Cannatonic By Tantalus Labs

4.2 out of 5 stars4.2
Large sized bud with fluffy structure and decent trichome cover



Fairly strong pine heavy herbs and spices scent. Reminiscent of a pungent all spice, dried basil or rosemary.


Fluffy, sticky, somewhat squishy. While there was one large 1.4g bud, there were also a few tiny bud bits. Well trimmed with some minimal amounts of shake.

3.5 order of Cannatonic


At lower temps, the taste has delightful lemony characteristics in a vape. The aftertaste shifts towards earthy, sour, herbaceous pine notes. Reminiscent of Charlotte CBD, but I prefer this as the it’s not as overwhelmingly herbaceous. Notably on the smoother side even at higher temperatures. Pairs nicely with a white pine needle tea and basswood honey


Impressed with how clear headed it feels. Adds a lightness to the spirit, and is fairly even keel in terms of energetic vs relaxation properties. Can get excited about realizing ideas, and feel I’m in the zone, but can just as easily lay back, close my eyes, and pretend I’m day dreaming on a peaceful beach.

May stimulate appetite. Although cannabidiol (CBD) is suspected to work as an appetite suppressant, I always seem tempted to eat after using this version of Cannatonic.

Cannatonic macro showing mix of cloudy and amber trichomes thickly covering a bud.

In comparison to other cannatonic strains, I feel this is slightly mellower than Pure Sun CBD, but without the sedation I’ve experienced with Temple.

There is an apparent presence of pinene in this strains flavour profile. This terpene is suspected to mitigate against memory impairment in high THC strains. Could be interesting to experiment with blending this strain with THC strains when more of a clear headed THC experience is desired.

Smiley’s Log

Dose: 0.096g vaped

Notes of lemony citrus. Very smooth.

Feeling slightly uplifted, activated and excited to get going on today’s tasks, with a nice drifting, relaxed sensation.

Clear headed relaxed.

Had lunch with the family. Child was acting difficult but funny. Almost had a meltdown because a slice of cheese broke. I ate leftover latkes with leftover tomato sauce.

Working on designing a label for a body balm gift I’m making my Mother while listening to some mellow minimalist/ambient music.

Quickly brainstormed ideas that came to me for a brand name with the wife. Laughed with the kid. Finished up my labels.

Feel light hearted calmness. Mentally focused.

Mild Buoyancy remains. Feeling positive.

Walked along the river into town. Water was beautiful. Noticed buds on silver maples for the first time.

Getting my labels printed.

I find it interesting, with CBD, that well after the initial peak, when I’ve been expecting the effects to soon be over, they continue to linger for a good deal longer. It’s like there’s an ebb and flow to it.

Picked up a few ingredients for the body balm, and some groceries at the Stone Store. Heading home.

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