CBD Shark By Whistler Cannabis Co.

from Aurora
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Whistler CBD Shark Bud Macro


The effects lend themselves to night time relaxation. I’ve found most CBD heavy strains suit me better during day time use, so I was happy to find a more evening oriented strain.

When smoked in a pipe (I dosed at 0.09g), you may feel your thoughts slow + focusing may become difficult. You can expect an overall heaviness that will firmly invite you to sit, if not lie down. If you stay awake, the more sedating properties can slowly wane towards a mellow cozy up on the couch vibe.

Vaping tended to provide somewhat less of the heavy sedating effect, but still increased my desire to curl up on a couch and space out. I found the high promotes a mood that leans closer toward the sublime, contemplative, or poetic than it does to the euphoric. At times I felt a profound empathetic connection to the people around me.

Whistler CBD shark 3.5g package contents

This is a premium certified organic product grown in soil. It was certainly obvious that more care has been given to this very sticky flower then I’ve seen from any other product I’ve reviewed to date. Also, nice to find it was packaged with a Boveda humidity pack. The humidity pack did help even though the pack was fairly dry out by the time I received it. While the buds themselves were not as springy as you might expect after spending time with a humidity pack, they were still very nice. Nowhere near as dry as many of the products we’ve seen.

Smell is not too overwhelming, but not weak either. A pleasant hint of fruitiness to it. Taste wise, you might find a touch of mango at lower temperatures. Enjoyable, and I’d even say very enjoyable once hydrated, but nothing particularly unique to get too worried or excited about here in terms of flavour.


The Whistler brand is the most expensive flower you can currently buy from the Ontario Cannabis store. Many have expressed feelings that no weed is worth $22/g. They might be right. However, on a cost per session basis, for an occasional user who might only use 0.05g at a time, it’s not a serious roadblock. That might amount to an extra 50 cents or so per high.

The biggest problem for me is the minimum 3.5g order quantity. If they offered a 1g dry flower format I would consider ordering again from time to time as the quality was exemplary and I like to support organic agriculture. Buying more than 1g just adds risks of quality degradation occurring before I have a chance to consume it all.

Captain’s log

Dosage: 0.066g

Whistler CBD shark dynavap dose

Not a very strong flavour, but a pleasant low-key classic weediness. Smooth. Extremely calming.

Slight creeping effect. Pretty high.

Spaced out in a refreshing shower. Mind contemplating how I feel about situations related to a personal project, and possible future options.

Had a long day yesterday, and find myself getting in touch with were tension built up and I need to stretch / relax.

Thought this was my kind of dance party. Organized tax files to give to my wife. A little distractible, and finding myself losing focus. High has ramped down to a mellow simmer.

Not the most energetic strain, I had a moment of my eyes feeling a little weighty. but I started on some household chores. Got the laundry in. My workshop needed to re-arrange to accommodate some equipment I need to store indoors now. I was a bit daunted at first as I didn’t know the best way to organize things. However, once I got going I was able to get into it. Then I emptied out the dishwasher.

After a short break surfing the web, I went back to work, unloading the equipment from my car into the workshop. Before I finished the wife and little one came home. Went out to play with little one. We met a few neighbours and their dogs. A joy to see the little one giggling and trying play ball with the dogs. Can really feel the excitement for spring. After three hours the high had really subsided, but it made getting outside after a day working inside a touch more magical.

Wife cooked Thatcher‘s lamb sausages, an amazing juicy experience. Wow, those are the way sausages are meant to be. It was served alongside oyster mushrooms sauteed in duck fat and potatoes. Was still just high enough to lose myself in the sensuality of the dinner experience.

At present, I’m approaching baseline again, and ready for another vape session before I finish unloading the car and tidying up the dishes.

Second bowl dose last night was around 0.05g. Finished up my chores and settled down on the couch for a couple episodes of The Good Place (Season 1 episodes 7 and 8). Found the shows attempts at humour were more awkward than I had in the past, but some of the philosophical dilemmas were reasonably interesting. Nice and relaxing end to the day. Was in bed by 12:30am, and had no trouble falling asleep. Woke up at 8:30am. Presently feeling just slightly tired.

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One thought on “CBD Shark

  1. I’d love to find out how you use the dynavap. I bought one recently and I don’t think I’m using it correctly. If I hope the choke, it doesn’t feel like any air is passing through it as it is very hard to suck on. Maybe a detailed video or post about how you use it??? That would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your reviews!