Feel heavy headed, but something fun and electric was bubbling around my face by the time I got to the Cold Brew and Sunshine track on the album.

Now I’m lying on the couch enjoying the stillness. Feeling the stillness in every part of my body.

Through shifting priorities in recent year, I’ve definitely been letting my body get from me. Will have to find ways to ensure I’m not neglecting that aspect of me. I’m getting old fast.

Got ready for bed. Feeling introspective. Going to listen to the rest of the Ideas show ‘Finding wonder in the face of existential dread’: Grandeur of the universe gives comfort to physicist‘ that I’ve been meaning to get back to for days now. Then sleep.

No difficulty getting to sleep.

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