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Potent, long lasting, reasonably consistent effects from Medipharm Labs’ CBD oil. Noticed a positive impact on my mood. I feel it leans just slightly to the sedating side, with a notable physically relaxing quality. While I was still quite functional when using the day.

I’d suggest this oil is best paired with unwinding during a quiet night at home but this may not always be the case. The trouble is, they are sourcing the flower used to product the oil from different suppliers. As a result, the terpenes and cannabinoids found in the oil, and consequently the nuanced characteristics of this oil, may vary a bit from batch to batch.

It is currently 34% more expensive than Solei Free per mg of CBD. On the surface that makes the CBD 25 oil seem really expensive, but given the quality of effects I experienced, I actually feel I’m getting much better value for my money here.

Note: This product may not currently come with the syringe pictured above. See the comments section for details.



It tastes like cannabis, but it’s not overpowering and lacks the strong bitterness of some cannabis products. Enjoyable enough for me. Since I tend to consume sublingually, I don’t really taste it much anyway.


Onset was often, but not always, fairly quick when taken sublingually with food. Sometimes within 15 minutes. I liked using the syringe as it felt easy to squirt a small amount of the dose to be absorbed under my tongue at a time.

It could be a coincidence, but it felt as if the effects often became stronger again a few hours later when eating my next meal.

Duration of effects can be lengthy. At times I could feel some small amount of a difference even 8-10 hours later.

Consistency seemed pretty good too. Effects were still present at a noticeable level across multiple days of use. This is in stark contrast to some of the other CBD oils I’ve tried.


Very happy with Medipharm’s CBD oil. Effects seemed smoother and notably more potent compared to the distillate cbd oils with a similar CBD:THC ratio. More than anything else, I liked what it seemed to do for my mood.

It’s difficult to describe exactly what I mean by smoother. I’ve often experienced a bit of a sharp cerebral zing with some CBD oils and even CBD beverages. That feeling was missing here.

Dosing around 20mg CBD, I typically felt very calm. A sense of relaxation throughout my body. A slight radiant tingle around the temples makes your head feel a bit like it’s glowing. Generally I could maintain focus on things I was doing during the day, however, without having built up a small THC tolerance, 0.85ml felt somewhat stronger than I was expecting. My first sessions had some spacey moments.

Overall I feel this oil lends itself more towards evening relaxation, or even falling asleep at night (at the tail end of the experience, as effects were diminishing). It leans slightly to the sedating side. I’ve unintentionally dozed off a couple of time on it near the end of the day. I found Pur Dew suited me better for daytime use.

Smiley’s Log

Dose: 0.82ml (19.7mg CBD) sublingual, taken just after eating

Taste like cannabis but in a good way. I don’t mind it. Might even like it.

Starting to feel a little different. Perhaps a slight sense of calm creeping in.

Watching video tutorials on youtube. Definitely feeling more visually engaged by the content than I would otherwise.

I think I found a video that clearly explained the solution to a web development problem I wanted to solve. Feeling somewhat positive and relaxed. Touch of the drifting on a cloud sensation.

It’s been a bit of a long week where I’ve had trouble not thinking about work once the work day was over. Was really refreshing to go for long walk and clear my head a bit.

It’s a cool gray day, but the river water still had a beautiful glimmer to it, and the goldenrod and milkweed fluff exuded a humble elegance I could appreciate.

Feeling good. Focused and alert.

Sent a question about the oil to Medipharm, prepped ingredients for dinner and took a shower.

Nothing too obvious in terms of noticeable lingering effects. Do feel generally positive and on good terms with the universe.

Made pizza with the little one. We were reading Fox and Crow Are Not Friends, while it baked when I suddenly, and briefly felt suddenly off. A little like the stood up to quickly dizzy kind of feeling. Except I hadn’t stood up. We were just sitting on the couch. Hard to tell if the sensation was related to the oil or not.

By the time the pizza was ready I felt much better. A resurgence in the strength of positive effects. Though still light, a serene feeling became more noticeable by the time we had finished dinner.

I dozed off for about an hour while putting the little one to sleep. Felt a nice cozy glow, and perhaps subtly dazed while chatting with the wife after the short nap.

Wife started watching a show I have no interest in. So I spent a bit of time trying to figure out if 63 Up was streaming anywhere. We’ve watched the previous parts of the Up series and are excited to see the newest installment. No luck.

Worked on implementing the web development solution I had researched earlier.

Felt focused and engaged on my work. Effects gradually diminished. Feel fairly ordinary now.

Full Spectrum and terpenes

As their CBD25 Regular Formula Oil is promoted as a full spectrum oil I reached out to Medipharm labs to learn more about what strain they used and the terpene profile. This was their response:

The dominant terpenes in this specific oil are:  Alpha-Terpineol, Guaiol and Alpha-Bisabolol. The strains we use in our formulations are a proprietary blend, so we are unable to disclose that information. 

MediPharm Labs Customer Care Team

A common thread between those three terpenes is that they are all thought to have anti-inflammatory properties.

Given that the source strains are being kept secret, and that they are not posting terpene profiles publicly for each batch, it occured to me that there is some potential for the formulation to be changed without them necessarily changing the product name. As Medipharm does not grow cannabis themselves, I speculate that it might be more difficult for them to maintain a consistent source of flower inputs for their oil than it would be for a grower. I followed up with them to find out what kind commitment to future consistency they are able to make for their CBD25 Regular Formula Oil. This is how they responded:

We carefully select our suppliers from many Licensed Cultivators in Canada based on supplier questionnaires and Certificates of Analysis quality standards where we can determine content of sought-after cannabinoids…

MediPharm Labs Customer Care Team

Update: Their OCS listings now state that “Terpenes May Vary”. Maybe my concerns may have merit?

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12 thoughts on “Medipharm Labs CBD 25 Oil

  1. I have been using this product to aid with sleep and have found it to be very effective. But – they recently changed their packaging to a `horizontal dropper` with no instructions on how to measure your dosage. I emailed them and they answered: To use our new Horitzonal bottle you would tip the bottle to the side slightly to get the product to drop. There may be slight variance depending on the angle the bottle is held at. For our MediPharm Labs CBD50 Oil, the standard potency per drop is 0.06 mg of THC and 1.56 mg of CBD. For example, if your dose was 2 mg of CBD you would take one drop to get 1.56 mg of CBD. If your CBD dose is 10 mg you would take 6 drops to get 9.36 mg of CBD.`
    My response – absolutely ridiculous way to dispense. How the heck are you supposed to take it sub-lingually – by trying to drop it into your mouth and count in the mirror? Also – how is anyone supposed to know this “formula” when there are no directions in the package or on the label? Love the product – hate the packaging – they have just lost a customer.

    1. Thanks for the update on current packaging Jill. On their website Medipharm is blaming the change on new Health Canada regulations.

      I agree counting drops would be a really awkward way to measure a dose. Best solution I can think of is to drip the dose onto a spoon then pour the spoon into your mouth.

    2. I ordered a different product from Medipharm but I’m with you Jill, so stupid that they don’t include a syringe. I was so confused, thought it must be one of the water soluble oils that you can mix into any beverage but then surely they would have advertised that. The openings even a weird size so you can’t use any of the syringes from the many other oils on the market.

        1. Ooo yes it does, I have the THC30 formula and the CBN 1:2 nightime formula and both openings pop out very easily. Still going to send in a complaint to medipharm lol but that definitely helps, thank you.

          1. When I wrote Medipharm about it that gave me this reply.

            Maybe we should find out if there is there’s a specific contact at Health Canada where we can all direct complaints?

        2. Hmm that’s weird, I’ve also purchased redecan reign drops, pura vida daybreak, five founders 30:1 thc oil and gage og fire oil recently and none have that drip mechanism yet. Some are including a syringe now that only dispenses 10 MG at a time though. It’s an annoyance for heavy users but I guess I can kind of see why they’re doing it. I tried to sit and count out 80 drops pouring it straight into my mouth the first night lol. If they at least include the 10 mg syringe I can live with it though if it’s actually stopping some people from trying to drink the whole bottle lmao.

          1. Interesting. This is getting really confusing. I just bought an oil today that is probably 30mg thc in the whole bottle and it didn’t have it either. My CBD reign drops did come with a dripper and a normal syringe. The pur dew had the dripper plastic thing in the box but I feel like it wasn’t actually placed on the bottle.

            I figure there’s got to be a better way to make it easy for everyone to dose responsibly.

  2. I am an senior and was using it for sleep issues, but it did the exact opposite what it was suppose to do.

    I was unable to sleep.

    1. Thanks Margaret for sharing your experience. Do you mind sharing what dose you tried? It could be helpful information for others.

      Scientists have suggested CBD might only be helpful in promoting sleep at higher doses, and may very well promote wakefulness at lower doses.

  3. Knowing the product is a concentrate what is the recommended starting dose? How much stronger is the product with the same ratios of cbd to thc than regular cbd on the market? Is the product best taken with food?

    1. For this product I discussed my personal dosing in the review. Ultimately dosing is a personal, and a lot different factors can play into what is appropriate for you. The general recommendation for cannabis products is to start low and go slow. You may wish to consult a medical professional knowledgeable about cannabis for further info on dosing. You might also find this document instructive.

      A product with equal parts CBD:THC is really in a whole other category. It would be best to think of them as completly different things. As there’s very minimal amounts of THC in this product, a balanced oil would be close to 100% stronger in terms of the THC component, but not in terms of the CBD aspect.

      There’s a few posts on this site where I discuss experimenting taking with food. I believe what’s in your stomach can impact absorption and onset time. Generally, taking with some fatty food is thought to speed up absorption. In practice I’ve personally found it difficult to get consistent predictable results. Sometimes the effects seem to come on strongest after my next meal.