Dissolvable THC Powder By The Green Organic Dutchman

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Powder inside TGOD infuser packer


I was attracted to the TGOD infuser as I like the idea of adding to a beverage of my own choosing, and appreciate the convenience of it being small and lightweight.

You could easily carry this around in your pants pocket. The main challenge in taking this on the go in a beverage bought away from home is simply that occasional users might find it difficult to measuring out an appropriate dose. 10mg is much more than I want at a time.

Despite being positive on the format I found the effects and taste just okay. Relaxing and a positive mood, but nothing amazing.



With something like this, I’d think neutral would be best but they’ve slightly missed that mark. Infusing into a 200ml of water, there is a noticeable weediness to it. It’s not too overpowering though, and is not bad when masked by infusing into a stronger flavoured beverage. Using a larger quantity of liquid also helps.

I found highly diluted infusions mixed with a spoonful of spring blossom honey to be very enjoyable.


First off, 10mg is way too much for an occasional user like myself. I never actually attempted to drink all 10mg myself at once.

Pouring TGOD powder into measuring cup

I always infused into a measured amount of liquid, and then drank just 2.5mg at a time. Occasionally I followed up with another 2.5mg a few hours later.

I found 2.5mg could provide a significant zing at the peak of the experience, but tolerance possibly develops fairly quickly. When I consumed 2.5mg over a few consecutive days, the follow up sessions were not quite as intense.

I found it could put me in a good mood. Left me reasonably relaxed, and certainly less focused. At times if felt like 2.5mg was borderline too much THC for me. As there was occasionally a subtle sense of the experience not being perfectly enjoyable all the way through the peak of the experience.


To my disappointment, I found the onset to be fairly sluggish compared to other emulsified beverages. Though very mild effects could be felt sooner, in the handful of times I tried it, it seemed 1 to 1.5 hours or so was typically how long it took to reach the peak. While I have discovered there could be some variability in onset with beverages in general, this is the first time I experienced such a long onset across multiple sessions. Maybe I just had some bad luck?

In some sessions, it felt like the effects could linger for quite long while. In one instance a mild glow was still present five hours later.

TGOD infuser powder mixed into water

Smiley’s Log

Stone Date: October 1st 2020 (I had this product sitting around 3 months before opening)
Dose 1: 2.5mg THC (1/4 of infusion in 50ml of water)

No smell. Infused in a smaller amount of water than the last time I tried this. A slightly bitter weedy taste is more noticeable as a result.

Finished the first 50ml.

Starting to feel a little something. Light tingles around forehead and side of face. Slight mood boost. Eager to get to work on processing some of my fall harvest.

Worked efficiently. Didn’t feel the high increasing. I may have been too focused on my work, as now that I’m sitting down again I do feel higher, but it’s still on the milder side. Bit of a sense of elated excitement but relaxed about it at the same time. Still feel the temple tingles.

Wife had got some organic croissants and savory tarts from Polestar Hearth. Definitely lost myself in the experience of eating. Food was delicious but I believe the cannabis contributed to the experience. Definitely felt things come on a little stronger while we were eating. Nothing overly intense, but I now feel somewhat less focused, and much more relaxed. Still in a pretty good mood, with temples bubbling.

Did a little online research and a little more work on the harvest. Similar feeling to before. It’s enjoyable, but at the same time there’s a certain aspect about it now that I’m not crazy about. Hard to describe exactly what I mean. Feel good and slightly uncomfortable at the same time.

Spent some time selecting images for a web project from a collection of photos. Then hung out with the kid reading and playing before dinner. By 6:30pm high had diminished to a nice cozy glow. By 8, there was just the lightest lingering effects.

Is it really organic?

I have concerns about the environmental impact of pesticide use in corn production, so I was less than enthused when I noticed the ingredient list contained corn starch. When I asked TGOD about this I was told:

While we are using as many organic ingredients as possible in our infusers, you are correct in saying that the product is not fully organic as there are some ingredients that do not fall in to that category.  The modified corn start that is used is non-GMO however the sorbitol is not considered an organic product.

The TGOD Customer Care Team

I feel there’s a slight discrepancy between that statement and the faq section of their website which currently states:

We take pride in being one of the only Licensed Producers in Canada to offer an entire portfolio of certified organically grown products.

Despite that, I am happy to hear this product is pretty darn close to fully organic, and their cannabis is certified.

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2 thoughts on “Dissolvable THC Powder

  1. Would be interesting to know how TGOD is breaking the cannabinoid’s lipid bond so that the THC powder is water soluble.
    I’ve briefly read about sonication but it’s the nano emulsifiers that are of concern to me. So until there is more info on the safety of how the body processes nano emulsifiers I’ll stick to dried cannabis & my own natural homemade infusions.