RC Rockstar Tuna By Royal City Cannabis Co.

from CannTx Life Science Inc.
4.8 out of 5 stars4.8
Large fresh and frosty 1.6g bud of RC Rockstar Tuna


It’s evident Royal City is giving a high degree of care to their non-irradiated flower. The result is a complex, pleasurable vaping experience.

Found myself feeling a dynamic, blend of cerebral tingles and relaxing body effects. Excellent for unwinding on a evening where I didn’t have much in particular to do. However, I wouldn’t recommend consuming too close to bedtime.

I feel the way it seemed to help me zone out, but without feeling particularly dumbed down, could be useful for experiments with spiritual pursuits or metaphysical contemplation. Or getting cozy, and connecting with a loved one.

By THC percentage, this is one of the strongest THC dominant flower I have reviewed to date. The difference in experience here is really notable, compared to the balanced strains I typically review, and even the 19% Pedro’s I tried. Though it was a potent experience for me, at the dosages I tested, this potency didn’t overwhelm me as I fear high potency THC sometimes can. It’s potent in a peaceful magical way.



Fresh, fresh buds came with 58% boveda. Perfectly trimmed. Frosty with well preserved trichomes. Some purple colouration here and there.

3.5g order of Royal City RC Rockstar Tuna

Largest nug weighed in at 1.6g. Bud structure leaning slightly toward the looser side.


Aromatic lemony-diesel stands out strongest for me. There’s definitely some strong skunk going on too.


Smooth as can be. Interesting complexity. The taste is somehow comforting for me. Like getting cozy by a fire. At times a pleasant, almost sweet earthiness is front and center. Other times I notice a bit of citrus. Once I picked up a bit of sharpness that reminded me of a nice cheddar. Often that sharpness does remind me of tuna.


Can take a bit of time to fully creep in. Extremely chill. Deeply relaxed through my body, and sometimes the sensation of melting into my chair.

I was prone to zoning out, but not really sedated. While I could drift away in the bliss of the moment, I found I could also tune out the rest of the world and focus my mind moderately well on complicated mental problem solving tasks if I had to.

I also experienced a touch of inner radiance alongside a buoyant balloon-like head feeling. This peaceful cerebral glow seems to outlast the body component of the high. As the experience winds down burn out was completely absent. On the contrary, I was often felt alert, and unexpectedly engaged in activities and ideas.

The wife enjoyed the highness level of .02g, and though it didn’t give her the stomach butterfield some cannabis causes for her, she did find she experienced some anxious thoughts. On another day she added Charlotte CBD to the same Rockstar Tuna dose we tried before, to create a roughly balanced THC:CBD ratio. This significantly reduced, but did not completly eliminate anxious emotions.

Once, at higher doses for my level of THC tolerance (two sessions of 0.03g a couple of hours apart), the experience was verging on psychedelic. As if magic was weaving in and out around my body. I tried to go asleep, but found myself lying in the dark as a long series of seemingly random images passed through my mind. Was entertaining enough to watch these rapidly changing visions appear before me but it didn’t really help me fall asleep.

RC Rockstar Tuna Macro showing heavy coverage of cloudy trichomes

Smiley’s Log

Dose: 0.01g vaped in a Dynavap

Lemon. Vaping such a small amount does make appreciating the taste more difficult.

Feeling a dreamy. Temples feels tingly. Deeply relaxed. Spaced out.

Had a shower. Had the idea it might be fun to look up a yoga flow to do. Debated between that and looking at adding a search option to happylittlestone.ca. Was feeling relaxed, but not really heavy or sedated when I was up and moving around the feeling was a little more cerebral. Now the I’m sitting down and threw this psybient mix on I feel it’s changed the vibe. Got lost in the experience of my own breathing for a moment, melted a little into my chair, and forgot I wanted to write an update here before starting on my project.

I made some good progress on my search feature. Spent some time looking at what I’ve done in the past, then started to adapt for this project. Still a touch of dreamyness, but I grew increasingly engaged and focused over time and as I clarified the steps I needed to perform.

Don’t feel melted into my chair like I did before. I do feel an elated, balloon head sensation, and like I might want to eat something. Not particularly tired, but it’s bedtime.

Not sure how 48 minutes just past…. I rubbed some Apothecanna cream on my upper back and shoulders as I felt a little tight. Ended up slathering a celery stalk with a creamy crystalized honey for a snack. Which led me to wondering about terpenes in honey. The current batch I’m eating has a touch of citrus with some spice to the aftertaste. Nowhere near as as spicey, but reminiscent of a fruity candied ginger. Thinking about it now caused me to open the jar back up and indulge again. My research suggest limited scientific investigation has been done into terps and honey, and not for a reason that was very interesting to me. Though you can find ‘terpene enhanced’ cbd honey for sale in Florida.

Then I quickly searched for a random bedtime yoga flow. I wanted something short, but didn’t feel quite satisfied with it. I’ve never tried yoga instruction via video before. I think it could be a nice indoor exercise for me to work into my daily routine if I can find one that suits me better.

High is fairly minimal at this point. Still feeling a nice glow around the face. In a contented mood. Closing my eyes feels peaceful.

Craft Cannabis

I believe this might be first product I’ve tried that meets the requirements for craft cannabis. In terms of the observable characteristics, this is certainly a level above most and among the most enjoyable to vape.

Add to that it’s an employee-owned business in my home town and there’s a lot of reasons for me to love what they are doing.

Terpene Transparency

To date the producers providing half decent info on the terpene levels in their product are few and far between. So it was truly appreciated to see the strains typical terpene details printed on the packaging.

Terpene info highlighted on RC Rockstar Tuna’s packaging

On Royal City’s website it’s even possible to see a detailed lab report. I was curious what exactly the percentile column refers to in the lab report. In their reddit AMA they told me:

The percentiles are based on all of the test results from High North Labs. Shout out to High North for tracking/sharing this data. It has been a great resource in helping us select unique flavour/aromas..

Excerpt from the terpene details for Rockstar Tuna published on Royal City’s website.

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