Skunk Haze By Tweed

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Tweed Penelope bud macro


Although close to even levels of THC and CBD, I believe only B.E.C, has had a higher ratio of THC among strains in the balanced category available from the OCS thus far. Even taking into account the THC percentage, this high THC ratio seems to result in a more significant high than you might expect.

Effects are really fun, but taste and moisture levels leave a lot to be desired. energetic, cerebral, irreverent, imaginative.

I have to admit that I didn’t set my expectations to high for this product given some of the reports I’ve seen about Tweed. However, it was strain I often heard people mention in discussions about balanced strains. Glad I gave it a try. I was happy with the overall experience.



Good weight, which was surprising considering it was pretty dry. One dense tightly trimmed large bud made up the bulk of the order.

Tweed Penelope 1g order
Tweed Penelope 1g order


Mild musky smell, with hints of lemon.


Initially, taste was nothing short of terrible. It did become more tolerable after re-hydrating the buds.


I was initially struck by the intensity of the high. To the point where I had worries at times that I had gotten too high. However, that initial intensity that quickly smoothed out, to what might be best be described by what I recorded in the log as “the most peaceful kind of exhilarating”.

For me the effects were very cerebrally focused. While I want to describe it as somewhat clear headed, I also found myself entering trance like states from time to time, having silly fun with my imagination, and not noticing things that might otherwise be obvious.

I like what it did for my mood. Felt generally optimistic and enthusiastic.

Found myself inspired to be somewhat physically active too.

Tweed Penelope trichome macro
Tweed Penelope trichome macro

Smiley’s Log

Dose: 0.033g vaped

Floral Scent. Lemony? Somewhat dry. Very dense bud. Didn’t get much flavour at lower temperatures. Taste unpleasant at higher temps at the end of the session.

Feeling pretty high. Face muscles relaxing, It bit of a rushing intensity to it. I expected this does to take me to about a [7], which is slightly higher than I often go. The difference between this and my norm is really noticeable.

Kind of want to run up and down the stairs to get my adrenaline going.

Really got the heart racing. But the high quickly mellowed after that. Still going strong, but mellowed out.

Proper humidity seems like it would be a simple thing but it still seems far from convenient and easy to achieve. I figured it was time to finally setup the humidifiers. I have a Guardian Technologies H965AR ultrasonic humidifier that served us well last year that we’re moving into the kids room now that the kid is sleeping in there. The challenge is the instructions (I’ve slowly become a firm believer in reading the instruction over the years), call for a flat surface 15cm from a wall 2-3 feet off the floor. Found a passable spot but my partner is likely going to be unenthusiastic about me having moved a lamp.

Feeling confident and content.

What has become very easy to achieve in the modern era is finding instructions online. I quickly found the manual for the Honeywell HEV615 evaporative humidifier that a friend had generously donated to us. This one specified 15-30cm from the wall and 1 meter from the bed. No height specifications except out of the reach of children, pets and patients. That part is not likely to be possible as our cats can jump. I put it on a short, wide reasonably even wooden tree stump (less even than I could likely get away with on the ultrasonic style).

Then stared admiringly into one of my cats eyes for a few moments before giving him a good scratch. Anyone think it’s possible to telepathically communicate that he needs to keep away from the humidifier?

The evaporative model is waaaay louder than the ultrasonic. Some might consider it a nicer sound, but I’m not really into white noise machines. I prefer the quieter hum. The fan noise makes me feel like I’m in an airplane.

Thought it would be fun to go in the other room I see what the ultrasonic noise makes me feel. I beckoned the cat and we continued our back scratch. It was actually hard to listen to the ultrasonic hum over the cat sounds. So it felt like I was petting my cat. Except the ultrasonic was more gentle water gurgles than it normally does. So it really felt more like when your in a bath with your ears under the water line where you can hear the water echoing off the sides of the tub. Except with more cat.

Feel this is a nice strain for marveling about things. It’s the most peaceful kind of exhilarating.

Family came home. Had a delicious kiss. Told them the news. Wife is considering alternative lighting for the kids room anyway. So we’re good on that front.

Took out the dirty diaper bag, cleaned the dishwasher, tuned into the stillness and the dancing for the ambient music I’ve been into lately and zoned out into sauteing mushrooms.

Effects fading but still have a sense of warm and fuzzies about me.

Pizza is in the oven. On pizza stone at 500°. Decided 1/2 cup is the ideal measuring cup to use when making pizza to cut down on cleanup. Using that, dough needs 3 scoops of flour, and one scoop of milk.

Was really marvelling at the beauty of the streaks of dry flour stretching through the dough as I rolled it out. Was quite happy about how well it was stretching out before I realized I had only made one Pizza. Normally I divide the dough in two so the kid can have a plain version. The adults got a base of mozzarella so the topping don’t all slide off, followed my tomato sauce, pesto, olive tapenade, with heaps of oyster and crimini mushrooms followed by a strong cheddar.

Feeling a lingering gentle tingling in my temples, and cerebral lightness.

Pizza was nice, but I went a little overboard with the mushrooms trying to use them all up. Really enjoyed the simple side salad though. Then we had a family music jam before I put the kid to bed and fell asleep myself. Good fun. Felt I had a few good moments finding my groove on a hand drum, but faltered more than usual with the backup vocals. Effects had completly dissipated by 10:30pm.

Neat thing about he evaporative humidifier is that it shuts off the fan once it reaches the target humidity. By the time I went to sleep, it was only turning on rarely for short durations. The ultrasonic was humming all night. Without the cat or the gurgles, I decided it felt more like being in an idling car. Pressure is on now for me to read the cleaning section of the manual for the new humidifier.

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