Vanilla Rooibos Tea By Everie

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Everie vanilla Rooibos Tea Bag


Where this product shines is the taste. I’m not an experienced rooibos tea drinker, but I found this surprisingly enjoyable to drink.

As I’m not in the habit of making tea daily, I found it did take me some time to get around to actually making the tea after I bought it. I was more readily enticed by simplicity of oils or the exhale drops I also had in the house. I did readily put the other things aside, and happily took the time to boil some water, once I realized this is a really enjoyable tea.

It’s sold as a pack of 3 tea bags at 10mg of CBD each. As with other emulsified CBD beverages, nailing down the perfect way to dose might take some trial and error. I seemed to me that this product leaned slightly toward the more difficult side in beverage dosing.



The smoothness you’d expect from a rooibos tea. Nothing weedy or astringent about it. Very easy to sip as is.


As I’ve noted noted with other emulsified CBD beverages, at times a little seems to go a long way.

My first cup, on an empty stomach, the 10mg seemed a little strong for my liking. I felt this way only at the very peak of the effects. Otherwise it was a pleasant relaxed, floaty, and mentally focused experience with a speedy onset time.

Second cup, I shared a tea with the wife on a full stomach and felt next to nothing.

Brewed cup of Everie Vanilla Rooibos Tea

Third cup, a full tea to myself started during a meal. This provided a noticeable, but milder experience than cup number one.

Perhaps something between the effects of my first and third cup would be ideal for getting really relaxed. While the effects of the third cup is probably better for maintaining focus.

Plastic-free Tea Bags

I’d prefer if it wasn’t corn based, but I was still very pleased to discover they’re using compostable materials for their bags:

Our pyramid tea bags are free of nylon plastic and are made with corn starch fibers, which are woven together.  They are biodegradable and compostable.

High Park Support

One of my three bags did break open while brewing, but this shouldn’t be much of a problem if you’re not too rough with them.

Smiley’s Log

Dose: 1 tea bag (10mg CBD) steeped in boiling water 4-5 minutes on an empty stomach.

Deep orange-red coloration. Smooth and easy to sip. Little indication of a weedy flavour.

Believe I’m feeling some initial effects. relaxation, and tingles around the temples.

Around 2/3 through the cup now. Feeling very alert. Looking through fonts for a branding design I’m working on.

The mental zing I had felt earlier subsided a bit. but it’s picking up again as I finish the last sips. Moved from font selection to logo creation. Feeling okay about my progress, but feel I need to let it rest and return to it later with fresh eyes.

Prepping pizza toppings + listening to ambient music. Feeling cerebrally warm and fuzzy. A little floaty.

There was a moment after the last update where it almost felt like the cerebral sensation was a bit too much. Not like I was high, just slightly uncomfortable. Maybe too relaxed for what I wanted to be doing?

Perhaps inspired from the reading I’ve been doing on terpenoids, I thought it’d be a good idea to experiment with adding a moderate amount of herbs and spices to the crust (turmeric, rosemary, cinnamon, and clove).

Kid came home in time to help with needing the dough. Had a good time putting the pizza together. Waiting for it to cool now. Excited to eat. Feeling alright. A little like I woke up from a dream.

Had dinner (yum) and did bedtime with the kid. Was in a nice calm mood.

By 10pm I was feeling pretty normal again. Screwing around on the internet.

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