Charlotte CBD By Redecan

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Redecan Charlotte CBD bud macro


Very fluffy buds dripping with trichomes. Larger pieces had a reasonable squish to them but smaller pieces were brittle dry. Also found a seed. A distinct step down, in terms of visual appeal, compared to what I’ve received from Redecan in the past.

1g order of Charlotte CBD
1g order of Charlotte CBD

The effects can help in de-stressing, and promoting joviality.

Taste is very pronounced. Slight bitterness up front followed by a sour herbaceousness. Could be a touch of menthol and what some would call diesel in here. On the fence as to how much I enjoy it. Definitely one of the more noticeable and interesting flavours, so I give them points for that.

Redecan Charlotte CBD Trichome Close-Up
Close-Up of Trichomes on Redecan Charlotte CBD

Despite containing little THC, I did feel somewhat dazed. While I could focus on familiar tasks, I wasn’t as adept navigating unfamiliar situations. Kind of like I was a little more blissfully naive and unaware then I’d normally be.

Smiley’s Log

Dosage: 0.074g vaped

Smooth, but not sure if I’m crazy about the flavour. Felt somewhat medicinal mixed with a hint of menthol. I get dark roasted popcorn and higher temps. It might grow on me. We’ll see.

Instantly feeling tension receding.

Feeling like I’m floating in a dream listening to Foxes in Fiction with headphones on, but laser focused working on photo editing.

Voted. Did some cleanup in the garden. Was feeling social, generally joyful, albeit a little ditzy to very mildly dazed. As in I sort of merrily floated through the vote casting process needing helpful reminders from the election staff to ensure I followed the proper protocols.

Played with the little one at the park. Maintained more patience than I ordinarily do despite staying out a little later than I’d like.

Brought in the garbage and compost bins. Did some work on the halloween costume project with the little one. Read a few books. Still feeling noticeably lightened.

Wife made a nutritional yeast based mac and cheeze with a swiss chard side dish. Pretty good even if the lentil pasta never softened up and was a bit chewy.

As of late, I’ve been operating on a bit of a sleep deficit, so I’m often a tired by this point in the night. Tonight I’m still very alert, and still have some energy left. Still cerebrally lightened, but overall effects have now all but faded away.

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