Canna Bliss By Canna Farms

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close up of a Canna Bliss bud


I felt this myrcene forward strain shines for its focused physical relaxing properties. I experienced this much more in my body whereas my experience with almost all other CBD strains have been more cerebral. While I missed that cerebral quality, and any notable mood boost, I appreciate this strain most for the nuanced character it adds to my CBD arsenal. I liked it best at slightly higher doses than I might use with some strains.

Taste and smell surprised me with it’s complexity. Bitter notes would usually be a big turn off for me, but I actually think it’s agreeable here in the smooth robust flavour profile of Canna Bliss.

The biggest knock against is that it’s not the prettiest. It doesn’t quite match up for a company that describes itself as taking a ‘small-batch artisan approach to cannabis cultivation’.



Squishy and sticky. Received a few 0.6g buds as well as a few small bud fragments. Due to the the soft bag packaging some buds had been slightly squashed. Some extra leaves left on, but nothing overly terrible.

3.5g order of Canna Bliss

Colour on the pale yellowish-green side. Some buds had a few almost black leaves.

Macro of dark leaves on a Canna Bliss flower

Good trichome coverage but those on the outside were often missing heads. Inside the buds they looked great. Trichomes were mainly cloudy, but a notable amount of amber could be found as well.


Very Strong and musky. Woodsy-freshness. Hints of fruity citrus. Perhaps a touch of ammonia? Altogether a very agreeable aroma.


Really dynamic. Overall there is smooth woodsy robust depth. Once or twice I caught undertones of a fresh, herbal citrus. A little more than half the times I found a distinct bitter note.

I’m not the biggest fan of a bitter profile but I still found this interesting. I imagine if you are a fan of IPAs this could be right up your alley.

The Canna Farm web page suggests vaping Canna Bliss in the 150°C – 160°C range. I found this is a worthy range to experiment in. It’s where I stumbled on some of the subtler notes.


I feel this is distinct CBD dominant strain in the Canadian market. Granted there have not been a lot of options in this category. It first I was a little disappointed that it didn’t quite have all the typical characteristic I’ve come to expect from a CBD heavy strain, but over time a grew to appreciate it a little more for what it is.

I found it exceptionally clear headed. Modest in terms of the cerebral dreamy glow I’ve mentioned so often in my reviews. With much more of a body effect. It’s I didn’t find it made a huge impact on my mood.

It is relaxing. Feeling the effects most notably in my body. At higher amounts, almost like I could leave my head behind and venture out to explore my extremities.

Macro of the inside of a bud I opened showing an abundance of healthy cloudy trichomes

Smiley’s Log

Session 1

Dose: 0.069g vaped in a Dynavap

First low temperature draw smooth and earthy. Slightly acrid at 4-5 pull highest temps

Relaxed. A little stimulated and ready to go do stuff, a little wanting to just pause and enjoy the moment.

Feel the effects may be on the weak side.

I warmed up some leftovers for lunch. A cheesy-lentil sauce with a dash of rojo salsa from Rebel Foods over barley groats.

Edited a few photos for this post while eating. Mentally clear, engaged and focused on my task.

A feel like I’ve be carry a touch of extra tension the past weeks. I’m not really sure why. Things have been generally good for me. I may still feel more relaxed, but it’s not nearly as obvious to me as what I often feel with CBD flower.

Hung up my laundry to dry. Cleared out some of the junk in my basement. Getting ready to go for a walk.

Feel fine. Productive. Excited to get out of the house. But somewhat underwhelmed by the CBD effects.

Felt good to get moving. Enjoyed my walk despite it being a dreary cold December day.

Stopped by the library to pick up a few books. It might just be that I’m getting old, but I got that light headed feeling a few times after standing up after crouching down to look at books on the bottom shelf.

Then I hit a grocery store in search of egg nog which wasn’t available. Instead I grabbed some sausages and beets and a few snacks.

The town in so much quieter on a Sunday afternoon than it is on Saturday mornings when I usually go into town. Lots of my usual stops were closed. The people I did pass seemed friendly.

Feeling good back at home. I do at least feel better than I have been lately. Less tense.

Session 2 (the next day)

Dose: 0.095g vaped in a Argo

At 175°C seemed a little bitter.185°C mostly woodsy.

Feel a touch of heaviness. Contemplated listening to aa newsy podcast but wanted something that would be more of a break for the spirit and less heady. So I returned to the Jean-Michel Blais concert I mentioned so long ago in my last review.

Took a pause to lay in the dark for a moment. Listening the music plugged into the good speakers while also listening to my body. Vibing with my own pulse. Melting my tensions away. As well dreaming up creative ideas that might take things above and beyond expectation on a work project I was assigned today.

Feel pretty chill, but still feeling this strain seems a bit heavier than the light floatiness of most CBD strains. Really liking the dreaminess of Jean-Michel’s piano.

Loaded the dishwasher and cleaned the kitchen. Scooped the cat litter.

Youtube algo introduced me to Alexandra Stréliski which also had a stunningly enchanting dreamyness too it. Then to Ludovico Einaudi which took things to a bigger, more melancholic, and at times a little too intense of a place for me.

Feel fairly normal now and more relaxed than I was at the start.

Did a little photo editing and management on my stock photo portfolio. Got ready for bed and read. Engrossed in the early pages of Iain McGilchrist’s The Master and His Emissary.

Still feeling a touch of a CBD glow.

Terpene Profile

Terpene profile from Canna Farms website showing myrcene dominating at 60% of the total terpenes. Followed by pinene, limonene, and linalool all around 10%

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3 thoughts on “Canna Bliss

  1. Great review once again Smiley!

    I wonder if the slight scent of ammonia is the result of insufficient curing and/or a short flush period. Perhaps it’s something else since the price should reflect the quality of the product.

    Project CBD states CBD’s boiling point is between 160-180ºC so I’m curious as to why Canna Farms recommends vaping at 150-160ºC for their Canna Bliss. At 150-160ºC you’d miss out on myrcene(167ºC), other terpenes with higher boiling points and the majority of CBD found in the plant.

    I’ve found that THC greatly enhances the sedative properties of myrcene. Just after legalization I bought a lot of North Star CBD flower(less than 1% THC) which was high in myrcene. Alone it was relaxing but if I added just a small pinch of flower containing THC & vaped or smoked the combo the effect was more sedating. I’m now vaping & smoking Solei Free, which has no myrcene. Alone it’s alerting but when I add a small pinch of Tribal’s Gelato Mint which contains THC and a little myrcene, the combo is relaxing.

    Thanks for the review & macro shots!

    1. I’d say the cure was good.

      I don’t think I ever had a session where I only vaped 160. That’s just one spot on the journey.

      Thanks Deb for the insights on myrcene. I haven’t been able to figure that terp out. I’ve heard a lot about it being sedating but from my experience it depends on the strain. For example, CBD Runtz is said to have myrcene as the top terp, but I don’t find that one sedating at all. Maybe not enough THC? Maybe something about the mix of other terpenes and cannabinoids?