Pedro’s Sweet Sativa By Color Cannabis

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Bud of Pedro's Sweet Sativa


Nice strain, with interesting flavour to use during a day when you went to socialize, get stuff done with focus, or pursue creative ideas.

The high level of THC had intimidated me. At the time I purchased this all the balanced Sativas on the OCS were sold out. Otherwise, I probably would have ordered one of those instead. In the end I’m really glad I gave Pedro’s a go.

As a low tolerance user, a nice thing about the higher THC levels is that I don’t need to inhale as much as I would otherwise.

I also found myself spreading the experience out over longer period of time. I have an on demand style vape (Dynavap). Typically I finish a bowl within five minutes and I’m good to go. With this strain I might spread the bowl out over 30 minutes or longer.

The high with Pedro’s seems to fade much quicker than I am used to. As I predominantly use balanced strains I’m left wondering if the lack of CBD means my body is able to process the THC quicker in this strain? Or maybe I’m missing the long lasting glow of the CBD undercurrent? I’ll update here, after I try mixing this with some Cannatonic.



3.5g order of Color Pedro’s Sweet Sativa

Decent moisture level. Buds squish and are slightly sticky. Despite the squish it does break apart rather easily. Due in part to a Looser, fluffier bud structure.


Super unique smell. There is definitely a gummy candy smell that inspired this strain’s original ‘wine gums’ name. Strong muskyness. Difficult to describe it more than that, but the terpene profile, high in beta-Pinena and beta-Caryophyllene, is beautifully rich and complex.


Tastes very much like it smells. Musky, fruity candy. Truly delightful. At higher temps, once the flavour had diminished, it still vaped beautifully smooth without a hint of harshness.

Color Cannabis Pedro’s Sweet Sativa Macro


Brings a creative energy. Little to no heaviness about it, so we will have the energy to act on your free-spirited ideas.

For a sativa at 19% THC is was mellower that I was anticipating. The effects are very much cerebral. It has the electric brain tickle, but I feel this strain lacks the heart racing intensity that I often associate with the sativa label. In some ways I think even the CBD rich Mango Haze might have a more intense edge than this strain. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing though. Many avoid sativas because they are thought to be more likely to cause anxiety. Pedro’s Sweet Sativa, with it’s high levels of caryophyllene might actually be helpful for anxiety. My anxiety diagnosed wife was willing to test it out and decided she loved it.

In my opinion the strength of this strain is how clear headed it leaves you in conjunction with promoting some good mood happiness.

Smiley’s Log

Dose: 0.012g in a Dynavap

Positive on the taste. Very smooth

Had a moment of feeling a slight increase in heart rate. But almost immediately it mellowed in a very calm relaxed vibe. Presently feeling a little tickle come up behind the ears

Had a shower and ate barley with pesto and cashews for lunch. Remarkably clear headed, yet at the same time the vague sense of being a dream.

Started to feel some the tension in different parts of my body. So I decided to relax a moment stretching on the floor, while chasing a creative notion that came to me. I had an idea around what music might go nicely to a poem I had written for my daughter years ago. This wasn’t my plan for the afternoon, but it seemed important to listen to my body for a moment. It was fun.

Decided to pull out my good microphone and make a recording of the poem. It’s been a while since I used the mic and all my software has changed so it took me a moment get things moving. Really got into it. Lot of thoughts, memories, hope running through my mind.

A nice cerebral glow feeling remains.

Cleaned up in my workshop, then started post production on a photo project I’ve been working on.

Just last lingering happy cerebral traces left.

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