Granddaddy Purple By 48NORTH

from DelShen Therapeutics Corp.
4 out of 5 stars4
Bud with flecks of purple a decent trichome coverage


I feel 48N’s Grandaddy purple is truly worth exploring for those seeking an anxiety-free cannabis experience. I experienced deep physical relaxation without too much mental sedation.

On the downside, the bag appeal is poor.

Taste isn’t that pronounced, but it is perfectly smooth in a vape with pleasant fruity notes.

While there’s some room for improvement, it checks enough of the right boxes, that we haven’t yet been able to check with other strains, for us to consider it essential in our stash.



Very dry small buds with some purple coloration here and there. Lots of leaves on some buds. Despite all this the trichomes looked reasonably healthy.

3.5g of Grandaddy Purple from 48N


The scent is not strong, but somewhat unique to what I’ve tried before. Reminds me of a forest berry patch. Sweet with a slightly herbaceous pine. It’s also the first time the wife admitted my weed smells like something other than dill pickle chips. She felt it was more of a grape than a berry thing. At the same there’s something about it that also makes me think of cardboard.


Given how dry it was I feared the worst, but even before adding a moisture pack into the jar, it was actually really smooth in the vape. While not strong, the flavour is pleasant. I found it earthy with berry notes, while my wife was again picking up on something grape.


Extremely chill. Deeply relaxed through every fibre of my body and being. Definitely best suited to sitting, or even better, lying down. I didn’t feel as heavy as I have with some strains. Just super relaxed. Consuming before sleep doesn’t feel like a knockout punch, but it certainly doesn’t get in the way, and probably makes drifting off a fair bit easier.

On the whole, it’s not heavily sedating, but there’s some sedation early in a session. It’s calm to such an extent that it’s easy to just drop a train of thought and exist in the moment if you want to. Wife didn’t feel any anxiety. Possibly the best strain we’ve tried in terms of being able to get a noteworthy high while sidestepping anxiety.

The 48N website suggests this strain goes well with ‘your new book’. I tried out their suggestion. Focus wasn’t too difficult after the first 15-20 minutes or so of the experience. Found myself drawn into the ideas of my book. However, given how physically relaxed this strain is, I did at times feel like the book was too heavy to hold and caused me to imagine ways I might be able to read without needing to support the weight of the book.

Although this strain could make holding a book more challenging, I did really enjoy it for lying down on a bed and listening to my body as a form of mediation. More on this below.

I would be remiss if I left you with the impression that I was always lying incapacitated in bed after vaping granddaddy purple. We found that using it before getting physically active in bed resulted in exceptional sensual sensations. A casual web search suggests GDP and sex is a common pairing.

48N Grandaddy Purple Macro showing predominantly amber trichomes and purple colouration

Smiley’s Log

Dose: 0.03g

touch of earthy-fruitiness. Not too bad considering how dry the flower was.

Nearing the end of the bowl I still had felt very much. Then all of a sudden I’m very Dazed, a little dreamy, fully relaxed.

Put the finishing touches on my cbd reign drops review. It took some effort.

I feel fairly mentally coherent, but my eyes lost focus a few times. Very calm. Tendons feel like their done with typing for today.

Calm, peaceful, ready to drift away.

Resisted snacking on the valentines cookies in the kitchen. Lay down on the couch to start reading ‘How to talk so little kids will listen‘ (the book I alluded to in my last post). A few pages in to the chapter on handling emotions and it has me engaged. It’s articulating a well thought out strategy around a topic I’ve been bumbling around on. I’m imagining how to apply the ideas to interactions with adults as much as with kids.

Slept well. Wasn’t difficult to fall asleep.

Nerolidol and Anxiety

I had seen an instagram post by @P_isforpot about nerolidol where she mentioned :

This is my favourite terpene to lean on to make any bad day (or my anxiety filled days) a bit better.


I asked if she had any recommendations for strains with nerolidol that might meet a specific requirement I was looking for. Among others she suggested Grandaddy purple.

48 North’s version of this strain is listed as containing pinene, caryophyllene, and nerolidol. I’ve reached out to 48N for more details, but so far all they’ve divulged is that pinene is the most dominant.

While research on terpenes and anxiety is scant, there is a study that found at least some degree of correlation between all three of the terpenes 48N claims is in their GDP and strains identified as helpful for anxiety by cannabis consumers:

Of the major terpenes only trans-nerolidol displayed a significant correlation with increased anxiolytic activity. In addition to trans-nerolidol, caryophyllene has a positive association … while α-pinene and D-limonene displayed non-significant correlations with increased anxiolytic activity, corroborating pre-clinical research on all these compounds

Kamal B. Kamal F. Lantella D. Cannabis and the anxiety of fragmentation-a systems approach for finding an anxiolytic cann

There has also been an experiment done on mice suggesting nerolidol may reduce anxiety, as well as another experiment suggesting a sedative effect.

It’s not a lot of evidence to go on, but enough for me to be curious. If you have any experience with strains containing nerolidol please let us know in the comments if you think they are useful in reducing anxiety.

Muscle tightness, body scan meditation and cannabis

There’s a few reviews I’ve written over the years where I’ve noted that I felt the need to stretch, or that it felt like my body was showing me where I needed to relax. This strain kind of took that sentiment to a whole other level for both the wife and I. While I’ve heard many people talk about cannabis as potentially good for pain relief, I wondered why I can sometimes feel tight with cannabis. There’s no shortage of stories from people reporting increased pain or tightness after consuming cannabis. One common hypothesis is that as muscles relax, problems that those muscles were compensating for suddenly become more apparent.

When I was young there was a night I tried out a free mediation event at UofT. I was introduced to the body scan meditation. Though I never went much further in exploring meditation with any formal instruction, I still occasionally find myself doing a body scan decades later. Granddaddy Purple gets me excited to feel how energy is moving through my body, and adjusting myself into the most comfortable/relaxed position possible.

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