Painted Lady By Growtown

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growTown painted lady bud



The quality here is noticeable. Particularly after just having reviewed WholeHemp’s Premium CBD. These are the only two outdoor grown flower options I know of on the market. Painted Lady is clearly the more enjoyable product to vape. Growtown has demonstrated we can have nice things grown outdoors.

The biggest downside for me is the CBD potency. While they boast high terpene content(3.34%) on their website, Growtown’s offering has the lowest levels of CBD currently available in the CBD dominant category.

Although I’m vaping more flower to get there I do like the effects I get from Painted Lady. I experienced it as more clear-headed than the average CBD flower, leaving me energized and mentally alert when I wanted to get things done. At the same time relaxing enough that it didn’t usually get in the way of sleep.


Loose bud structure. Decent moisture levels. Has a nice soft squish to it, but wasn’t sticky.

Buds seemed to have areas of both cloudy and amber trichomes. Relatively dark reddish-orange pistils. On the whole a reasonable trim with just a few unnecessary bits of stem and leaves left on the buds.

3.5g order of Growtown Painted Lady


Interesting. Strong Fruity citrus. floral? Hint of pepper?


Some citrus, sour notes may come up early in the session. Overall I get a smooth earthiness out of it more than anything else. Not particularly special, but nothing bad about it either in my opinion.


There’s a typical relaxing CBD glow, but what stands out here is how clear headed my experience was with it. Mental clarity is typically expected with a CBD dominant strain, but this one stands out in that respect.

I was often able to forget I had taken CBD much sooner after vaping as compared to most CBD strains. In this regard it reminded me of Simply Bare’s Charlotte CBD in there the floaty feeling I sometimes get from CBD was less prominent than usual.

During one session, I found myself feeling energized and wanting to get at doing things. In some cases staying up well past my bedtime because I was excited to test out ideas. However, there is a relaxing element to Painted Lady, and during sessions when I was already tired and about to go to bed before vaping I did not find any difficulty falling asleep.

Painted Lady macro showing predominantly cloudy trichomes

Smiley’s Log

Session 1
Dose: 0.111g Vaped in a Dynavap

Slightly sour, citrus. Very quickly turning to earthy,

Packed the bowl as full as I could due to the low CBD content. So it took more than usual to go through it.

Feeling relaxed, calm positive. NIce cerebral glow. Perhaps of touch of body tingles.

Took a quick twilight walk along the river, then back home along the street as it got dark. The was a mystical feeling to things with the crickets chirping, and the shadowy trees against the dimming sky. Felt very clear headed, but my head was a little occupied with work.

Generally I like my day job, but I’ve been letting one little thing that came up bother me recently. I’m not sure why it’s weighing on my mind so much but it is. I’m not feeling upset about it. Might just be that I see a problem to solve and I’m not quite sure how to do it. Thing is there’s no progress I can make on it now, and it’s doing now use for it to be cluttering up my thoughts.

Feeling content. Calm, but somehow energized and wanting to get at the kitchen cleanup I still need to do.

Got distracted by the internet for a bit, then started cleaning while watching scripting tutorial videos, and then chatting with the wife. Forgot about the CBD.

Feel a light cerebral glow. Pleasant. Awake.

Should have went to sleep. Got into putting what I had learned in the tutorial videos into practice instead. Accomplished my coding goals.

Feeling tired.

Session 2 (the next day)

Dose: 0.137g vaped in an Arizer Go

152C: Earthy, herbal, slightly peppery spice.
162C – 192C: Not as flavourful. Smooth earthy.

Have been slowly sipping on the vape while taking care of some boring admin work.

Was a bit stronger initially, but only feel a light CBD glow.

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