Pur Dew CBD Oil By Blissco

from The Supreme Cannabis Company
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Pur Dew dropper and packaging show dark golden oil


Smooth, laid back, serene experience is what I got from this full-spectrum CBD oil. Feel it pairs well with physical activity and social situations.

The doses I took left me fairly highly functional, and engaged in whatever I was doing. I much prefer Pur Dew over the Medipharm CBD oil for daytime use. That said I’d error on the side of caution with dosing if more demanding mental tasks are on the agenda as the THC and CBD levels are also notably more concentrated than many CBD-dominant oils. The fact it’s a full-spectrum oil probably seems to help it’s potency too.

The use of organic coconut oil, glass bottle, and recycled cardboard packaging nicely reflect the brands claims to sustainable values. However, the lack of measurement markers on the dropper makes it useless for precise dosing.



Taste is nice in that it’s somewhat delicately flavoured. It feels more nutty to me than weedy. In some instances I felt I detected some pine notes.


As I think needs to be expected with oils, I experienced some variability in onset time. Often I took it with food or just after eating. While I could feel some level of effect fairly quickly. It was often after my next meal that I reach the peek of effects. With 8-10 hours passing after onset before I felt the effects had passed

I feel this product was much more inline with the Medipharm labs CBD oil than other oils I’ve tried in terms of consistency. I’m feeling more confident now that full spectrums products do work better across multiple days of use than distillate products.


Overall I think of it as conducive to a laid back sense of serenity. A Very smooth experience. On the whole, very clear-headed, but at times felt there’s some cloudy whisps to it rather than perfectly clear skies.

Particularly when combined with physically activity, I seemed to get a pleasant sense of elation.

Generally felt a sense of engagement, and comfort in what I was doing, be it socializing, or working, or relaxing. Blissco has it marked in their ‘create’ category which seems appropriate.

It’s possible my appetite was increased.

The Blissco website currently lists the dominant terpenes in their cbd oil as including caryophyllene, bisabolol, humulene, and guaiol.


Despite being a CBD dominant strain, the 1.5mg THC/ml is nothing to dismiss if your tolerance is low. Without a THC tolerance, a 0.5ml dose could offer me a noticeable, if mild high. Whereas, after building more of a tolerance, I felt comfortable dosing 1ml even on days when I did not particularly want to be high at all.

One challenge in dosing is that the dropped I was provided does not indicate any measurements. You will need to provide your own when measuring the oil if you wish to be accurate. As a point of reference, the dropper seemed to fill up only about half way at most when attempting to get as much into the provided dropper as I could. The roughly half-full dropper measured out to 0.75ml.

Update: About 1.5 months after I asked Blissco how much a full dropper holds, they responded with the following:

A full dropper would be 1ml

Blissco Customer Care

Given the discrepancy between what Blissco says, and what I measured, I would highly recommend sourcing a syringe with measurements if you care about being precise.

Smiley’s Log

Dose: 0.5ml (13mg CBD, 0.75mg THC)

Cannabis taste, on the nutty side.

Perhaps feeling a touch more relaxed.

Particularly around the temples I feel some reduced tension. Feel fully coherent, and focused on computer work tasks.

Researched and implemented a simple piece of code into a website. Had lunch.

Calm, and in a decent mood. Just the lightest sense of a floaty feeling around my head. That feeling has been increasing a bit since I finished lunch.

Decided to break for some exercise. Walked along the river and through a forest trail. Felt getting the blood pumping brought on a nice sense of elation.

I noticed I had been walking rather fast so I decided to pause to enjoy the forest for a moment. There’s a an area where some structures made out of fallen branches and tree trunks have stood for sometime. My wife likes to add a piece to it every time she visits. I saw a rather large curved branch and got the notion to add it to a structure. If someone had been watching me it might have been mildly funny to watch me navigate moving this unwieldy branch. In the end it was a surprisingly satisfying gesture.

I also took a tarzan like swing on a cut hanging grape vine that had sturdily entwined itself around several tall cedars. Well, tarzan like to the extent that a mild-aged, somewhat sedentary individual can pull off while encumbered in winter gear. At this point you may be wondering if I was acting nutty because I got high from the oil. Though I may have been feeling somewhat free spirited in the moment, I’ve played with my kid on this vine before. Using it as a tool to help make getting outside in the winter fun for the little one. My aim here was just to test out what I could reasonably do to perform for the kid in the future. Really enjoyed the beauty of the woods.

As I neared home I ran into my neighbours. We had a nice long chat. We usually get along well, but don’t run into each other too often. Felt comfortable, amicable, and engaged talking with them. Was fun to catch up.

Back at home, I’m feeling general positive, but not quite at the level of when I had my body moving. There was a sense of something a touch above a mild high on the walk, I wouldn’t say that’s the case now. I feel fairly normal, but the glow around the temples is still there. As if tension/stress is been melting away.

Had a shower. Made a pizza for dinner that is now cooling. Listened to The Legacy of Dr. Semmelweis while I was at it. The idea I took away from the show is that it’s one thing to know something, and to have good data to back it up, and quite another thing to be able to convince people to respond to your information. It spoke to emotions I’ve felt in recent weeks related to a work project. My work issues are much more trivial what Dr. Semmelweis was doing. Nevertheless, I could help but think about of the parallels. No solutions were offered, but I feel the radio show did provide some stimulating food for thought on human nature, the difficulty of admitting past failures, and in having one’s pride tarnished.

When busy on the task of pizza making I wasn’t particularly attuned to the oils having an influence on me. When the family got home, I did notice a particular sense of joy in seeing them. Now a lingering glow remains around my face.

Eating was delicious. Then I put the kid to bed.

Have been browsing online since. In a nice content positive mood. Though it’s been at least an hour or two since I could say definitely that I was still experiencing any trace level of effects.

Is the oil derived from a particular strain of flower?

I was hoping to learn more about the origins, and source material of this oil, but neither 7Acres or Blissco have responded to my emails.

Do you need to shake your oil?

The packaging of CBD oil I’ve received from various brands typically has a line that states “Shake well”. I forget to shake 50% of the time. I’ve been wondering how important it really is. Would the concentration of cannabinoids I get in a dose change if I don’t shake?

Neither Blissco Or 7acres responded to the emails I sent them regarding this question. So I asked Medipharm Labs in the comments of this Instagram post. Here’s what they said:

We’ve conducted studies on our product and have not seen the potency change once packaged. If you prefer shaking the bottle you can do so, but the downside is that you may promote oxidation that can influence the taste.


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7 thoughts on “Pur Dew CBD Oil

  1. Bro, awesome detailled review, I was usually taking another vendors CBD oil and decided to try this one out and let me tell you it really helped my back pain.

  2. Great in depth review – thanks so much!
    I wonder how long the cannabinoids & terpenoids remain stable in these bottled LP oils before oxidation occurs, which it will over time but can’t find a time-frame on the LP’s websites 🙁
    I’ve also wondered about how evenly/thoroughly distributed the cannabinoids & terpenoids remain in the oil over time. When I make my own CBD dom. dried cannabis oil, I use a magnetic stirrer hot plate & stir my oil for a few minutes before filling my capsules hoping that all capsules will more or less contain the same ratio.

    1. Good question on oxidation. I’ll have to look into this, but I imagine there’s going to be different factors impacting it like storage temperature, and how much it gets shaken.

      Based on Medipharm’s comment is seems like cannabinoids do remain well distributed. I’m kicking myself for not asking about the terpenoids too.

  3. Thanks for this info!! I’m new to CBD and wanted to take it for anxiety but the bottle comes with no indication of dosage. This review helped alot regarding dosage. Didn’t even find the info on the blissco website.

  4. What a great, detailed, and very helpful review! I’ve been using MediPharm CBD50 as my morning CBD which is “fine”. I purchased some Blissco Pur Dew this afternoon and look forward to trying it tomorrow morning, pre yoga! Thanks!!