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from Aphria
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Solei Free oil dropper on top of cardboard packaging

This is a review for Free oil. Review for Solei Free flower is here.



Neutral oil with a bit of a weedy taste. I’m fine with it, but I’m generally positive on the taste of cannabis in edibles.


Generally, I attempted to take the oil sublingually. My results varied quite a bit. At times I felt initial effects begin rather quickly. Within 10-20 minutes. Once it was closer to four hours before I noticed anything. Another time it didn’t seem to do much at all.

I feel I experienced better results when taking the oil after a meal. I’ve now learned there is research that suggests taking CBD supplements with fatty food increases absorption.

“The type of food can make a large difference in the amount of CBD that gets absorbed into the body. Although fatty foods can increase the absorption of CBD, it can also increase the variability as not all meals contain the same amount of fat,”

-Angela Birnbaum


This was my first CBD oil. So my main comparison point is the dry flower version of Solei Free. It was interesting to feel some familiar aspects of the CBD experience in a new way.

1ml (10mg), was enough to be noticeable. The peak of 2ml (20mg), could be pretty good. 2ml took me to a level I liked in some regards, but at the same time, didn’t quite feel as full as my typical CBD vaping experience.

There was the sense of relaxation and calmness, but not the physical sensation of stress melting away. At least not to the same degree. The stimulating feeling of mental alertness was there, but perhaps it was a little less focused. A touch more spaced out. It lifts my mood, but it’s subtle.

Overall more stimulating than relaxing.


It’s not bad when it works and I do appreciate the convenience of this format. While there is a time and place for the subtlety of the effects, I can’t help but feel it lacks a little of what I found really great about the Solei Free flower.

At this point I’m not sure if the differences in experience are due to the way my body processes ingested CBD versus inhaled CBD, or the fact Solei is removing terpenes found in the plant in their oil products.

That the ingredients include MCT oil also caught my attention. My understanding is the MCT oils are commonly derived from Palm or coconut. Given the concerns that have been raised with palm plantations in recent years, it would be nice to have some clarity on the source of their oil. As Solei likes to promote themselves as committed to sustainability, you would think this would be an easy opportunity for them to demonstrate how they walk their talk. So I sent them an email to find out what’s up. This is the reply I received:

We use MCT carrier oil for all of our oil products. The MCT carrier oil used today is derived from sustainably-sourced palm kernels from a leading vendor certified by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO).

Solei Customer Support

Smiley’s Log

Date: May 18th 2020
Dose: 1ml or 10mg sublingually after eating.

A light cannabis taste to it, but no after taste.
I found it very difficult to measure less than 1ml. The eye dropper fills up very quickly. If I try to squeeze some out, air bubbles are distributed throughout the dropper.

Can feel effects coming on over last 5-10 minutes. A touch relaxed. A little floaty.

Picked out a few birthday gifts on Amazon as well as biodiversity posters from the Guelph Arboretum for my nephew. Found it difficult to weed through the many subtle variations from different companies that seem to exist for the product I was looking for. There’s got to be a dozen factories in china making almost the same thing.

Then we tried to figure out what kinetic sand is made from and whether a DIY version could be any good.

Feels like the effects have been dissipating a bit now. I believe 10mg is close to what I typically get from vaping, but this was a much subtler experience. Still have a slight sense of calmness, maybe even increased focus, but little else. This is probably to be expected from an oil.

Had a shower. Felt I’m experiencing a second wave of effects. Generally optimistic. Content. Relaxing of face muscles. Ready to do a little work, but finding it easy to let me mind drift away if I let it.

Date: May 20th 2020 8:25am
Dose: 15mg sublingual on an empty stomach.

I can feel start of effects. Cozy.

Ate a banana and some nuts. Kid woke up, we sang a silly song we like, and read a book.

Still just a subtle effect at most. In generally good spirits.

Ate breakfast, phoned my mom. Helped the kid do stickers

Still in a nice mood, but it’s difficult to discern how much the cbd is responsible for that. It feels as though it didn’t really work compared to the previous experience. The initial tease I felt early on didn’t really go anywhere.

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