CBN 1:2 NightTime Formula Oil By Medipharm Labs

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Glass oil bottle with plastic syringe with markings up to 0.3ml


Calling this a ‘NighTime Formula’, while promoting CBN content, is in my mind an indirect way of communicating that this product is intended to help you sleep (Cannabis companies need to be careful about the claims they make about their products). As such, this review looks at CBN 1:2 NighTime Formula from MediPharm Labs through the lens of using it as a sleep aid.

I think this product did help save me from some of my own worst personal tendencies. Specifically my tendency to put off sleep in favour of doing more stuff today. I feel using this product in conjunction with other proactive efforts to improve sleep hygiene worked better than the product alone.

I wouldn’t say it was a total knockout punch for me. Maybe I should try a stronger dose? However, the sedating and physically relaxing effects I experienced are appropriate qualities in helping me get to sleep. At the very least, once the effects kick in, I really wanted to be lying in a bed.

The research on using cannabis for sleep suggests there are a few pros and cons to consider. Based on past episodes in my life, and my experience testing this product out, I would also caution it can become more difficult to fall asleep without cannabis, after having consistently used cannabis before bed for a period of time.

I believe Medipharm labs makes good quality full spectrum oils. However, they rely on multiple suppliers for the flower to produce this oil. As a result there can be differences in the strains they use from batch to batch. Consequently, I fear some of the nuanced character of the oil could change over time too.



Taken sublingually I found this oil to be surprisingly tasteless for a full spectrum oil.


Over multiple experiences, I once experienced initial effects in under an hour. Typically it was closer to 2-3 hours before things really kicked in. To be in bed by 10:00-10:30 I would try to take the oil after dinner around 6:30-7:00.


I found myself experiencing a deeply physically relaxing body high combined with mental sedation.

I’m not sure if it made me more sleepy per se. It definitely made it more difficult for me to want to do anything other than lie in bed. My body would get too heavy and it was impossible to concentrate on anything I else I might want to do. At the very least, it helped with my personal sleep hygiene in that it provided extra motivation to get in bed once the effects kicked in…. like I’d fear I wouldn’t make it up to my room if I didn’t get there pronto. Stopping myself from doing things, and staring at screens, is one of my biggest challenges when it comes to getting enough sleep.

It wasn’t my typical experience with the product, but there was one time where the muscle relaxing effects of the oil meant I was more aware of strains in my body. Or rather, I was feeling the aches that my now relaxed muscles were no longer compensating for. I found it more difficult to get comfortable and fall asleep on this particular occasion. Outside of that one night, I didn’t have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep.


The packaging suggests 0.3ml as an ‘activation’ or dose unit. I found this worked pretty well for me without having built up a tolerance. Taking 0.4ml after a few days of use seemed more effective at making me want to be in bed without feeling like it was too much.

Smiley’s Log

Dose: 0.3ml or 1 activation as specified on the box(5.69mg THC, 2.85mg CBN, 0.28mg CBD)

Taken under tongue but virtually tasteless. Followed up with a small handful of chocolate chips and cashews. About 2 hours after finishing dinner.

I’ve stayed up later than I would have liked most of this week. I’m operating at a sleep deficit but I’m not tired right now. The pattern has been that I’m tired in the mornings, but get caught up in doings things on the computer in the evening.

Feel like a touch of the effects are becoming apparent. Feeling a little bit relaxed.

Wrote a follow up question to dosecann about the info they sent me in my CBD 50 Capsule review.

Definitely a little high now. Comfortable, chill daze. Not very heavy in the body. Experience is mostly cerebral.

Made a simple chocolate pudding. Didn’t have sugar so I subbed in maple sugar instead. Also ran out of cornstarch and needed to do half arrowroot flour. Filled my humidifiers.

Don’t feel like I got much higher while I was making the pudding. Was at a pretty moderate level and had no problem putting the recipe together and being busy on my feet. Taste testing the warm pudding was pretty good.

I do feel things are picking up a tiny bit more now. Feels easier to zone out. I do feel like going to bed.

I was in bed by 11pm. Spooned with the wife. Had a vague notion of us melting together. Mind kept going in a loop thinking up ideas related to work projects. I was still awake by 1am. When I looked at the clock I was a little surprised to see two hours had gone by. I guess it’s possible I was drifting in and out of sleep without realizing it.

I was feeling the high much more in my body before I fell asleep. In part that may have contributed to my difficulty sleeping as I had a bit of trouble getting comfy. My usual minor aches of my aging body felt a little more pronounced. Reminiscent of what I discussed feeling in my Grandaddy Purple review.

I woke up at 8am to my kid calling for me. Despite the trouble I had falling asleep I felt pretty well rested. All traced of the high were gone.

Unfortunately my pudding had not set. I think I just didn’t get the temperature up high enough for the arrowroot flour to do it’s magic.

Session 2 (8 days later)

Dose: 0.3ml (5.69mg THC, 2.85mg CBN, 0.28mg CBD) taken before eating a small handful of cashews.

Cleaned up the kitchen. Filled up the humidifiers, browsed reddit a bit.

I feel that just now that some light effects are coming on.

Oil is coming on reasonably strong now. I’ve been working on coding the price comparison section of the site. I’ve been having fun getting into laying out the product cards. However, I’m focused on it, but it’s taking increasingly more effort to maintain the focus. Feel like I should relax. Can feel it throughout my body.

Fall asleep much faster than in session 1. Still had 10-20 minutes of trying to get comfortable.

Woke up around 7:30am to the call of the kid. Don’t feel high at all. Do wish I went to sleep slightly earlier. I stayed up because I was into what I was doing, but also because I was waiting for the oil to hit.

Session 3 (1 day later)

Dose: 0.3ml (5.69mg THC, 2.85mg CBN, 0.28mg CBD) taken after eating the disappointing tofu C.C. Burrito from Crazy Carrot.

Did the whole bedtime routine with the little one. Then spent some time debugging why the pricing data from some stores where no longer making it onto

Effects have gradually been coming on over the last 45 minutes or so. It’s starting to feel reasonably strong. Still pretty functional but relaxed.

Was able to finally fix my issue, worked on other parts of the website. At this point my brain is done and it’s time to relax.

Got in bed and wife read to me from Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art‘ by James Nestor. The part she read was about the fantastical abilities of Tibetan monks and Some random dutch guy to use tummo breathing to raise their body temperature and more.

While that was happening I got myself into a cozy position, and lay listening to the feelings of different parts of my body. At times it felt sort of like I could resonate with what I was feeling, and in some way and change it.

I feel asleep pretty quick after the lights went out. I woke up around 3:30am to pee. No longer felt high, and went to sleep again instantly.

Woke up to the kid calling around 7:30am. Felt a bit groggy waking up, but despite getting at least 8 hours in I’m still operating on a sleep deficit from previous nights.

Session 4 (1 day later)
Dose: 0.4ml (7.59mg THC, 3.8mg CBN, 0.28mg CBD) taken after eating sausages with sauteed mushrooms and home fries.

Cleaned the kitchen while listening to Wim Hof videos to get a better understanding of what tummo breathing is about. Fed the worms food scraps. Sent off a few administrative type emails.

Light effects of oil started just after taking the oil. At this point it’s still not super strong, but I’m notably more relaxed.

Browsed reddit, then added some links to the product card layout I’ve been working on for price comparison section of this site.

I’m pretty high right now. Heavy body. Sedated. Distractible. Need to go to bed.

Follow up:
Little difficultly following asleep. Woke up around 7:30am to the wife going for a pee. Felt reasonably well rested. In the evening I didn’t use the oil and I stayed up to 3am. It could be that I was just excited to realize some ideas, but I can’t help but think back to episodes in my younger days when I found it difficult to go to sleep without cannabis after getting in a pattern of cannabis use before bed.

Session 5 (6 days later):

Dose: 3ml directly after eating barley + lentils with a bit of cream cheese, mozzarella. tomato sauce, pesto, and a good amount of duck fat. I collaborated on the recipe with the little one.

Did bedtime routine with the little one. Watched a bit of whatever my wife was watching.

Feeling a relaxed and sedated, not super super heavy just yet, but can feel it’s coming.

Follow up:
Don’t feel the high became notably heavier than I last reported.

Felt like stretching so I did a ‘getting ready for bed’ yoga flow on the wellness app I got from work. Cleaned my teeth, turned off the lights and put on an audiobook (master and his emissary) by 10pm. Wife turned on the light to read her paper book around 10:30pm. Our lights were out again by 11pm and I fell asleep shortly after.

I was drifting in and out of consciousness before the kid called me at 7:20am. I could have slept a little longer, I’m still playing catch up from the previous week, but I felt pretty good.

Research on CBN, THC, and sleep

While a lot of people claim CBN helps you sleep, not enough research has been done to draw conclusions.

In contrast, there’s a fair bit of evidence suggesting THC can impact sleep. Reviews of the research suggest:

  • THC can help people fall asleep faster, and wake up less often
  • THC can decrease REM sleep, and increase slow-wave sleep
  • People can develop a tolerance to THC’s impact on sleep
  • It’s also common to have difficulty sleeping after stopping daily cannabis usage

Full spectrum, but not from any particular strain

I’m a big fan of full spectrum products and always curious to know what terpenes might be in the oils I use. I asked Medipharm for any insights they could provide. This is what they said:

To obtain the targeted cannabinoid content we use multiple cannabis inputs for our extraction processes and therefore minor cannabinoids and terpenes will vary from lot-to-lot.

Customer Care Team @ MediPharm Labs