Saturday Afternoon By Saturday

from Starseed
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Saturday Afternoon is Saturday’s offering of the long revered Jack Herer strain. It does live up to the reputation of providing an energetic and reasonably clear-headed high. It elevates your mood, leaving you feeling rather content. It can also induce a sensation of heart racing excitement which some may experience as anxiety inducing.

I’ve  been using it before taking on some simple house chores. My kitchen hasn’t been this clean in months. However, larger more complicated tasks can be quite daunting for me after I’ve smoked this. If you do want to use Saturday Afternoon while trying to get stuff done I recommend having a game plan laid out ahead of time. Otherwise it might feel more practical to just sit on the couch.

Full order in jar
3.5g order of Saturday Afternoon.

This product was my first OCS order. It’s thc and cbd levels were somewhat different than was originally listed on the website. In retrospect this wasn’t the best pick for a low tolerance user. However, it can still be enjoyable if care is taken to keep the doses low.

I was initially surprised by how light the smell was. In the past I’ve been able to smell weed from the other side of the house. Saturday Afternoon begs you to put your nose in the jar.

Captain’s Log

This was my 4th time trying this product. I’ve been more than content enough with dosages under 0.05g.  This photo shows my dosage:

White ash left after combustion:

World was beautiful. Music was very nice (‘Doctrine of Signatures’ by Glen Velez). Hard to focus on cleaning because the music was so inspiring and I needed a few dance breaks. Body felt reasonably loose and relaxed. Found I was a bit confused at times about what I should tackle next, but the cleaning did get done. When I did get going on a cleaning task I could focus and do a thorough job.

Tired from day and ready to sit down. Messed around on my computer/phone

Still feeling light hearted as the high was fading. Watched some comedy on Netflix with the Wife (‘Everything Sucks’ and ‘The Good Place’). Initially the wife didn’t realize I was stoned, but clued in when I started laughing at things she didn’t think were funny.

Can feel more tightness in my body now. Still feeling light and happy. Got into a silly debate with wife while brushing teeth. Stretched. Then it took some time before I could sleep.

No longer high, but noticed I still felt genuinely content and amiable as I started the day.

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