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Quatreau can beside clear glass of bubbly water


The ingredients say Quatreau’s Passion Fruit + Guava infused sparkling water is made using CBD isolate. This should mean it contains only the smallest traces of THC, however, the Quatreau is a little vague on just how much THC is in each can.

On paper the zero sugar and 25 calories sounds attractive for something branded as a ‘wellness’ product. I’m just not sure if putting up with the not-so-great Quatreau taste is worth it for the low calories when better tasting alternatives exist. For example, Everie’s Vanilla Rooibos CBD Tea which contains only 5 calories, and 1g of sugar, still tastes fantastic.

I will say I did really enjoyed the effects. Before drinking it, 20mg of CBD seemed like a lot to me as I’ve often experimented with adjusting dosing downwards with other CBD beverages. With Quatreau, I actually felt one full can was about perfect to meet my needs. I felt calm, alert, and prone to happiness when sipped slowly, with a slightly more dreamy quality to the experience if I sipped a little faster.

Considering I liked the effects, I just might be willing to put up with the taste from time to time.



Smell is great, really reminds me of guava (which has got to be among my top five favourite fruits). Unfortunately, being just an infused water, there’s really not much for the weedy taste to hide behind here.

The fruit flavours might taste good on their own, but they’re wrestling with the herbaceous bitterness of the distilled cannabisTM blend. I will admit that it grew on me a bit over time. Once you accept it’s not going to be as great as you’d hope something with a sexy name like passion fruit + guava should be, then it was tolerable.

If I changed the framing from it being that the weedy-ness is ruining the fruit flavours, and more that the fruit flavours improve on the weedy-ness, there were even moments where I thought this pairing almost kinda worked. In the end, it was the bitter aftertaste, that lingered in my mouth for some time which I found really hard to excuse.

This did get me thinking that it’s probably unfair to refer to this as ‘the cannabis flavour’. This stuff gives the taste of cannabis a bad name. While it does share a similar herbaceous and bitter character to what I’ve noted in some other cannabis beverages, I should be clear that the flavour profile here is not what I’ve come to expect from cannabis in other formats. Some quality oils and vaporized dry flower are far more enjoyable to my palate, and a completly different experience than what I’m referring to as ‘weedy’ in Quatreau.


That this contained 20mg of CBD left me a little cautious about what to expect from this drink. This is more CBD than I’ve seen in other ready-made beverages I’ve tried to date. Not to mention I’ve often prefered partial doses of those other beverages. In the end, my concern about the large amount of CBD in Quatreau was unwarranted. It was actually a more delicate experience, and I mean that in a good way, compared what I’ve felt with other CBD beverages.

One can sipped over a 40 minute period was really perfect for me when I wanted a calm, focused on getting work done experience. When I consumed a full can in 20 minutes I felt there was a slightly stronger, more dreamy quality about it, at least for a short period of time. In both cases I felt the quality of the effects felt very smooth, particularly clear-headed, and left me in a positive mood.


I sampled 2 cans over two consecutive days. I felt the onset of effects within 5-15 minutes. The strength of the effects can quick build up if consuming at fast rate. When I take a pause from sipping I feel the strength back down a bit within another 5-10 minutes. Noticeable levels of effects slowly diminished over the next three – four hours.

Though I only tried it twice, I found the effects consistent across two consecutive days.

Smiley’s Log

Dose: 1 Can (20mg CBD)

Nice fruity guava smell. The taste of the fruit flavouring isn’t very strong. A bitter taste is very noticeable alongside the fruit notes. Altogether it’s tolerable, but I certainly can’t say it’s a complementary pairing of flavours.

I’ve finished about half the can. Definitely feel the effects in action. Tension dissipating around my face. Working on fixing some simple mistakes a colleague had made yesterday. I feel focused and alert, but this is not a mentally demanding task.

Finished the drink.

Still feeling relaxed, if anything it’s a little milder than it was an hour ago.

None of the floaty cloudiness I sometimes experience with CBD products. Clear headed, alert, and very focused on trying to figure out how to do something new for work.

I was feeling a little short on sleep this morning. I do feel that still, but it’s kind of in the background behind an alert feeling CBD glow.

Had lunch. My appetite was possibly a little stronger than usual. Then sent a few personal + work related messages.

Feel the effects are somewhat faded by this point, but still present. In a calm, and positive frame of mind.

Showered and got back to work. It’s subtle, but I do still feel a bit of a pleasant physical glow. More noticeable, when I’m moving around rather than sitting staring at a screen.

Session 2

10::48am (the next day)
I had poured one can into a metal water bottle to take with me on a walk. I inadvertently dropped my bottle. This resulted in the lid loosening enough to allow a lot of the co2 to escape quickly without losing any of the beverage. As I tend not to like fizzy drinks, I considered this an improvement. Today, I felt the flavours blended a bit better than I did yesterday. Maybe it’s just growing on my a bit? Unfortunately, the aftertaste is still unpleasantly bitter.

Starting to feel effects.

Enjoying a brisk walk along the nature path. Admiring the early spring flowers.

Drank most of the can. Felt the effects were a little stronger today. A slight bit more of a dreamy quality about the world. However, it’s less apparent to me now as I stop to type this on my phone.  Still very mentally coherent and able to focus on the task at hand.

Grabbed a few items from the farmers market and the stone store. Forgot to get spinach, but I think that had more to do with getting caught up in a conversation with the spinach farmer about the ingredient in the tortilla chips he was selling, and the warm spring weather, rather than anything to do with the effects of the drink.

The effects of the drink weren’t much on my mind at all as I went about my business. I had put a pause on drinking as the effects seemed to be coming on a bit strong. That feeling went away pretty quickly after I stopped sipping though. Now there’s only a small sip of the drink left for me to finish.

Now I’m taking a pause at the church gardens, enjoying the bird songs and the imposing gothic style architecture.

Rosetta and tower spires of the Basilica of Our Lady Immaculate

Starting to feel a little hungry even though I had a hearty pancake breakfast. Feels nice to close my eyes and just be for a moment. Feels like I might be able to fall asleep even though I got to sleep in a bit this morning.

Stopped by Eric the baker’s to gram some savoury danishes for lunch, and a croissant to tide me over till I got home. A couple dozen people angry about their COVID lives had assembled across the street at city hall. It was honestly a little difficult to make much sense of the incoherent rambling of the individual who was speaking to the crowd as I sat off to the side enjoying my croissant. 

Covid-19 related protest At Guelph City hall on April 10th 2021

The river trail had a good number of people out now enjoying this unusually beautiful Early April day. Felt a certain sense of delight walking home and smiling at the people passing by. Honestly though it’s not too hard to smile on a day like this.

I feel pretty much normal now with just a bit of a physical lightness around my temples.

Seeing the family and having lunch on the patio was a joy. Certainly felt the subtle remaining CBD glow added a bit to this sense of joy. 

Then I rushed off to the farm to take advantage of the remaining hours in the warm day to see how my bees are doing.

Honeybee drinking from white squill (Scilla mischtschenkoana).
The queen on brood comb with her workers.

Is this CBD Isolate?

The ingredient list on the can say this product uses CBD isolate. While the exact definition of what CBD isolate is may vary slightly depending on who you ask, the general idea implied is that it is CBD in a very purified form. As much THC, terpenes, and other cannabinoid that may have been present in the cannabis plant have been removed.

I expect only trace amounts of THC in such a product. So I thought it odd the can stated it contained <1mg of THC. Odd because even less purified CBD products commonly achieve a 20:1 CBD:THC ratio. I figure 1mg THC in a 20mg CBD drink would be quite a lot for isolate. I attempted to reach out to Quatreau for some greater clarity. The contact form on their canadian site was broken, but I did find their US focused instagram account which offered the following response:

Since our products are made with CBD isolate, the result is something that guarantees very precise dosing and highly consistent results, and essentially no THC content. In the US, Canopy’s products contain only trace amounts- less than 0.05 percent- of THC.


If I’m reading the above correctly, I believe 0.05% of a 355ml can would work out to something around 0.18mg THC. As a reference point. Everie’s website states:

We’re proud to use CBD isolate that is at least 98% pure in our everie products, with no more than 0.05mg THC per serving

I thought it was an interesting coincidence they both mentioned the 0.05 number, albeit in different ways. I also thought it was interesting that the THC levels in Quatreau are potentially 80% more than Everie drinks per mg of CBD. It may feel like a trifling matter to most people reading this. The THC is really, really low either way. Maybe I’m a little over-obsessed with getting clarity and transparency from manufacturers?

A couple months ago I had made some cheeky remark about Canopy drinks containing BPA on a retails stores instagram post about Quatreau. They impressed me by actually followed up on my claim and verifying it with Canopy (apparently they will be transitioning away from BPA in canada at some unknown time). As a result I was inspired to buy Quatreau when I happened to be passing Spiritleaf’s South Guelph location.

Since they helped me before, I thought I’d ask them if they could get me a Canadian specific reference on the THC content in Quatrea’s high CBD beverages. This is what they were told:

The label reflects the guidelines from Health Canada for cannabinoid content, allows for a small range that accounts for the variability of organic inputs

Canopy Rep. Via Spiritleaf South Guelph

Not really the answer I was looking for, but Spiritleaf South Guelph is now cemented in my mind as having awesome people that care about knowing the details about products they carry.

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