CBD Softgels By Daily Special

from Aurora
3.8 out of 5 stars3.8


I liked the Daily Special CBD softgel format for the convenience factor, and because they’re easy to chew open. I dislike the apparent lack of effects I experience when swallowing them whole.

Daily Special describes their product as a “full-spectrum extract”. I do believe the effects lasted longer, and were more consistent across consecutive days of use than distillate based extracts. However, I have experienced longer lasting effects with other full spectrum extracts.

Felt the effects were conducive to a light hearted social mood. While I could focus and get work down, these CBD softgels didn’t feel quite as clear-headed as I’ve felt with other CBD products. They did seem to make me hungry.

I believe the CBD:THC ratio has a much lower proportion of THC than is common in CBD dominant extracts (at least those that aren’t made from isolate). This raised some unanswered questions for me.



As I experienced with Dosecann’s capsules, onset was too subtle to notice what I swallowed the softgels whole. Personally, I like the CBD experience best when I can feel it. So chewing the capsules became the standard way I took them.

When chewed open, initial onset ranged from 12 minutes to 1 hour. Within the first few sessions duration of effects ranged from about 6-8 hours.


A relaxed, more socially at ease mood, as well as an increased appetite are the two qualities that stood out for me the most with Daily Special’s CBD softgels.

I find it interesting that I could just be focused on whatever I’m doing on my computer screen, not really thinking about CBD for a few hours, then I could go outside and the mesmerizing sight of the snowflakes falling from the sky reminds me I’m experiencing the world in different way than I ordinarily do.

At peak effects I could be slightly less decisive, and slightly my prone to zoning out than normal. Nothing too serious.


I only tried taking two capsules at once (17.8mg CBD). I felt this was a good dose for me.

Smiley’s Log

Dose: Two softgels taken after granola and an apple followed by small handful of peanuts

Family tooth brushing with the Chompers podcast. Racing around the house with little one. Drawing and colouring. Cartwheel time. Story time. Taking rapid tests…attempting to give the little one a test but she wouldn’t have it.

Been sitting in a car the last hour heading to the mother-in-law’s. 

Thought I felt light effect as soon as 9:30am

Feel normal now. Just slightly off from the car ride which is normal for me after a lengthy car ride.

Played with little one, had a streamlined Passover seder. Ate loxs, crackers, cream cheese, eggs, apples with walnuts, sweet peas.

Still abit off from the car ride. Hard to say if there are any light CBD effects coming in behinds it. Feel tired to the point of struggling to stay awake.

Session 2 (the next day)
Dose: 2 capsules chewed open.
I took one capsule after eating and before brushing my teeth. It occured to me afterwards that I may have spat out some amount of the oil residue in the brushing process. I took the second capsule after brushing.


Getting my workday started. Some small admin type tasks, and sorting so tech issues with my mouse. Definitely noticing a relaxed light glow coming on.

Snacked on a small handful of peanuts and chocolate chips.

Had a few meetings and got things done. Clear headed, amicable, and focused when on a task. I did feel a little indecisive, or distractable in one moment when trying to figure out which task would be best to tackle next.

That relaxed glow increased, but still felt fairly grounded with just a slight touch of hazeyness at moments. Not as floaty as I sometimes feel with CBD.

Ate lunch with the family. Leftover lox with cream cheese on a bagel, cauliflower, and a clementines.
Danced playfully with them before heading back to work. Very fun. May have been slightly more likely to zone out into my own thoughts than usual while eating.

Got into my work and didn’t give a whole lot of thought to the CBD.

Once I got moving around again after work it became obvious the effects of the CBD were still present if lighter. It was snowing pretty heavily for spring. Fat wet snowflakes. Seemed a little extra beautiful and mesmerizing. Played a treasure hunt game the kid and I have made up. Really enjoyed running around the trees.

By 5:30pm I felt hungry and a little off. The sort of off feeling you have after having eaten a little too much dark chocolate….but it has been hours since I had a small amount of chocolate. May have just been too hungry.

Enjoyed imaginative play with the little ones toys.

We had Indian take-out for dinner. Bhindi do Pyaza with paratha has been my favourite as of late. It did not disappoint. Very satisfying.

At present I’m feeling fairly normal.

Session 3 (the next day)

Dose: 2 capsules chewed.
There’s a slight sweetness to the capsule itself. Once I chew it open it’s a herbal-bitter flavour. Not a strong flavour. Taken about 30 minutes after eating Columb and an apple. I also ate a small handful of peanuts between capsules.

Felt a nice CBD glow by 10. Felt convivial in my meetings and focused on my work tasks. Felt I was really hungry for lunch, and really wanted a snack again by mid-afternoon. Effects weren’t so noticeable by 4pm.

Session 4 (the next day)
Dose: 2 capsules chewed taken before a small handful of peanuts.

Could feel initial effects as early as 10:20am. May have had an increased appetite at lunch. I’d say effects have been gradually milder each day since Session 2.

What strain is it made from?

Since this is a full spectrum product I was curious to know what more about the strain the extract is derived from. I asked Daily Special the following:

Is this product made from Cannatonic just like the Aurora CBD Softgels? Should I expect a similar terpene profile in the Daily Special soft gels as what’s listed this page for Auroa Tower flower?

Unfortunately, I am yet to receive a response to the question. On the medical listing for Daily Special CBD Softgels they only reveal that it’s from their “best-selling CBD-rich flower”. Aside from Tower, they also sell their Vespera CBD strain.

How did they get the proportion of THC so low?

Hemplixir at a 30:1 CBD:THC ratio probably had the greatest proportion of CBD compared to any non-isolate based extract I’ve previously tried. This raised the following question which I sent to Daily Special:

I’m also curious about the CBD:THC ratio. While most CBD dominant extract are around a 20:1 ratio, the product I received seems to have achieved a 44:1 ratio. Much higher than even one of the hemp based CBD oils on the market. Care to share any insights with my readers on the reasons behind this? Is the full spectrum extract topped up with CBD isolate?

Without a public statement from Daily Special I am just going to assume their full-spectrum extract is topped up with distillate as the ratio of their softgel is way out of line with the ratio of the CBD flower they sell. If nothing else, Hemplixir was at least transparent that they top up their extracts a small amount to maintain consistent CBD levels across batches.