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Pale colour of CBD Reign Drops oil in syringe


On paper, Redecan’s CBD oil is currently one of the cheapest options per mg of CBD. If you want a low quality, distillate-like CBD oil experience then the cheapest option is probably the best choice. At least I have not been able to discern much difference in quality of effects between the distillate products I’ve tried.

That said, if you want good value in a CBD oil, I’d suggest you look elsewhere. I find using 2ml of CBD Reign Drops provides me a significantly less satisfying experience than say 0.5ml of Pur Dew. The latter dose would be $0.22 cheaper than that 2ml dose of Redecan oil.

The only potential advantage I see to the lower quality CBD oils is that you’re not likely going to feel as much of an effect. If you want to try CBD, but are new to cannabis and concerned about the potential of psychoactive effect of cannabis, then this could be a good starting point for you. However, keep in mind, that with a more purified product you may not get as much of the other possible benefits often attributed to CBD either:

Our findings that CBD in the presence of other plant constituents improve the dose-response are supported by some recent reports showing that CBD in a standardized Cannabis sativa extract is more potent or efficacious than pure CBD

Overcoming the Bell-Shaped Dose-Response of Cannabidiol by Using Cannabis Extract Enriched in Cannabidiol (Gallily et al., 2015)



Very mild. What little taste is present is not particularly weedy. More nutty to me.


My experience with onset was highly variable. Likely related to what was or wasn’t already in my stomach.

In some cases I felt mild effects within 15 minutes. The time to the peak of the effects was anywhere between 1-4 hours. Observable effects finishing about 2-3 hours after peak.


It feels virtually the same as other distillate based CBD oils using the 20:1 ratio (Redecan may like to call it a 15:1, but that’s not the case when comparing mg/ml). There is a sense of feeling calmer and relaxed with a little tingling glow around the temples on initial doses. At the same time it’s somehow a mildly uncomfortable type of relaxed compared to the full spectrum oils.


Similar to distillate CBD oils, the level of effects I experienced over consecutive days of use seemed to be dramatically reduced after just one session. Attempting to compensate for this by taking a larger dose of oil, doesn’t work exactly as you might expect. While 3ml on the 3rd day of use felt milder in many respects than 1ml on the first day, it did feel more sedating.

A 1ml dose, taken without any kind of tolerance built up, resulted in a fairly mild experience for me. Subtle enough that I imagine a strong enough cup of tea or coffee might have more power to change how you feel, but I certainly can notice a distinct difference at the peak of the experience.

Redecan CBD Reign Drops oil bottle after removing the integrated dropper.

The bottle comes with the ‘integrated dispensing mechanism’ now required by Health Canada on oils. Fortunately it is easy to remove, and it still ships with a syringe to make dosing easier..

Smiley’s Log

Dose: 1ml (14.5mg CBD – 0.7mg THC). Sublingual. Just before eating.

Very mild flavour. Almost floral? Nice.

Ate lunch, did a little dance, and emptied the dishwasher / cleaned up with the family.

I may have been feeling a touch of something after 15 minutes. Now, I definitely feel a touch more relaxed, but sensation is mild.

Worked on a lengthy email for a client discussing ideas for a project we’re working on. Found myself engaged and focused on the task. Wasn’t really thinking about the fact I had taken the oil at all.

Now that I am thinking about it, there’s a subtle sense of relaxation.

Had a shower then made pizza from scratch with the little one. It’s cooling now.

Relaxed cerebral sensation has increased just slightly. Over all calm and focused on my tasks. Patient with the little one.

I recently stumbled across an article where the author discussed how their parenting had been influenced by ‘How To Talk So Little Kids Will Listen’. I’ve since ordered the book from the library and listened to part of a podcast with grown children of the authors. So, though I hadn’t actually read the book, I did have some inspiration to experiment with how I approach communication.

While I was grating cheese the little one was looking at a book and had removed their socks and thrown them on the kitchen floor. I didn’t want to be a nag, or start an argument. Rather than tell the LO to clean up, I tried to dig deeper into the LO’s point of view. Apparently my questions were getting in the way of the 4 year old’s urgent need to study the subject of the book. Urgent because they needed to be able to teach the topic when older. While it’s a bit ridiculous to me that LO feels this way, I do think it was a genuine feeling. It didn’t help the fact that the socks were still in the middle of the kitchen, but I have a new appreciation for how LO’s mind works.

A few moments here and there I felt not exactly dizzy, but something that reminded me of a subtle faint dizziness. Nothing significant.

Any discernible effect had pretty much worn off by 7:30. I don’t think the experience is discernibly different than the other distillate oils I’ve tried in the past. The contrast of coming to this after experiencing full spectrum oils just made my experience with Redecan’s oil much more disappointing. There wasn’t quite that ‘mental zing’ feeling I’ve mentioned in the past, but alongside the relaxed sensation, there’s a quality to the experience that feel vaguely uncomfortable.

Sessions 2
Dose: 1.5ml. Sublingual. An hour after breakfast, and just before eating a handful of nuts.

Noticing a nuttier side to the taste today.

Walked over to the farmers’ market. Enjoyable if cold walk. No discernible effects during the trip. Now that I’m sitting down and thinking about it I might be experiencing the most subtle sense of a relaxing tingle around the temple.

Just doing some online reading. Effects wise not much has changed.

Did Lunch, exercise break, and kitchen clean up with the family.

Feeling a light glow around my forehead and temples.

None of the uncomfortable aspects I experienced yesterday, but neither was there much happening on the positive side. Despite dosing 50% more than the day before, noticeable effects never really increased beyond that very mild glow.

Session 3

Dose: 3ml

felt something by 3:30 or so. Nothing crazy.

around 5:30 felt a light sedations, vague glow. Not nothing, but not serious.

Is it Distillate?

I purchased this oil largely because I saw a post from Redecan where they stated that they use “a state of the art extraction process that maintains natural terpenes”.

To me it does not look, smell, or feel like a product that contains terpenes. Granted I don’t have a lab to actually test it. So I asked on social media if their oils could be considered a full spectrum product. I was directed to contact their customer support email.

Instagram post from @redecanofficial claiming their oils maintain ‘natural terpenes’.

After 3 weeks I had not received a reply. So I phoned them up. I was told:

It doesn’t look like there is any terpene profile listed.

Redecan customer supper

When I asked if that meant the product is distillate based I was told:

It just means that the terpenes are low enough that there wasn’t a need for including them in it. That’s all that that means. Like the terpenes…the profiles in them weren’t high enough.

Redecan customer supper

Redecan, can you explain why you’re promoting that your oils retain terpenes while also telling me that their levels are so low that they aren’t worth mentioning?

Is Anyone Really Drinking Bottles of Oil by Accident?

I consider the plastic dripper things all the producers are now adding to their products to be ridiculous. I reached out to Medipharm Labs for info regarding why this is happening:

Regulations state that any cannabis product that is in a liquid form, has more than 10 mg of THC and can be consumed by other means (such as eating, drinking) along with inhalation, needs to have an integrated dispensing mechanism that does not allow the liquid to be poured and does not dispense more than 10 mg THC per drop. You can refer to this link, specifically the Control measures for dispensing cannabis extract section 122.5 (1),  for more information.

MediPharm Labs Customer Care Team

I’m not sure why the government is suddenly concerned about people drinking cannabis oil by accident? Maybe I shouldn’t give the human race so much credit, but it has always seemed intuitive to me how these oils are meant to be used. I’m actually more concerned about the dripper mechanism making it more difficult for consumers to measure out a safe and responsible dose for themselves.

In the meantime be glad some producers like Redecan are still providing syringes in addition to the garbage plastic dropper mechanism. If you have syringes, hold on to them. Who knows if your next bottle of oil will come with one.

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8 thoughts on “CBD Reign Drops

    1. Yes, pretty much. There’s an insignificant amount of space above that.

      Keep in mind delivery mechanisms have been in a state of flux for all brands recently as they adapt to new Health Canada regulations.

    1. I feel the quality is so low that I wouldn’t recommend using reign drops for anything. Ultimately, it’s best to consult with a medical professional if you have a medical condition that you need to treat.

      There is some suggestion that CBD may help with inflammation. If you think reduced inflammation could give some relief, then a higher quality CBD product might we worth a try.

      THC is the cannabinoid people usually look to for when attempting to relieve pain. Though it might only be certain types of pain where it is really useful. There are topical products available with THC if you are trying to avoid getting high.

  1. Really informative review. This the first cannabis product I’ve tried since legalization. I’ve found that I’ve increased my dosing from 0.5ml once a day to 0.5ml twice a day or even to a full 1ml to feel effects. As a newbie to oils, I do like that the flavour is mild and effects are subtle. I’m mostly using it as a anti-inflammatory and for mild pain relief. Although, I think my next purchase, I’m going to look for an oil with a higher CBD content or one with a 1:1 CDB-THC ration. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience Neil. Great to hear that you’ve found it beneficial.

      I’m not certain, but I’d guess you’d get a more more mileage per milligram of CBD if you gave a full spectrum oil a shot. I’d be interested to hear if you feel the difference.