Premium CBD Flower By WholeHemp

from Abide Inc.
3.5 out of 5 stars3.5
close up of single average sized wholeHemp CBD flower bud showing reasonable trim


The price might be the best thing about this CBD flower offering from WholeHemp. As a general concept, I also like that it was grown outdoors. Without even digging into the numbers, you can pretty much assume it’s a more sustainable product with lower energy inputs than it’s indoor, or greenhouse grown counterparts.

Trouble is I don’t look forward to consuming WholeHemp the way I do with say Canna Bliss. It’s simply less enjoyable to vape. The CBD levels are also well below the norm, so you need to vape more of it to reach a particular CBD dosage. While I feel this is a pretty decent offering for outdoor grown, it does fall short on an number of characteristics compared to the indoor growers who can fully control every environmental detail during plant growth.

In theory it’s interesting that it’s hemp. While there are hemp based oils, there’s no other legal hemp flower options available in Ontario to my knowledge. In practice, I’m not sure if this fact is very significant. I thought it might have a lower proportion of THC than other CBD dominant flower options but that simply isn’t the case.



Dense, sticky buds. squishable, but at the same time seems to crumble fairly easily. Came with a bit of shake, and some leaves here and there, but was reasonably trimmed.

Colour was notably less vibrant compared to other flowers I’ve reviewed. A dull green verging on brownish. Though it is fairly rich in amber trichomes.

3.5g order of WholeHemp CBD flower


Not super strong, but there is a pleasant, sweet fruity aroma.


I feel there’s an initial distaste that seems to burn off after the first few vape puffs. At least my impressions is that it’s not bad by the middle of the session as I raise the temperature.


Immediately after vaping I feel it leaves me a little more spacey, mentally sedated than I expect from CBD. The overall effects didn’t seem to last as long or be a strong as other CBD flower per mg of CBD consumed.

Otherwise this is more or less what I expect from CBD flower. Relaxing, with a touch of a floaty cerebral glowing sensation.

WholeHemp CBD flower macro showing abundant healthy trichome coverage. Colouration leaning more towards amber than cloudy.

Smiley’s Log

Dose: 0.105g vaped in a Dynavap

sweet fruity smell?
Slightly harsh.

Relaxed. In a slightly hazy ready to zone out way. Feel positive.

I had ordered takeout that I needed to pick up. Pretty much as soon as I got out of my chair to get myself organized I was feeling a much more clear-headed.

I had some troubles with my bike before winter. I just fixed it up to be rideable again a few days ago. Felt great to get the blood pumping. Having had a fairly long ride the day before I could really feel the burn in my still recovering legs.

Ran into a friend as I got home, but between how hungry I was and it starting to rain our exchange was brief.

Watched some of the Berkshire-Hathaway AGM while I ate, and as I’m typing this.

I’m feeling relaxed…but not unusually so for a laid back sunday afternoon.

After lunch, which was very filling, I made the poor decision to gorge myself with corn chips while working on my tax return. Then started on making dinner.

CBD effects have been relatively low-key, and not at all front of mind as I’ve been going about my business.

Session 2 (next day)
Dose: 0.156g vaped in an Arizer Argo

166-176C – Earthy, wood-like tannin-rich taste. Slightly harsh.
186C-193C – Slight bitterness.

Feel relaxed around my face and body. Decent CBD cerebral floatiness.

Listened to Jean-Michel Blais while working on a coding project. Nice contended, relaxed mood. Felt focused on my work.

Played, read, brushed hair with the little one and had dinner.

Light traces of CBD glow remain.

Session 3(same day)
Possibly some lemon notes at the vape warms up. Bitter.

Cleaned up kitchen. If I close my eyes I have a sense of being engulfed in a cozy,secure, radiant orb.

Got back into focusing on my code project.

Just sleepy now.

How much THC can there be in hemp?

My understanding is that lower levels of THC is the defining characteristic of hemp. At least legally. Canadian regulations define hemp as containing less that 0.3% THC. So I was a little surprised that my batch of WholeHemp came in at 0.5% THC. This is what WholeHemp had to say about it:

The whole plants are less than .3% in the field but once the flower is trimmed and groomed the CBD and THC rise by about 50%.

Dave Marcus

I find it slightly Ironic that the proportion of THC in the CBD:THC ratio is actually higher with WholeHemp compared to almost all CBD dominant flower that has ever been sold on the OCS. I don’t personally mind a few tenths of a percent of THC one way or the other, but I’ve heard hitting that 0.3% is important to some people.

What cultivar is used in WholeHemp?

I read on the WholeHemp website that they had been involved
in a breeding program
. Is WholeHemp Premium CBD Flower based on a
particular cultivar?

The current batch of flower is Umpqua

Dave Marcus


Chart from showing myrcene, caryophyllene, and Alpha pinene as the dominant terpenes as of June 2022

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