BC Organic Charlotte CBD By Simply Bare

from Rubicon Organics
4.4 out of 5 stars4.4
Tightly trimmed bud of Simply Bare's Charlotte CBD


An exceptionally good offering. The wonderful happy, energetic, and focused effects are very smooth. Yet, given the $15.99/g cost, I was hoping for just slightly more. Perhaps, just a touch more strength to the nice, but delicate flavour, or larger buds would make the cost easier to accept. Nevertheless, I may would miss not having Simply Bare’s Charlotte CBD in my cannabis cabinet going forward.


Comes in a nice and compact glass jar, with what appears to be a reusable seal. Perfect moisture levels. Very nicely trimmed, squishy, and sticky dense buds. On the downside, buds where all on the smaller side. Largest weighed 0.63g.

3.5g order of Simply Bare’s Charlotte CBD

Intact trichomes on the surface of the bud were not as abundant as I hoped, but looked good inside the bud.


Not too strong. Nice, fresh and gassy with lemon notes.


Overall fairly mild flavoured. A smooth, and enjoyable gassy-diesel comes through for me most at the lower temps, but quickly shifts to more of a earthy, herbal pine as temps increase.

While a little more delicate than offered by some competing strains, the flavour profile is highly enjoyable.


To me it feels really uplifting and Clear headed. Adds a subtle sense of exhilaration.

It seemed to lack the floaty, drifting on a cloud sensation I typically feel with CBD dominant strains. That feeling is so pervasive in the CBD dominant strains I’ve tried that first I thought maybe this product just wasn’t as strong as I’m used to. After further experimentation, I’ve come to the conclusion that the effects are reasonably strong, just a little different than other strains in this category.

For lack of a better word, I’d describe the experience as very smooth. It doesn’t leave me feeling restless, or hasty, like more energetic strains sometimes do. There is a relaxing component behind the energizing effects as well. It’s peaceful. In stark contrast to the slight sedation I felt with Redecan’s Charlotte CBD, Simply Bare’s offering feels highly mentally focused. So far, I think only White Cloud, and Tantalus’s Cannatonic have come close to this level of mental clarity.

Charlotte CBD Macro showing trichomes are primarily cloudy, with a healthy smattering of amber.

Smiley’s Log

Dose: 0.088g

Getting a herbal, fruity taste.

Subtle sense of exhilaration and wonder

Showered and started grating cheese for pizza night. Thinking I might use a leftover dal curry for the sauce.

Feeling peaceful, cheerful and clear headed. Gentle cerebral tingles around the top and sides of my head.

I’m just spreading cheese on the crust but feeling almost like a runners high.

Was just listening to all the tunes in the instrumental category and one song, resonance by airtone, really caught my attention. Turns out it’s the by the same artist I was enjoying in the log of my previous review. I’m becoming an airtone fan.

Pizza is cooling and swiss chard is sauteing in the pan. In a good mood.

Food was good but not my best pizza. Had to restrain myself from taking and extra slice.

Nice to chat with the family about their day. Feeling a touch of love.

Kid was full of beans, chilled patiently in the dark until sleep finally came. Then reviewed my bee notes to strategize for the coming end of season. Feeling fairly normal now.

Organic with Sun

Simply Bare is FVOPA certified organic. I asked them why the chose this certification versus the the ones used by other cannabis growers and will update if I receive a response.

Unique among the organic cannabis brands, they grow in a greenhouse. Plants getting sunlight sounds like a good idea on the surface. Since Simply Bare’s website states ‘We wanted to grow a purer, simpler, more sustainable cannabis’ I became curious to know what impact growing in a greenhouse has on their sustainability. Certainly less reliance on artificial light should result in lower energy consumption, but would a greenhouse require more heat in the cooler months? I asked Simply Bare and will update if I hear back from them.

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