Temple By Aurora

2.5 out of 5 stars2.5
Aurora Temple bud macro


It does promote the relaxed mood, with a raised mental alertness feeling I’ve come to expect from a CBD dominant strain. However, it left me feeling slightly more dazed and less focused than other CBD Dominant strains.

The product had been packed almost seven months before I bought it. It spent more time in packaging than anything else I’ve ordered to date. So it’s possible some of this strains personality was lost over the months.

3.5g order of Aurora Temple

Taste was very subtle. After rehydrating the very dry buds I received, I was at times able to detect a slight sour flavour, but it felt a little off somehow. Not pleasant, but not a big deal as the flavour wasn’t strong.

Captain’s Log

Dose: 0.088g vaped but accidently combusted after a few hits

Mild taste, not the greatest but okay due to mildness. slight aftertaste. Somewhat harsh.


Did feel a noticeable high initially. Very relaxed. took a long shower. Feeling a touch toward the lazy side, wanting to sit. Perhaps slightly absent minded. Got Laundry ready to go for off-peak energy hours. Brought up a new jar of honey from the basement. Really appreciating the taste of honey. Eyes really red.

High simmered down considerably. distracted by online memes. Eventually focused on some light personal accounting. relaxed, but not much mood boost

Had some fun reading to the little one. Felt perhaps a little light hearted. Then gave little one a bath. Detangled a lot of knotted hair. Super hungry for dinner. Delicious duck and home fries. Light sensation remaining

Just screwed around on the web. Pretty much baseline.

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