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Solei Free bud macro


This review is for Solei Free flower. See here if you’re interested in the oil version.

Found it to be fairly smooth in the vape and in a joint. While there’s a subtle touch of citrus in the floral smell, the taste is very earthy with notes of spice.

While calming, I found it could also help boost mental alertness, focus, and mood. This is the kind of strain I would use on days when I might feel a little down, or need a little motivation boost.

Solei Free 1g order
Solei Free 1g order

This was my first experimentation with a strain that was high CBD with minimal THC. In terms of therapeutic value, I found this was pretty decent at relieving stress, and helped me regain some appetite when my stomach was feeling a little off. My wife, who is diagnosed with anxiety, said it didn’t make all her worries go away. She may have been expecting a little too much from it. From my perspective, I think it did lighten her mood to some degree.

The THC in Solei Free is extremely low, to the point where some people say it doesn’t get you high or provide any psychoactive effects. Personally, I find even a couple tokes does provide a noticeable if minimal buzz. Smoking a whole joint, which is about 3-4 times the amount I normally smoke, amounts to roughly 66% the amount of THC I’d get in my normal dosage of balanced strains. Even after a full joint, it’s still a very low-key buzz.

Solei Free trichome macro
Solei Free trichome macro

I experimented with smoking larger amounts mainly because I was a bit ignorant as to what is considered a therapeutic CBD dose. Lot’s more research still needs to be done in this area, but it appears that appropriate CBD dosage depends on what your desired outcome is. For example, a lower dose may promote wakefulness, while a higher dose could make you tired. A joint was definitely not enough to make me feel tired.

Update October 2019: I first ordered this strain in pre-roll format. My measurements found the pre-rolls to be severely underweight. When I ordered the strain again in dry flower format it wasn’t as terrible. As with Solei Balance, the flowers were not pretty. As Solei’s 1g orders are shipped in a soft bag, the buds were also somewhat squished.

Captain’s Log

Dose: One 0.33g pre-roll joint. (Actual weight of flower content measured at only 0.25g)

Solei Free Pre-roll macro Cannabis
Solei Free pre-roll macro

There is a slight psychoactive effect. Perhaps not much more than you’d get on some of the other medicines drug stores have been selling for a long time. Just the slightest misty hint of a floating feeling while very relaxed and calm. My temples seem to be shedding stress.

Feeling is a little like when you’ve just woken up from a nice dream. Ate a rectangle of Jaguar chocolate from Chocosol. It’s made from the unique albino cocao bean. Somehow seems buttery, somehow reminiscent of milk chocolate smoothness. It disappeared in a delightful moment. Cleaned my humidifier.

Just kinda feel like you do when you’ve had a nice day. Focusing on work. With some super mellow Jack DeJohnette – Music in the Key of Om playing in the background.

Enjoyed a slice of pizza and some brie on bread. It’s normal for me to eat at this time but it’s possible my appetite was elevated a bit. Maintained focus on getting work done. It’s possible my focus level was slightly elevated. Concentration level may have been aided by being relaxed.

I’m in a good mood.

Feeling pretty ordinary. If anything, a little happier with myself than usual for get a bunch of work done. This cannabis may have helped, but just having set the intention to see how easily I could get stuff done while using Free probably helped too. Perhaps the pot added drizzle of serenity on top.

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7 thoughts on “Free

  1. I buy Solei free often to make my own CBD capsules. Batches/lots in 2019 & 2020 were enjoyable to occasionally smoke & vape but my last purchase in 2021 I found the smoke was somewhat harsh & the bud’s structure, color & density was slightly different from the 2019-2020 batches. So I’m wondering if these large LP’s are sourcing the “strain” from other LPs or craft-growers from time to time & packaging it under their name.
    Thanks again Smiley!

    1. I have heard that Aphria was buying flower from other producers at one point. Given their own growing space is now so huge I’d be surprised if it was still the case.

  2. Great review 👍🏼 Not sure why no one thanked you for the review of Solei Free cannabis flower. I’m on it right now and reading your review. Your review is very on point! I have a legal dispensary in Canada and have solei products.

    Customers do not show much interest in the Solei products, specially the flower! I have tried them and surprisingly Solei Free is a great cbd flower. You get happy and refreshed but not Actually high.

    Thanks for the review again

    1. As a connoisseur of CBD flower with thc less than 1%, I find this is my favourite out of the very limited options available in Ontario dispensaries. The pure sunfarms CBD is my usual go to but I prefer solei free when I can find it. Ive only bought it in 3.5g and it smells nice and the buds are well trimmed. Hate the little plastic jar it comes in though as once opened it tends to dry out fast.

      It sucks that CBD flower isn’t more popular because judging by the harvest date and the purchase date, this stuff has a tendancy to sit around for quite a long time.

      Either way it’s a lot better than some of the other ‘hemp’ options I’ve found from time to time (grow town – painted lady isn’t great) and the effects are a definite uplift in mood, focus, motivation, and creativity (possibly because its technically a sativa).

      I wish I could get fresher flowers and larger amounts but due to the dismal CBD flower scene in Ontario, I’ll take what I can get.