Pure Sun CBD By Pure Sunfarms

from Emerald Health Therapeutics under Village Farms International
4 out of 5 stars4

Buds were nice, with a fresh squishy sponginess to them. My 1g order was packaged in a soft bag which meant the buds were somewhat smooshed. No shake, and a fairly nice trim other than for a few leaves.

Pleasant aroma that was hard for me to pin down. Earthy, floral, with a touch of pine and citrus. Very smooth with a pleasant tart flavour. Taste is a little stronger than I noticed in my initial sessions.

Pure Sun CBD 1g order

The CBD levels were quite a bit higher than I’ve seen to date from any other product. Consequently I could hit a set CBD target without as much of the THC impact.

The effects promoted a rather lovely mix of calming serenity, and energetic alertness.

Macro showing large amount of amber trichomes and some damaged trichomes

Smiley’s Log

Dosage: 0.069g vaped

Mild taste. Feel floaty. Tempted to let time drift away.

Once I got my body moving to walk up the stairs, floatiness shifted to more of a buoyant and mild exhilaration.

Put away the cooled blueberry muffins I had made earlier. Trimmed my beard and did a minor touch up on the haircut I gave myself last week. Took a relaxing shower, then cleaned up my stray hairs.

Feeling optimistic. A noticeable, vaguely exciting, cerebral stimulation combined with the ability to zen out and just exist with the leaves rustling in the wind. Both calm and alert.

Had a bagel, with pesto, mozzarella, and a few of the black krim tomatoes from our garden. So Delicious.

Worked on a translation, that I thought I had nailed yesterday, but I realized today it needed a few corrections.

Effects are still noticeable, but diminished compared to what they were. Excited to go out to an industry social event. Running a little late.

Walking to the event along a nature trail was a delightful experience. Was nice to get outside and feel the fresh air. Seems like this strain certainly pairs well with physical activity. Almost a hasty, restless, eagerness about it at times. Similar to what I experienced with AltaVie’s harmonic.

Felt jovial, confident and comfortable at the social event. Likely a little chattier than usual.

I did have half a pint of beer there, which means distinguishing between the effects of the alcohol and the CBD became difficult. I do feel that a couple hours after the beer and six and half hours after vaping, there is still a lingering pleasant lightness to my mood.

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