Basecamp CBD Iced Tea By A1 Cannabis

from Valens Agritech
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Basecamp CBD Iced Tea poured, brown opaque liquid ipoured n glass.


Full bottle can lead to heavy headed effects. Can be useful if you are trying to use CBD to fall asleep. It is quite good at zonking you out for a little while.

I’m more of a daytime CBD user. For day time use, half or even one-third bottle portions, seem more appropriate. I feel the effects can be nice, but not at good as my best cbd experiences.

Outside of the CBD effects, nothing about the beverage itself would draw me back. The best thing you can say about it is that is doesn’t taste bad.

It did make my wife a believer as to the merits of CBD. She tried smoking CBD only once with me in 2018. Since, she has been slightly dismissive of CBD without THC as boring. She decided to try this, and now wants me to buy all the CBD for daily use.



For my preference, the flavour could be a little sweeter and bolder, but if you like iced tea on the weaker side, maybe this is your thing. It just taste like a plain old average watery iced tea without much sweetness added. No flavour from the cannabis is detectable (maybe this alone could be considered a minor miracle?).


On one occasion I found myself experiencing a heavy headed, mentally cloudy sensation shortly after finishing a full bottle. My previous experience with CBD is limited to vaping and smoking. This was far more sedating than anything I’ve experienced previously with CBD dominant flower products.

This cloudy sensation did not last more than 20 to 30 minutes. From there the experience was more familiar with what I’ve come to expect from CBD. Relaxed, light, focused, content.

On a separate occasion I shared a bottle with my wife. With only half a bottle on a full stomach, I didn’t particularly note the brain fog, but still enjoyed the other aspects of the experience.

Onset was reasonably quick. First feeling effects within 20 minutes, and experiencing strong effects after 40 minutes or so. Even the wife experienced a faster onset than she did with the Tweed beverage. Faint traces of effects were remaining four hours later.

Initially, the A1 website stated this was a full spectrum product. When I reached out to Basecamp they quickly informed me that the product is actually made with distillate. Meaning only small traces of the other components like terpenes in the plant have made it into the drink.

Why the brain fog?

There’s some indication in the scientific research that has been carried out to date that suggests CBD at higher doses might help make people sleepy. Maybe this explains the brain fog I was experiencing?

I estimate the amounts of CBD typically entering my body when I vape to be around 10mg range. I’ve possibly gone as high as 13.5mg when testing out Solei Free pre-rolls. So at 15mg, this product might have been the highest level of CBD I’ve consumed, but not too far off from some of my highest vaping doses. Perhaps the SōRSE emulsion technology used in this product to increase bioavailability also plays a factor? 15mg in this form might feel more potent.

Smiley’s Log

Stone Date: May 9th 2020
Dose: One 355ml bottle.

Gave it a really good shake before pouring. Feels a bit watery in the mouth. Taste is fairly mild for an iced tea. Sugar and citric acid are the first ingredients after water, and it tastes that way too. But it doesn’t feel very sweet. If I were making iced tea, I’d likely make it a fair bit sweeter than this. However, I do acknowledge I have more of a sweet tooth than most. I would also use honey rather than sugar. While not particularly delicious, it doesn’t taste bad at all, and it’s difficult to detect any trace of a cannabis taste.

Drank about 2/3 of my glass. Can definitely feel the CBD taking effect. Mostly a sense of my face muscles relaxing. Perhaps a little less focused. Like it’s easy to relax my eyes, and sit without really look at anything,

Finished the glass.

Had a dance interlude with the kid and wife.
Feeling a little foggy or heavy headed.

Researching book stitching techniques for a little craft the kid and I are working on for Mothers day.

Feel the cloudy / heaviness, dissipated rather suddenly. Feel a little more focused now.

Still cerebrally relaxed, much lighter and focused now.

Ate granola and nuts for lunch. Did some coding. Another brief dance interlude with the family. Felt a bit funkier this time.

A little glow remains. Sense of contentedness.

Kept on task coding despite some technical difficulties beyond my control.

Took care of the less kid friendly aspects of the Mother’s day craft so everything will be ready for us to finish it off this evening.

Lingering, tingly brain, sense of alertness effects remaining. Pleasant.

Tidied up my work space. Had a shower. Still feeling the lingering effects.

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2 thoughts on “Basecamp CBD Iced Tea

  1. I have enjoyed the Basecamp cbd ice tea – I am living with MS and I find the infused cbd ice tea easy for the body to digest – I have tried cbd oil that has some (minimal THC)in it and I find my body does not digest the oil as well so I find the cbd infused ice tea works well for me it helps with inflammation and tremors I have at times – it’s a general overall wellness feeling for my body
    Right now the stores I’ve checked on-line are “out of stock” instead I’ve had to try something else & have ordered the lemon-llme sparkling water but I much prefer the ice tea

    1. Thanks Sheila for sharing your experience. I’d strongly agree with you that my body is better able to absorb the CBD from this drink compared to the oils I’ve tested so far.

      Have you looked at the Veryvell drops? It’s in the oil category but is meant to work like the emulsified drinks. I have it on my list to try.