Tangerine dream By San Rafael '71

from MedReleaf under Aurora
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A fairly straightforward energetic, cerebral high. While some cerebral highs make my head feel physically light and floaty, I found there can be a certain weighty-ness to the floaty-ness with this strain.

The high can lose it’s full initial intensity comparatively quick, but it’s impact does linger on at gradually lower levels for a more than reasonable length of time. A decent mood boost can be felt along with a noticeable increase in heart rate. Can inspire imagination, creativity, and emotional empathy, but felt any flights of fancy remained balanced by analytical leaning thoughts.

1g Tangerine Dream package contents

Purple colouration on the flower adds a little bit of interest to the visual appeal.

Found the bud delivered in an extremely crumbly state. Despite the apparent dryness of the product, it is somehow still a perfectly smooth vaping experience. Can’t say the citrus flavour that others have noted is obvious to me, but the taste is pleasant enough.

In doing strain comparisons I’ve been been adjusting the quantity of flower used in a session based on each particular products THC percentage. The goal has been to always dose myself with roughly the same total amount of THC. Coming to Tangerine Dream after weeks of using balanced strains made it very clear that I prefer much less THC when CBD levels are non-existent.

Captain’s Log

Dosage: 0.025g vaped

Taste is impossible smooth. Smell also has a pleasant lightness to it. High takes a moment or two to arrive.

I’m extremely high.

Evaluated some designs I had been working on earlier in the day.

Did a little photo editing. Did you notice how the bud macro at the top of the page looks like a cosmic space bunny. Seriously take a look. Long purple ears on the top left. Big green lips below that. Orange tinted shades. Two tails on the right. The top one in the shape of a purple heart. The bottom one might actually be a pencil in a cup. Pencil is defying gravity (because cosmic space).

Did a quick alternate version of a design project I had been working on earlier today. I think I found the right direction.

Still sailing fairly high.

Cleaned out the vacuum. Had some difficulty getting it assembled again (Only the second time I’ve put this one together). Satisfying to clean the carpet. Final clean up in the kitchen, Triangle from the fruity christmas toblerone that ended up in my possession was fantastic. Heard William Prince’s music for the first time. Found myself reacting emotionally to his story more than anything.

Feeling heavy but floating.

Polished off my design project. Just feeling peacful. Should try to sleep. Possibly the slightest mouth dryness.

Did just a little more quick image editing.
Okay going to bed for real now.

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