1:5 Oil By Sugarleaf

from Blissco under The Supreme Cannabis Company
4 out of 5 stars4
Sugarleaf 1:5 oil package contents, showing golden oil in dropper, accurate dosing syringe, and glass bottle


Found this oil to be highly effective for my needs. I like the unique 1:5 THC:CBD ratio. It fills the gap left between the minimal THC and the balanced 1:1 products. The effects are pleasant, smooth, and have a little more depth than the other minimal THC oils.

It used to come with a syringe, which made accurately measuring out smaller doses easy. My understanding is that this may no longer be the case. It also included a dropper without measurements marked. I really appreciated that glass, rather than plastic, was used for the bottle.

Since the dropper is also the top for the oil bottle, I did find it slightly awkward figuring out what to do with the dropper when filling up the syringe. My solution to avoid mess and waste has been to balance the dropper upside down in the part of the box that holds the syringe.


Pretty mild. Foresty. Had trouble pinning it down more than that. Agreeable enough.


Typically I used the oil sublingually after eating food with some fat content. I was surprised to find that I could often feel the effects within a few minutes. Somehow, it also seems to last longer than I’d expect too.


At 2mg/ml, I can certainly feel the THC. While it provides a buzz, 2ml of Sugar Leaf’s 1:5 oil is still a relatively calm, and grounded experience.

Cool thing is, unlike other oils I’ve tried, I don’t necessarily feel the need to use 2ml of this stuff. A little seems to go a long way. I consistently felt much better with 1ml, or maybe even a little less, of Sugarleaf’s oil than do with 2ml+ of the 1:20 CBD oils I’ve tried from Solei and Edison. Perhaps something about the 1:5 ratio results in a more effective CBD experience? The two molecules are known to work synergistically.

When consuming with no tolerance built up, I’d say that with a 1ml dose the THC effects were mild for me. At 0.5ml THC effects were minimal to unnoticeable.

Very cerebral, positive vibes. Physically light. Contented rather than euphoric. Can feel a smooth electric floatiness at times when dosing higher amounts (2ml+).

Smiley’s Log

Date: July 9th 2020 11:50am
Dose: 2ml (22.8mg CBD – 4mg THC) with a handful of cashews, about 1 hour after having bread with peanut butter and honey.

Mild to neutral taste. Syringe included in package definitely makes it easier to measure out a specific amount. Do to the length, it’s a bit awkward to dispense under your tongue. Unlike the droppers, I didn’t have to second guess when it was all out.

Can feel a slight hint of relaxation creeping in around the temples.

Doing a little light computer work and made some phone inquiries.

Seemed like the onset was fairly quick. A light floaty-relaxed-content feeling, but maintaining mental focus.

Still hard at work on a visual layout design. Very focused. Sense of excitement about what I’m doing.

Got a little further on my layout, then hung out with the kid while wife put the finishing touches on lunch. Fun.

Kid had a brief meltdown. Tried to help calm the situation, but was told to ‘go away’. The storm passed quick though. Scrambled eggs were delicious. Then had some fun explaining why all food can’t be the kid’s favourite colour. The explanation seemed to go over alright.

Effects still going strong and smooth. Feeling buoyant and engaged.

Effects diminishing now. Still a nice glow though. Feeling positive and focused

Light tingle left. Made good progress on work. Feel good still, but all physical sensations created from the oil are faded well into the background now.

Is it full spectrum?

At the time I purchased this product ocs.ca described this product as full spectrum. I found it a little odd that I couldn’t find any mention of full spectrum in other provinces where it’s listed or on the Sugarleaf website. So I decided to investigate. After a week Sugarleaf had not responded to my original inquiry. I tried again through another avenue and was told:

Unfortunately our Sugarleaf 1:5 oil is not full spectrum. It does not contain all cannabinoids, just CBD and THC.

7ACRES Customer Care

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9 thoughts on “1:5 Oil

    1. Hi Margaret,

      I didn’t really test if for pain specifically. However, I will say that after trying a couple topical cannabis creams, and testing out a few different CBD oils(including this one) last spring + summer, pain I was experiencing in one of my legs significantly improved. You might want to look into the viability of using a cream for your specific condition in tandem with the oil. At least for my condition the creams had a more obvious impact, although both together may had made a difference.

      What I’ve heard from others is that is that the effect of CBD oils might build up over a week or two of use. Please do let me know how your experience goes with this oil. I love to hear stories from others about what works or doesn’t work.

  1. Thanks for the great article/review!
    Since pharma/biotech is now involved I worry about synthetic cannabinoids, produced by modified yeast, ending up in cannabis oils as it’s pennies on the dollar to produce. If so, I hope this is reported on the labels & the LP’s website so I’ll know not to buy it.
    Another concern is this nanotechnology now being used in the cannabis food & beverage industry to increase bioavailability – thus increasing sales($). I’ve read enough about nanotechnology used in the cannabis industry to hold off until further research is done.
    I’ve contacted the various LP’s & asked if they use synthetic cannabinoids, nanotechnology or sonication to increase bioavailability and/or nano-emulsions to evenly distribute cannabinoids, terpenoids, flavonoids, etc throughout the volume of carrier oil.
    I’m very skeptical about big pharma and/or biotech getting involved in the cannabis industry & therefore feel it wise to ask questions before purchasing.

    1. I think it’s good to be skeptical and ask questions. I feel product info is a little lacking on many of the things I review.

      I’ve heard of companies working on yeast produced cannabinoids, but I don’t believe anyone is at the point where it’s commercially viable for them yet.

      Do you have any specific concerns around nanoemulsions? Or resources I should look at? It seems they are being used in many industries, and there are many different factors to consider in assessing their safety. At this point I think I’ve only seen it used in cannabis beverages, or drops intended to be added to beverages.

  2. Do you think that the fairly quick onset was due to the fact that you consumed it sublingually – or could the LP have produced their oil using a nano emulsifier or sonication(ultrasonic emulsification) to produce better bioavailability since it seems that this product only contains isolates?
    I’m not a proponent of isolates as full spectrum/whole plant oils provide a wider therapeutic window according to science & my own subjective experimentation.
    Thanks again Smiley for this informative website!

    1. I suspect distillate would be a more accurate description of this product. Isolate based oils seem to be even more rare than full spectrum. I don’t think nano emulsification is involved either.

      Sublingual administration might be a part of it. Thing is, I’ve tried taking a lot of different oils sublingually now. It’s pretty rare that I get the full effect before a few hours have past. Though I do feel some initial effects within the first 10-15 minutes.

      My guess it could have been a combination of lucking out on digestion and the higher THC content. Maybe even the mild initial effects just feel stronger when starting with 4x the THC.

  3. Thanks so much for your reviews & this website! Besides Reddit it’s near impossible to find cannabis consumer reviews of legal weed.

    Regarding your Sugarleaf 1:5 CBD oil review.
    I contacted Supreme’s Sugarleaf brand team with questions & received the following yesterday in case you are interested:

    – Besides the terpenes, their Oil contains CBD, THC, CBG & CBC. This is odd because 7acres told you that their Sugarleaf 1:5 Oil contained “just CBD and THC”.
    The team that responded to my questions were team Supreme instead of 7acres (Partners I assume). Sounds like their extraction method changed since your review.
    – “Strain” name is “CBD Painkiller”.
    – They use ethanol extraction & the CBD & THC are “two-stage distilled” before emulsification into solution. “Terpenes are preserved in the distillation process”
    – They do NOT use a “nano emulsifying technique”.
    I wrote them back today asking them what emulsifier they used. If you’re interested, let me know & if I receive a response from them I can let you know.

    1. Supreme does own 7acres…at least for now. I think they are about to be taken over by another company.

      That they say ‘”Terpenes are preserved in the distillation process” seems a bit suspicious to me. This isn’t the norm for distillate, so they should be offering further explanation.

      I’ve heard another producer make a similar statement but when I pressed for more info I didn’t receive a reply. When I finally called them up for more info about terpenes they didn’t really have any info to give me. I was left with the impression that not much was actually retained. I do feel that the 1:5 oil was a least a little more robust in flavour than other distillate oils I’ve tried. So maybe it’s possible? Maybe it doesn’t matter as I no longer see the 5:1 for sale on OCS.

      1. So I received another email from Supreme today.
        Supreme stated in first email, “Both the THC and CBD components are two-stage distilled before being emulsified into solution.” So I wrote them back to asked them what type of emulsifier they use & received the following today; “We use a homogenizer which reduce the particle size and force CBD, THC, and the MCT oil to mix together.”

        I’ve also read about the ability to distill terpenoids a while back. As you probably know monoterpenes are highly volatile though sesquiterpenes less so as I’m assuming due to molecular mass. I do believe it’s possible & agree with you that the percentage of terps retained during the distilling process would be minimal at best due to terpenoid & flavonoid’s volatile nature.

        You mentioned that your wife suffers from anxiety as do I. I’ve noticed that some CBD dominant, with less than 5% THC, chemovars cause me anxiety or nervousness & may be due to a particular terpene or terpenes as opposed to the wide spread belief that THC is the sole culprit. I read on a Canadian medical LP’s website, sorry can’t recall which one, that they surveyed their medical clients & asked which “strains” caused anxiety or nervousness & found that “strains” with the main terpene terpinolene were chosen to be anxiogenic. Is it possible? Perhaps – though because the plant is so complex it could be a multiple of factors.