No. 101 White Cloud By Haven St. Premium Cannabis

from TerrAscend
3.6 out of 5 stars3.6
Haven St. No. 101 White Cloud


Nice, distinct musky citrus scent. Dry enough to be crisp and crumbly. Happy to see a bigger bud, but fair number of leaves left on one side.

No. 101 White Cloud 1g Order
No. 101 White Cloud 1g Order

Cerebral, decent mood enhancement, and promotes mental focus. Yet, I feel this strain might have a little more potential than what I was shown in this batch.

No. 101 White Cloud By  Haven St. - trichome macro
No. 101 White Cloud trichome macro

Haven St seems to have recently added ‘premium cannabis’ as the tag line on their brand. While this is a bit of an improvement over my last order from them, they’re still a far cry from premium.

Smiley’s Log

Dose: 0.09g vaped

Detecting a bit of a bitter-Sour taste, but not very strong. Might be better after buds are hydrated.

Calm. Eager. Hungry. Excited to eat an apple and do some photo editing. A touch of drifty-spaciness.

Feel like an enthusiastic young dog.

Got the apple and chatted a bit with my kid who wants to get a dog (she thinks Mom would be the one to take it for walks in the rain and that I will be the one to feed its. We might be into that if we didn’t already have two cats). Listening to The Stillness & The Dancing felt like the auditory equivalent of a warm bath. Very focused on the photo editing. Ate an amazing open faced sandwich. Sunflower Kitchen’s basil pesto, a soft goat cheese, and tomato slices on olive bread. So good.

Researched some wordpress issues I was having. Had a quick phone meeting.

Feel the effects have been primarily cerebral. Fairly light overall compared to other CBD dominant strains, and significantly diminished already. I’m wondering if might tolerance is a little higher than usual, but I haven’t vaped anything in 72 hours.

I feel the experience has had more of an emphasis on mental focus and less of the relaxing floating away on a cloud feeling. Though the ambient music is still assisting a bit with the later.

I would also say it enhanced my mood a bit.

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