CBD Oil By Edison

from Organigram
3.1 out of 5 stars3.1
light Yellow hued oil in dropper alongside packaging



I found the taste to be very neutral. Particularly taken sublingually there is pretty much not taste. If swallowed over your taste buds, there is a mild cannabis flavour.

For me it was much milder than Solei Free Oil, but it’s seems there could be some variability in each product based on online reports.


While at times I did start to notice effects within 20-30 minutes, other times it didn’t seem to have much of a noticeable impact at all. It’s hard to say how much of this is due to the high variability in how the oil is absorbed by the body versus how much more frequent use of oil products has made the effects less noticeable. At times I was using as much as 50mg with no noticeable impact.


When I did feel the effects I thought they were quite nice for an oil. My initial impression was that it was clear headed, aided in dissipating stress, and facilitated a positive lighthearted mood.

Similar to what I noted with CBD flower, using this product does seem raise my tolerance for higher THC products. Perhaps even more-so than with flower. So it could be a lot of what I perceive as the CBD effect is really a combination of the effects of high CBD and minimal THC working together. With frequent repeated use, my tolerance to the THC might be quickly building to the point where it no longer makes an impact.


While initially I was quite excited about the ease of use of oils, in the end I’m finding it hard to continue using them as the end result is less predictable.

At the time I purchased this product, and as I write this review, it is implied on the OCS.ca site that this product has a terpene profile. The product description reads:

It features beta-caryophyllene in its terpene profile for a spicy, woodsy taste.

From ocs.ca – June 18th 2020

However, when I reached out to Edison to find out more about the terpene profile I was informed that:

The Edison cannabis oils contain very little to no Terpenes.

Edison oils are not considered full spectrum oils.

We appreciate you bringing this to our attention and we will follow up with OCS to have the product description updated on their end.

Our apologies for any confusion this may have caused.

Edison Cannabis Co. Adult Rec. Customer Service

As I primarily bought this product as a way of comparing an oil with terpenes to oils without this news was extremely disappointing.

Nevertheless, It was interesting to see that this product had a different colour, and seem to have a different character to the effects than the previous terpenes removed product I tried. Granted, the difference was not that large.

Smiley’s Log

Dose: 2ml (19.5mg) sublingual

Little to no taste. The dropper will slowly drip if you’re not quick about it.

Feel a little calmer.

Mucking around on the internet.

Still mild, but gently increasing effects. Clear headed, but stress a little reduced. Vaguely tingley around the face as relaxation settles in.

Had to get something warm for my feet as it’s cold in the basement. Discussed cancelling the kids dentist appointment which had been made before covid. Feeling pretty upbeat.

Focused on work. Effects just gradually diminished. Didn’t feel as much as I think I should from 20mg, but I might not have had enough food before taking the oil.

Working on cooking dinner. Perhaps getting a second wave of effects? Or maybe it’s just more noticeable when I’m up, moving around, and interacting with people. Feel quite focused. Cerebral tingles of alertness. Really light hearted.

Had a good laugh with the wife researching if we can do baby greens with pak choi in the garden.

June 3rd

Kicked in pretty nice. Focused. upbeat. 2ml after breakfast cereal. second ml 10-20 minutes later. Seemed to fizzle out in a few hours

3:30 – there is still a nice glow. Notice it more when moving around and interacting with people. Nice.