Yin & Yang By LIIV

from cannTrust
4.1 out of 5 stars4.1


A heavy body effect was what initially stood out to me when vaping only at higher temperatures after my wife had toked on the lower temperatures. When I say heavy, I mean my body felt weighted down on the couch. Smoking it also leans decidedly towards providing a sedative effect. However, after multiple sessions using different vaping temperatures, I’ve come to the conclusion that there’s a good mix of both a cerebral high and body buzz effects to be found here.

It is a great calming strain for relaxation and alleviating stress. There is no perceptible increase in heart rate. At the same, vaping it didn’t significantly slow me when doing a few light tasks around the house.

Contents of 3.5g order of Yin & Yang

I was hoping for this to be a good strain to use before going to sleep. CannTrust does list Pennywise(the strain Yin & Yang is based on) as having an unusually high percentage of a terpene called terpinolene, which is thought to help create a sleepy, sedative effect(at least in mice).

While I do feel a little tired after vaping Yin & Yang at night, I also notice the cerebral component of the high can slightly stimulate my mind when consuming shortly before trying to sleep. On the bright side, my train of thought does tend to lean towards the calm, constructive, and pleasant when under the influence of Yin and Yang. If vaping for sleep, you may want to pay attention to your temperature settings in order to minimize the cerebral effects and take advantage of the terpinolene which vaporizes at 186°C (366°F).

All around there is a lot to be happy with in the quality of this product. The visual appearance of the buds shows more care taken by LIIV(cannTrust) than I’ve seen from most producers. The flavour, while not very strong, has a interesting complexity to it. Most importantly, the high is an all around very positive experience.

Captain’s log

Dose: 0.044g vaped

Bit of an delay in onset. Taste is interesting. Bitter, but not bad.

Super relaxed, but got up to finish the last bits of cleaning the kitchen without to much delay. Not difficult to get stuff done, but I may have tranced out enough to have been performing tasks on auto pilot without really thinking about what I was doing. My mind was dwelling on a diplomatic and mutually beneficial response to a request I had initially been less than impressed with.

Felt I hadn’t really finished my bowl. Found I did have one last substantial hit left in there.

A local bakery (Eric The Baker) happens to make a cake that is also called Yin Yang. I happened to have some on hand. Like a ultra rich heavenly cloud of sweet joy floating across my tongue. wow.

Feeling content, and ready to sleep.

I was lying in bed by 12:10am. Found my mind was a little active and it took me a few moments to decompress before I drifted off. Listening to the sound of my kid sleeping in crib felt like the most soothing sound in the world. When I focused attention on my body I had this crazy notion of being able to feel my aura.

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